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Aiming Shockwave?

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    Aiming Shockwave?

    Question about where to aim shockwave.
    I think I’m doing something wrong cause I know when to cast my rank 10 shockwave but sometimes it hits like a truck and other times the bosses health doesn’t move. I look and I’m doing 3 million DoT damage with lifesteal but nothing happens. Other times the boss gets one shotted. I’ve tried looking and someone said it misses a lot and to aim just outside their hit box but that doesn’t seem to help. I wait till I have all my buffs up and just shake my head when it doesn’t move the bosses life. And other times I do it and boom, one shot.
    I think it comes down to the fact that I’m missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated cause I’m about fed up with it.

    It's not missing, you just need to crit with it. After they devs changed cooldown/alacrity structure it just takes too long to gain shockwave charges.

    Gameplay feels bad because you wait 25 seconds to build up your 3 shockwave charges for the next tos proc, but when you don't crit your damage tickles and you need to wait another 30s to have a chance to do damage again.

    My suggestions for devs if they ever decide to balance


      Yea, wasn’t sure if the non crits was what I was seeing happening. It’s just amazing the difference between and crit and a non crit I guess. I mean ToS is crazy but the waiting around does suck a bit. Especially when you don’t crit.

      Thank you for the replay and confirmation that I’m not missing out on something, just RnG. I was racking my brain trying to understand the hit zone for shockwave. Haha


        The hit zone for shockwave kind of looks like a key hole, with your warrior in the center of the circle part. It hits everyone around you, and in the direction you are aiming it hits further away.

        I also have theory crafted a shockwave build to maximise crit chance so you have more chance of chaining multiple crits together:

        haven’t tried it yet, but it should give you more consistent crits so you should do damage more consistently.
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