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Rending slash question (dmg bonus on bom, viscera, cleaver…)

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    Rending slash question (dmg bonus on bom, viscera, cleaver…)

    There are a few pieces of gear that boost rending slash damage. There’s a bom and viscera set sword that boost rs damage specifically, and the cleaver that boosts any primary attack.

    But do those boosts apply only to the main target, or do they also boost the damage to all enemies around and/or the bleed damage?

    and does a jump bom boost the bleed part?
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    hmm, was waiting for other test experts to check... since no one answered yet, here's what I got from brief Training Gounds tests:
    - No BoM, so can't check that...

    Viscera boost the bleed damage only, as expected.

    Cleaver's damage boost ONLY apply to the normal damage on the primary target, those around gets the normal 75%, and the bleed remains the same.

    An interesting thing about the Bleed stacking, due to how a single hit "refreshes" the timer on the whole stack, whatever damage was initially done to trigger the bleed continues. This could be both a positive or negative, depending on the circumstances:
    - PRO: initial bleed stack got added when you had ALL your damage boosts active, things like Power Infusion, Talisman of Power, etc - this higher bleed continue as long as you do not let the stack expired.
    - CON: initial bleed stack got added when you had NONE of your damage boosts... lower damage persists until the stack expired.

    I should add, that Cleaver's damage boost apply to all targets hit by Cleave, which I suppose is another reason why Cleave is used in favour of Rending Slash nowadays... not enough boost...
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      Thanks for the info. The bleed stacking thing is probably the reason why my shockwave damage is all over the place (can be anywhere from 5-15% of my damage on trial runs). So getting bleed to do high damage would need very high crit rating cause you need to crit the first hit on the boss. And since you dont do that many shockwaves, high crit rate would also help in double crits.

      Gonna be hell balancing out crit, block, enough ar,… for a shockwave shield warrior. So many stats needed on gear. Those top 100 finishes are gonna take a while lol.