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ANB - Warrior nerf?

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    ANB - Warrior nerf?

    Are warriors terrible now that In the Zone has been changed? Any advice on what build to try now? I guess I have time to ponder while I wait for my abilities to train up. What are the thoughts on Fire Lily defender or Fire Lily Axes?

    Nerfed hard.

    As the only melee class, increasing foe's damage hurt warriors the most since they can't kite. Other classes kite and dodge to avoid damage. Warrior by nature is in the middle of the fray.

    Warriors were on a similar level as other classes prior to the update when they were able to spam their skills. What the hell do you think will happen now that they can use their skills every 5-8 seconds now. Devs obviously didn't think that through.

    Even if warrior had itz to spam skills they would get melted with the damage foes are now doing.

    warriors need a huge buff, and can't wait for the devs to see it once anb results come in. The few that have already posted on season leaderboard are showing how far back warriors will be. Right now warriors best build is centered around auto attacking.


    • Romme
      Romme commented
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      Cleave, frenzy, rending slash are the 3 auto attacks for warrior.

      Since cooldowns take too long with nerfed ar and alacrity, the best build is Cleave build. The majority of your damage comes from auto attacking with cleave.

    • chessmaster58
      chessmaster58 commented
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      :facepalm - Thank you .... Since we are relegated to auto attack, I presume Vit on Jewelry is going to be necessary

    • Eternium2020
      Eternium2020 commented
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      my main damage is shadow of storms i think thats the charge and the leap = with a total damage of 73billion.

      and followed by cleave 65billion. probably when the whirlwind triggerd all the mobs near me is getting hit by the cleave thats why.

      and alsonim at trial 105 but im getting insta dead over and over but managed to always finish it in 3minutes.

      Warrior is one of the best class but it is just sad that im dyinf so much with 2,5million toughness take note i only have 2 passives + 2 pets equipped. I'll main warrior now because it is just fun than Bounty Hunter.

    Thanks for the reply, Romme. I know you have a lot of clout around the forums. I did decent with the trial, but still not anywhere near what I was in the previous silver (I think I got like trial 140ish).

    I went with a Fire Lily & Axe build, which didn't feel great, but let me clear trial 126. Because Crit and Crit Damage are useless in this built, it let me try to stack survivability stats (dodge, parry, vitality) and get to a ridiculous 7.6M toughness while using what I thought were the best damage reduction skills in Shockwave, Leap, and Whirlwind (whirlwind probably not necessary and seems to be buggy with the 4 piece warlord bonus). Despite this, I would still die seemingly randomly from almost full health.

    I think warriors right now are sacrificing too much for survivability. Look at how many warrior abilities are built around surviving... I don't play other classes much, but at least my bounty hunter alt doesn't really need to make that tradeoff - neither should warriors IMO.


      strictly as a Shield Warrior (DW i absolutely have no idea - it's our Great Romme jurisdiction)
      this new updated:

      1. mobs are too powerful
      2. frequently when i whirlwind here and there etc etc suddenly i'm dead (who killed me- no idea)
      3. Possibly 5 min facing the boss (i would swim with the Great White Shark)
      4. bla bla bla and bla bla bla

      Oh for heaven's sake dont you have any good news. Just one.

      "with this new updated Bosses are a bit easy to kill" (non-ITZ build)
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      • Romme
        Romme commented
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        Bosses are easy to kill because you are use to killing bosses at way higher trials

      Is this right time to start the riot bcs they nerfed us??


      • Romme
        Romme commented
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      • ShotDead
        ShotDead commented
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        Riots have already started. I'm throwing away my gems, buying gold and shyt, and most prolly stop playing after Gold. I've had it enough.

      Originally posted by Edd View Post
      Are warriors terrible now that In the Zone has been changed? Any advice on what build to try now? I guess I have time to ponder while I wait for my abilities to train up. What are the thoughts on Fire Lily defender or Fire Lily Axes?
      Warrior has always been the redheaded stepchild in this game
      DUCI HEXA YIWA 0721


        For years i'm a warrior lover
        but with "so many SINCERE negative feedback from WARRIOR LOVERS"
        i'm not ashamed to "flirt" to Bounty Hunters
        i will abandon "Warriors altogether" (dumped the fragile old lovers with all the nonsense -nerfed etc etc)

        At the moment will try as able as i can with my Whirlwind Shield warrior
        let see how far can it go aa?
        if it's not possible anymore i just one to say one thing:

        "farewell/goodbye warrior with whatever build you are"

        i'm still new to BH (Noob). Many things i dont know yet. Made many mistakes etc. But i can happily conclude: Bounty Hunter is "100" time more powerful than warriors

        it is as simple as that

        Mage? i better start polishing myself with mage style of playin. Neglect it for so long
        say wat you want
        Thank you

        two more thing:

        1. Many time all of a sudden i'm dead (as screen shot) below. How is it possible for warriors to go forward? We can't shoot from far like BH or Mage.

        i'M OK IF I'M NOT ON THE LB. But "im not ok if always dead" and cannot do anythin about it. Always abandon trials. Waste of time.

        2, JUST GIVE ME ONE GOOD/VALID/SOLID reason why i should continue playing warrior?
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        • Edd
          Edd commented
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          Yes, the instant death thing was very frustrating. I don't know if it a problem with warriors, or a bug with one of the mobs. But like I said, I had over 7.6M toughness and many times I would just go from full to dead.

        • Grand_Wazoo
          Grand_Wazoo commented
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          Even shield warrior gets one shotted now!

        • Eternium2020
          Eternium2020 commented
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          Yea im experiencing the instantly death, even i just died and after i click resurrect i will dir again even tho i just click it. the mobs i lure was alot and i can like hold them for a long time meaning i can keep up with the damage theyre dealing but sometimes i dont know if this is a bug or not but im luring i guess 10-15 mobs with elite creatures 1 elite creature doesn't even deal damage and same to the rest and when u lure alll of then when my 4pcs warlord trigger and my whirlwind activates they start becoming abnormal, i can lure alot of mobs probably half of the map thats what i always do and doesnt die and when i lure 15 sometimes i do die. and i resurrect where theres no mobs or anything but the mobs are already after me and will instant die like no one hit me or anything near me to kill me instantly.

          im guessing its a bug if u just died and u instantly click ressurrect so fast the game cant keep up with u so thats where u die. because i think theres a 3seconds rule before clicking ressurrect to be able to not insta die if u click ressurrect.
          i don't know if its me or not because it also happens to my BH.

        I spent more than 4 yeas and a lot of money in the warrior. It was my favourite class. Almost everything at 77' and celestials... now that the class is nerfed, i don't know what i do. It thought i would play this game for the entire life, but with some updates like this, i think it will be impossible. We never reach our goal. So sad


          So sad indeed.
          Whirlwind Shield Warrior for years i always try my best to promote "You".
          HUNDRED OF POSTINGS just for "You"
          now that "You" are extremely "Unplayable"
          to me "You" are "Death" itself
          absolutely Not "Fun" anymore
          utterly "Nonsense"
          "TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT" to be one of my hero
          Only usable for The 5 Star Story Mode Goldly
          R.I.P till "Eternity"
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            I feel your pain. I main warrior too and I don't want to play a boring and underperforming warrior build.
            I guess it's time for me to take another break from the game and let everything settle.(if ever)
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              I think this is the best thing we as players can do is show our concerns on the forum and bring attention to the issue.

              Nobody likes being nerfed. I think the devs will realize this was a mistake. While I didn't necessarily like the ITZ spammy play for warriors, they took it away and did nothing to compensate. I think it is exacerbated by potentially buggy mobs (I do not think it is intentional that warriors are being one-shot killed).

              So don't give up, provide constructive feedback, and hopefully there will be a resolution.


              • Grand_Wazoo
                Grand_Wazoo commented
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                Agreed...However, most of the things we suggest are rarely implemented.
                Sorry for the negativity.

              • Rogtime
                Rogtime commented
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                Be lucky if it were 1%

              TheExorcist, you might have fun trying Mage again. In my limited experience, Mage offers far more dynamic play than Warrior, especially on low-end tech. In part this is because key Mage abilities recharge twice as fast as comparable Warrior abilities. More experienced players no doubt know a lot more about compensating for these issues than I do. As soon as I started playing Mage, it was an enormous relief to spend my time battling, instead of waiting to recharge, and worse, getting stuck being killed repeatedly at the end of the third act.

              Pairing Mage with the Healer has been really efficient because Vortex makes it possible to take out a load of enemies in one strike. I much prefer moving forward continuously to the--for me--extremely inefficient Warrior battling. Some of it is probably newbie mistakes on my part. All these reports affirm that there are flaws in Warrior, though. Being killed repeatedly takes the fun out of it.

              I feel for everyone who invested in Warrior, and hope the developers improve it, or at least roll it back. I was excited to find Eternium, and had no idea about the problems with Warrior until I added a Mage a few days ago and started exploring the forum.

              Wishing you all a good ANB.
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              • GKM
                GKM commented
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                When everyone switches to Mage guess what will happen? The same that has happened to warrior!!

              • Raingold
                Raingold commented
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                @GMK, I hope not. BTW, I'm starting over with Warrior for this ANB.TheExorcist's accomplishments are an inspiration. Thinking with more info on Abilities and gear, I can create a more effective Warrior. I expect to do a lot of swearing. (See his post below.)

              strange indeed?
              sometime swearing, scolding "above" etc etc is good
              erm. well
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              • Turgeon
                Turgeon commented
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                Nicely done bro. You did very nice!

              Congrats, TheExorcist That's fantastic!


                will this new change be forever?