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ANB build for a new player without fire lily or glory

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    ANB build for a new player without fire lily or glory

    On Bronze 11 ANB I want to unlock an warrior and play a bit. I have no Fire Lily nor the BoM.
    The goal is to unlock a warrior and transfer it to main account. Getting some XP, maybe a CT and some Glory.
    Any build/guide ?

    You have plenty of time in Bronze, so if all you're aiming for is a fully unlocked Warrior, just running with normal gear will do...

    I'm kinda biased with 6x Fury, so I'll be sticking with that... will do a non-Lily run this round and see how it compares. Fury can be crafted with Epic boxed, and weapons and Mantle depends on what recipes you have...

    if you don't have any trinket unlocked, the just craft normal epic ones to help with your leveling: Exp, +Physical, and maybe Power or Life on Hit...

    The other option is the Parry build with 4x Warlord & 2x Fury - again, set gear with Epic boxes, and craft your weapon & mantle

    I have yet to use BoM for my run, TL110 is enough for me, or even 90...
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      Don't worry about the Fire Lily, BoM, etc at this point. Try to familiarize yourself with the game play. I am finding that often how you play is just as important as the items you have available. I was able to get the Lily during the last ANB. Prior to that I used an Epic fury build with CR on 4 pieces, 2 parry (on the two without CR), CD on all 6, MS on pants and boots, and I put power, vitality, and AR (a focus) on the remaining equipment slots. I used jewelery boxes to fill in where I was weak (AR, CR, CD, and Power) depending on how I did. I just recently shifted to a Lily build and am trying it out. It seems to help in the earlier levels, but you can do well without it. I would put Talisman of Storm and Talisman of Qol over Fire Lily if you are just getting started. They are cheaper than the Lily and will give you flexibility in the game. There is a point TL~90 or so I think the benefits of the Lily begin to fade.

      I would not worry about trying to compete (e.g. TL 140). Learn the game. I am still learning myself. Set a goal to get to say TL 100. Try to get a level 77 item in ANB if you can (it is way cheaper in ANB than in your main). If you can get to TL 90 or TL 100 on your first ANB I think that is a great success.

      Nhat has a great document regarding the Lily build that I have been following for this ANB and the last. It is a very good guide once you get the Lily. He has other great information available too. The community here is really good.


        I still don’t have lily and bom. Just use Fury, you can get to t110. I got my warrior in silver. The warrior got 77 & 76 axes from anb.
        Lily doesn’t have critical, which is actually very powerful. Make sure you get ToS!
        SoS and ToS combination is actually very strong


          yes. ToS and SoS are very strong. Tin Man advised to get Lily and ToP first for the Lily build. He indicated Bracer of Mastery could be frustrating. he was right!! With Nhats Lily build I can get to TL 100 or so before making adjustments. ToS, ToP, BoWS, BoT, and Lily items I opened first based on guidance. Lily came a little later since it is costly.
          Lily is not a magical problem solver, but it can help at the beginning


            With 0 Glory, I have to push without Lily or BoM…
            Exp and CM both use fire essence, that makes it harder to use CM in exp build. Lily would be perfect.