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Warrior Advice - TL100 Farming

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    Warrior Advice - TL100 Farming

    Hi, all!

    I came back to Eternium about (3) weeks ago after having been away for a while, and decided to start a new profile and made a warrior.

    I'm having great fun so far, but I'm looking for some help with farming TL100. I took Shade Glow's advice for the EG/XP Build set, for the most part (still need more glory and more gemstones).

    What I am seeing online is runs taking about 20-30 seconds with this setup. My current TL100 runs are taking me about 5 minutes, because I can't pull more than 2 groups at a time without dying. The regular mobs are taking about 3-4 minutes, and the other 1-2 minutes is the boss.

    Now, my CL is only 910, and I do still need a few finishing touches on enchantments (Slayer for weapons and Vigor for rings) and gemstones (need a few more AR), and need more glory for a Bracer of Mastery, but all of those items together don't seem to equal a 4.5 minute deficit, so I am thinking my attack rotations need some work.

    I do try to keep moving with Whirlwind to keep the tornadoes coming, but the combination of a mouse cursor and the high movement speed make it very difficult for me to be precise with movement and targeting for standard (mouse) attacks. I started on mobile and it did seem to be easier then.

    What I currently do is Whirlwind, Charge, and then Leap, and then repeat. I do try to stay moving, but I find that when the mobs have been a distance from me and I catch up to them, their attacks seem to "catch up" to me all at one time and I often die. Sometimes even a single group can take me out if it's the right combo of elites.

    The reason I am farming TL100 is because I am trying to get essences so I can start to work on my push set. I need so many greater essences to make even a single piece of gear - MoT's seem to even take less time. Am I better off farming for essences in story mode? My only thought is MoT's are so much more rare there.

    I've attached photos of my main screen, abilities, and attributes. Any thoughts are welcome.
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    You're just lacking a bit of CL. Maybe drop back 5 or 10 levels and build up CL. Most crafting is done in ANB which should start Friday. Also higher level farming is better done with XP only gear. Create a cheap EG set and farm gold independently.


    • Turgeon
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      Yes true and maybe two good weapon will make a huge difference

    For greater essence youre better to go trial you can do under 2 min youll get way more gear to salvage so more GE

    and with such low crit rating you should add templar belt asap imo


      Thank you for the responses.

      Right now, I don't have enough glory to do the templar belt, but I will make it a priority for my next glory receivings. Charge has seemed to be pretty effective to this point for raising CR.

      It hasn't been that long since I did TL90, so I didn't think going back to it would make that much of an impact, but I can't believe how much easier it is now. I think it's because when I first did it, I only had (2) Fury pieces and now I have (4). Looking at my DPS numbers, the Tornadoes are doing almost as much DPS as Storm of Swords, so I'm sure that's made a huge impact.

      TL90 is definitely my happy place for now. It takes 1.5 to 2 minutes to clear, and I'm at CL 1031, an increase of 121 levels since yesterday. Marks of Titans are definitely coming much faster than Greater Essences (ratio wise), but I guess I will eventually need to make more Greater Essences with the lesser ones I have.

      Thanks again.


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        Find a gold farming video (from Romme, Bo, Hegemony, Kurt C), make a very cheap gold set (blue gear) and run Darkhold Citadel for a few milion gold to pay for the essence fusing.