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    Shield Warrior Build

    Hi, a not so experienced player here, looking for some guidance from the old warriors.

    So, having a dual-wielding warrior imported from ANB Silver, which managed to clear TL120, I'm thinking of turning him into a shield-wearing warrior. Since I'm not to experienced in this, I'd like to know which gear is most suitable for such a build, which stats and attributes to prioritize and, finally, some playing tips for the build.

    Since I'm playing on mobile I've no access to leaderboard to check the players' gear and stats, so I humbly turn to you, venerable veterans, to aid me in my quest.

    Thanks in advance.

    This is the old shield warrior build - AR data is now out of date, you need less, 1500 should be plenty.
    Attacks: frenzy, rending slash
    Utilities: shield block, Deadly Throw or Battle Rage, Whirlwind
    Passives: tough as nails, sword and board, duelist

    Before WW gets to 10, warrior and healer
    WW10 - 3 warriors is best, but 2 and a healer is good, and
    CL assignment:
    There is no right or wrong way.
    Ar>exp>ms>gold 3 free ones is also good until after TL100.

    Shield block and deadly throw deal the damage, WW vortexes the baddies for shield block (from BR or DT) to hit.

    XP gear: DEFENDER 6 piece
    CD, CR, AR, XP except shield and pants and boots
    Shield - CD, CR, XP, Armour, socket with a diamond.
    Pants - CD, AR, XP, ms
    Boots - CD, AR, XP, ms

    Haste - don't need a lot, max 800 (4 attacks per second), but is useful early in socket.
    Vit - add as required to keep alive during WW.

    Assignment of CL:


      For belt Trinket and brassard. Must be phisical dmg. For the belt. I go with whirling storm to be able to cast shield block more often since the ar have been nerfed
      trinket should be talisman of the storm. And. Votws or qol


        Hey, thanks a lot for the info. For the weapon set I went for the Blackguard's Resolve as it has a nice set bonus. Regarding trinkets: is Talisman of Power a viable alternative to Charm of Qol for this build?



          If you equip 2 different talisman, they interfere with each other - you'll only get the storm or the power proc twice per minute. That's why Qol is used. ToP isn't as good as Storms so you need Storms plus a none talisman other trinket. QoL causes The Rending Slash bonus to be kept up, so it's the least worst of the viable options!


            Ok, I understand now. Since I'll be off to the crafting forge, I have a last inquiry: as far as bracers go., I wager Bracers of Mastery is the ideal option, but which bonus should I aim for? Thanks in advance.


              Deadly Throw or Shield Slam sound like they could be good. For XP farming you can probably add whirlwind to the list.


                Shield warrior goin up like a snail i'm afraid
                For me i Just have fun with it. Not incline towards the LB
                dunno when SW will be great again.
                after quite sometime facing Kara at trial 135. Finally made it

                Mobs? i just used an old method?:

                "Frenzy then Rending slash then Frenzy then Rending Slash vice versa" . haha

                Bosses? all Frenzy: except Kara minions:i used Rending Slash. i find it a bit difficult via Cleave all of a sudden. I dunno why? Maybe just my imagination or somethin? erm. Any shield warriors have a success with kara minions usin Cleave at trial 135??

                i just RS then. Kara? all Frenzy as usual.
                Komisar Oddball. Good luck with the Shield warrior
                thank you


                sorry out of topic a bit
                i obtain this thing after beatin Kara at Trial 135. not too bad is it?
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                Last edited by TheExorcist; 02-12-2021, 04:54 AM.
                Honest playin with Low end Pc

                New 2 "Goldly Hero" systematically runnin the 5 Star Story Mode (i need sufficient "Gems" for next War Supply Event & ANB's)


                  @TheExorcist: just curious, I see you're at CL2212, when did you manage to pass TL125, 'cause I'm at 2064 and just can't clear it for the life of me...


                    Pass TL 125?
                    this the most difficult question of all
                    i'm sorry i can't answer that cause i dont know
                    thank you
                    Honest playin with Low end Pc

                    New 2 "Goldly Hero" systematically runnin the 5 Star Story Mode (i need sufficient "Gems" for next War Supply Event & ANB's)


                      I have almost same lvl as you komisar and did it too. But were both us3d to play SW. the trick is to get enough minion in whirlwind to get your life drop below 30% to get a shield slam ability bonus. And post yourdetail sheet maybe well can help you better
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                        Hey, sorry for being late, but life happens. Anyway, here are my stats. Any suggestions on improving things?
                        Click image for larger version

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                          Number 1 priority should be getting a 77 shield and using a ct to max out armor and block. Also make sure you have armor as 1 of your 4 attributes and a socket with a diamond. The armor enchant afaik doesn't help with damage.


                            dunno if there's any changes
                            even for a Whirlwind SW that uses "BR"
                            i try to make sure that my LOH at least 2K
                            Honest playin with Low end Pc

                            New 2 "Goldly Hero" systematically runnin the 5 Star Story Mode (i need sufficient "Gems" for next War Supply Event & ANB's)


                              More over i think youhave a bit too much haste
                              a bit mor CD could be good
                              more vitality too
                              and you should aim 3800 block
                              a BOM shield slam will amlost double your dmg