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ANB - Warrior nerf?

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    Well, after I got a Cleaver and cleave damage bracer from the ANB event, I was able to claw back to Trial 142.

    I abandoned the Fire Lily build. Fire Lily is just not competitive at high levels. It is good at lower levels and farming gold because you don't need to fully devote to Crit rating & Crit damage. But sucks at high levels, especially with Belt of Templar.


      I am curious how many warriors got to TL 130 in gold (vs mage and BH). I feel like they made getting the 2nd CT way tougher (without buying gems). The devs must have thought the game was too easy?


        I managed to snag both CTs, but barely.
        It's a combination of things:
        1. In The Zone nerf without any real compensation
        2. Deceitful/Illusionist mobs are bugged to one-hit kill
        3. Mobs in general were buffed.
        Buffing the mobs in general is probably fine. But hopefully they can fix the bug ASAP and work to re-balance warriors a little better.


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          Can you tell us how many gem it took you and what tl u finished?

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          I bought a 50 gem crate and the 2,500 gem legendary crate. The 50 gem crate is a small investment that really helps you level up faster. And with the nerf to item drop rates now, you almost need to buy a legendary crate. At least for warrior... I'm not sure if other classes are in such a bad place. This game has become very frustrating with the last patch.

          I got to TL 124 I think.