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Most Items look the same....Be careful and always wear ya glasses!

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  • Ozymandius
    Yes, all of the set pieces seem to have non-set look alikes. Thanks for reminding players to check twice before CT'ing or salvaging anything. I find that using Armory a lot, my gear stash gets all jumbled up, so I sometimes lose track of pieces.

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  • RockDoc
    It's still better than 2 years ago. Half the time you couldn't tell what you gear set you had. At least now each set item looks different from each other, although yes some normal items still look like set items. It's good to check twice before you socket or reforge.

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  • Most Items look the same....Be careful and always wear ya glasses!

    Morning Gang
    Here's a thing, since the last few upgrades I've noticed that a lot of kit looks similar, for instance, I had a drop of some shoulder pads, thinking they were warlords pads I reforged and eventually got my CD, then I added a socket as was feeling flush, Then I whacked in a gem and added it replacing older pads and marvelling at the increases in power etc.
    After going for a 105 trial test, usually about 90 secs, it took me 3 minutes? so upon investigating I noticed I wasn't getting my 2 piece bonus for warlord....It was because the pads I had proudly fashioned were not warlords but ordinary heavy shoulder pads!
    Why do some items share the same graphic? surely each should be unique as to avoid this situation? ...Oh well...
    Time for more coffee :-)