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    Poor man’s push

    It’s a lot of fun for me to push my poor hero up in TL. People around me on the board have much better stats. That shows the power of the knowledge I learned from the experts here. Thanks!

    With 4 skills and 38 skill points, I claim to be the best poor man unless someone dare to challenge this:
    Click image for larger version

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    • Turgeon
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      Did a complete anb bfre as a BH for 0 gem so didnot unlock anything and if my memories is good ive finish between 80 90

    That’s cool. I can only do this with warriors. The 2 fury power and later the lightning reflex allows me to pull. Will start to learn about BH.


      That’s a fun idea. Shield warrior poor man build, I will try that .

      cleave, shield block and deadly throw, sword and board

      Thats all basic shield warrior damage skills, but not having 2 norgrims and armour passive to boost shield damage. Also armour would be a lot lower overall. But getting to tl100 or so should be very doable.

      If you really want to take a poor man build to the max (like build a set for it), fire Lilly might be interesting to use seeing it’s around TL100.
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      • Kardinaal
        Kardinaal commented
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        Also, for warrior, a dw bleed build might be interesting, with shockwave and jump as actives.

        Shockwave is pretty much a Swiss army knive skill capable of big crits, healing and managing mobs… Vamp blades, 4 warlords 2 fury. This would add whirlwind for even easier mob phase, jump would trigger battle rage and have trail of swords…

        Tl130 would be doable I bet.
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      I’m even poorer than you may think. It’s a new account, so it’s far away from opening Lilly. I will love to have Lilly for sure. The best thing for trying poor push is that you don’t need to spend gems.


        Yes but with less skill slots available the meta is way different from what you see at the top. Some builds will no doubt do better than others.

        And I would bet my shield the bleed warrior I proposed is the top build in the “cheap man” warrior world. Especially now they added an extra charge to shockwave.

        I’ll give a more “worked out” version needing 0 glory.

        the way the build does damage:

        The build works around 2 things:

        - shockwave gathers damage from all bleed effects
        - every crit turns into a bleed effect due to vampiric blades set bonus

        This means you want the highest possible crit rating you can get so as many of your attacks crit and turn into bleed effects. The build works because shockwave itself can crit. So that huge collection of bleed effects feeds shockwave, shockwave crits and turns into a huge bleed effect, this bleed effect feeds the next shockwave, and so on, in a chain of snowballing crits.


        rending slash

        Shockwave does the damage, charge is mainly for the boost to crit rate, as is duellist.


        4 warlord
        2 battlemaster
        vamp blades
        Rest normal orange gear

        Since the build is all about chaining crits, cr is priority nr 1, cd nr 2 and power 3.

        So on every piece of gear you get crit rating. The second slot would be a mix of power and crit damage (rings and amulet crit damage, for the rest split 50/50)

        - % fire damage on bracer, belt and trinkets
        - movement speed on boots and pants
        - 2000 AR
        - 30% parry

        the rest of the slots split evenly between life and armour for some survivability.

        Everything together now:

        Mob phase:

        Wirlwind will be on all the time from warlord 4 bonus and parry. Sucking effect and all. Charge provides mobility. So all in all gathering a mob won’t be a problem.

        Once you have as big a mob as you can pull, you want your charge and shockwave slots full. Then go ch>sw>ch>sw, keeping the buff from charge active as you hurl shockwaves hoping to chain crit and blow the entire blob away with double crits. Go back to pulling untill you have 2 shockwaves again, rinse and repeat till the boss appears.

        boss phase:

        Start off with a charge so you are at max crit rating so you can crit as many of the 15 first attacks you do (those will add rending slash bleeds). After that rending slash only resets the duration of the stack, so those first attacks are very important.

        Dodge the brunt of the attacks, keep up the bleeds and wait for 3 sw charges. The bleeds from the crits from vamp blades last 10 seconds, so you want to do a ch>sw around every 9s. This should be sustainable for some time. You will see the life of the boss going down in chunks erratically as you hit 2, 3, 4… critical shockwaves in a row.
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          SW build is very powerful, will give it a try later. Might be a bit hard to pull without Leap right? Also Leap DOT is a lost. Any thought on Leap + SW?


            Well with those extra baggage ' a shield":

            Shield warrior looks "comical" runnin here and there with "leap"
            New Season:

            Whirlwind Shield Warrior Trial 154 in 9:40 min
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            • davidz
              davidz commented
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              SW shield throw is really cool. Like Captain American… They should have a hero that only uses a shield.

            For a shield warrior I’d go whirlwind and shield block. You need a herding skill for mob phase, if you want enough time to dance with the boss. And since the update you get the heal bonus from whirlwind as well.

            And a shield warrior will be less powerful with no Norgrims and no second passive slot to boost armour (which boost the armour of the shield, so the shield does more damage). I think for a shield warrior I would get 2 passives: sword and board and the one that boosts armour for more shield damage and general survivability.
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            mobile (Apple) player - shield enthousiast - Heavily suffering from butter fingers

            SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143