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Axes or Swords?

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    Axes or Swords?

    I have 2 CTs and planning to use it on my weapons. I got 1 level 77 ww axe and 1 level 76 cleave axe. As for swords, both level 76. Some say axe is better right now with the update. There might be rebalancing to be done with warriors as it's sooo unfair being a MELEE class getting 1 shot with 1 elite pack! I can clear TL 105 under 2 mins with axe while 2 mins+ with swords. Swords imo is a bit better when killing boss? Idk. I'm using 4 fury 2 warlord setup for farming. I also have level 77 warlord chest from ANB not CTed yet. Should I go with axe since I have cleave dmg% bracer? Any advice?

    Axes are way better than swords for pushing since cleave build is now the meta.

    I prefer the swords for exp farming 100-105.


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      I should have gather more information about that, i CT my 76 sangui its a sword. if i salvage it will i get my Celestial Transform Back?

    • Romme
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      You will get a celestial essence. Need 3 to make another CT

    Axes is also now dominating the PvP/PvAI...


      Thanks! I've CTed my 1 lv 77 axe as it has very low dmg and my lv 77 wl chest. My dmg went skyhigh(for me)and I'm so happy with my attack stats right now. It's far from perfect but i think i'm on my way bit by bit.

      Here's a glimpse. Saving glory to unlock Bracer for cleave%. As for jewelries, 1 is near perfect, 2 with exp.

      Click image for larger version

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