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Shield warrior AnB cheap purple 2ct build

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    Shield warrior AnB cheap purple 2ct build


    This build works very well at tl90-110, and is surprisingly easy on the wallet. If you pair it with a lvl 75+ shield and weapon, you can clear tl110 with it to get the second CT for a really cheap AnB. It’s also a level range where fire Lilly truly shines, and basically the one build with fire Lilly I am truly proud of. It’s a pretty straight forward ww shield warrior, with decent pulling capability (I do around quarter map pulls). It has high killing speed due to high shield block uptime, and a burst attack. Both mobs and bosses go down fast for decent exp

    Why a purple build?

    1. Dirt cheap. You get 6 perfect lvl 70 purples and jewelry for free, and purple crafts are way cheaper.

    2. Crafting advantages. When crafting purple items you don’t mess with your chance of crafting a legendary 77, and you save on resources for crafting so that also helps for getting lvl 77(s).

    The downside is obvious, one less slot for stats on all gear. This is solved partially by using Fire Lilly.


    Cheap build so we leave the secondary attack and 3rd passive for what it is.


    Shield block
    deadly throw

    Tough As Nails
    Sword and board


    whirlwind axe
    blackguard shield
    Full defender set
    Fire Lilly
    Brooch of the wind spirit
    belt of the whirling storm
    integralas mantle
    any purple bracer


    Since in Anb you don’t know what levels of gear you end up so I keep it simple, only one breakpoint to watch for: 1500 AR.

    First slot: exp on everything
    Second slot: block rating on everything
    Third slot:
    - shield: armour
    - belt, bracer, trinkets: physical damage
    - boots and pants: movement speed
    - rest: AR untill you hit 1500, after that vitality
    fourth slot (if using free jewelry): armour on rings and necklace

    Gathering mobs:

    Since you don’t need to worry too much about pulling the wrong elites at around tl99-110, the build pulls easily, with area pulses from the belt and votws.

    Whirlwind also helps in pulling ofcourse, and is also your source of healing. Use it as soon as it comes off countdown.

    Use deadly throw to pick up mobs to the side and shoot into corridors to agro mobs without needing to go in there.

    Once you see your health starting to drop in between whirlwind casts, it’s allmost time to go into kill mode. You want to pull just enough mobs for your health to drop to 30% in between whirlwind casts ideally.

    Killing mobs:

    Once you start dipping below 30% in between whirlwind casts, it’s time to start killing. First wait till you have whirlwind and dt ready. Then you do a burst of dt, ww, dt. Due to whirlwind taking 2s off the cast time of dt, this fits easily in the 5s window shield block gives. Wait for ww to recharge (you should temporarily drop to below 30% life to pick up the extra sb cast from blackguard shield). Again blast away with the sb > dt > combo. By now the normal mobs should be dead, and you can go back to gathering and recharge sb some.

    If you gather the full map this way you end up with quite a bunch of still living elite monsters at different health. Use the combo to bring enough down to spawn the boss, sealing the faith of all that live. Since the build does very little damage outside of the burst above, you are in control and you can gather mobs without worry. So make use of that insta death gift when the boss spawns to maximise exp gains.

    Boss killing:

    The same basic burst of sb>dt>ww>dt applies. If you have no sb available just skip it, it will be available for the next burst.

    Tuning the build:


    The build depends on the standard damage mitigation a shield and the high defense that comes with it gives. What little damage does seep through, gets healed when ww is active. This gives that synergy between the axe doing the healing and health dipping to pick up the shield bonus. But this only works if you can fully recover with 1 whirlwind. So to up your survivability you can:

    -add more armour for more damage mitigation
    -up attack speed to get more attacks per ww and get more healing
    -stack more vit to increase healing

    This can be done with blue, white and green gems, unlocking the 3rd passive, adding archer (attack speed) and warrior (armour and life) companions.


    The build is built very much around burst damage, with shield block being the switch to go from no power except for your character levels to 7-8k blockrate converted to power when sb is active. This gives control over the trial.

    Boosting damage:
    - shield slam or deadly throw bom
    - red gems
    - higher item levels for shield and weapon
    - white gem in the shield to boost shield armour (which is also the damage the shield does in shield slam and deadly throw)
    - craft a legendary fire Lilly (!!! Only do this when you are no longer trying to craft a lvl77 !!!)

    Anb tips for the build:

    The standard free companions are fine with this build.

    Only hard level requirements for skills you need are lvl 10 for ww and sword and board. Start your Anb early, level up untill you unlock ww, then stop playing and first level ww and s&b to lvl 10. After these 2 skills are maxed, just level every other skill to level 5 so you get good synergy bonus. After that, concentrate on sb, dt and tan for further levelling. The added attack speed and vit from synergy are more important than maxing the other skills.

    Once you hit 70, craft purple gear for all but 7 slots:
    - 6 items will be provided by gear boxes
    - one slot for a legendary lvl 77 craft to take home
    Weapon and shield should be hand crafted

    Start working up to tl90, add the gear from the gear boxes and free jewellery slots to the set.

    Craft some simple gold farming gear and farm for half an hour under the influence of a free booster. Farm tl90 for an hour with (free) boosters.

    This should all together take 2.5-3 hours and give you enough materials and gold to start crafting a legendary 77, upgrade to the legendary version of the set to farm higher,… From here on out it all depend on your goals for the AnB.
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    SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143

    When testing this build, I only came up with one unanswered question:

    Are there specific breakpoint known for when whirlwind will do an extra attack? As ww axe heals “every time ww does damage, knowing those breakpoints would enable me to better fine tune attack speed. I might be 5 haste short of more healing .
    mobile (Apple) player - shield enthousiast - Heavily suffering from butter fingers

    SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143


      The only thing i dont understand is the bonus of instantdeath gift!? To maximize exp! Are you talking about the mob that you gather with you and disappeared when boss spawn if yes i dont think these monster give you any exp!


      • Kardinaal
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        Well that will shave a few seconds of my mob phase time . I just go off the graphics, and see levels coming in when the boss spawns, so I assumed it was the insta death exp. One trip to a low lvl trial and you are right. The graphics must start at that time because for a brief interval you are not in combat.

      • Kardinaal
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        Still the level of control over the trial, where to spawn the boss,… is really good. With no power when sb is down, you only do damage when sb is up. So you can move mobs around till you kill them.

        The other great thing that really amazed me is how well ww axe and blackguards shield synergize. The half on half off healing really helps in picking up that extra shield block bg shield gives you. I can’t wait to see if it works at higher trials.

      So while checking out the AnB leader board, I came upon a very interresting build at spot 84, a shield hero by the name of Slag.

      6 defender, full blackguards
      shield slam bom
      whirlwind belt
      tos & coq

      1st slot crit rate
      2nd slot crit dmg
      3rd slot 1500 ar + blockrate
      4th slot movement + physical dmg + vit

      So the only power was from 2000cl, around 2500-3000? Very much pure burst damage on shield block, with a lot of tricks to get sb uptime real high. Battle rage for higher attack speed, combined with frenzy generates a lot of alacrity. Belt of the whirling storm for yet more faster casting. Blackguard shield giving extra sb casts.

      I thought I had high sb uptime… This build is most interesting.

      A tip of the hat to Slag.
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      SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143


      • Turgeon
        Turgeon commented
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        Its the normal defender build isnt it?

      Kinda, but with a lot of emphasis on the uptime of shield block. Cool-down related stuff everywhere, it looks like a great build.

      I definately need to look into alacrity for more shield block uptime and get me a decent level belt of the whirling storm. And check out battle rage again but with alacrity in mind.

      A crit based version could even benefit from a vial of the wind spirit, and have cleave speeds close to the meta cleave. It will not be the huge damage monster without a cleaver, but I bet it still helps a lot.

      Healing wise the whirlwind axe is quite a bonus. It looks for now it is superior to blackguard combo with my minor testing. It consisted of trying my arch nemesis Garm a few time. Where bg combo hardly makes a dent, i managed to get him to half health on my best try with the axe. Mostly due to better mob phase, definately increased my pulling ability.

      Anyway, faster casting would mean more ww uptime too, and more healing. And switching to battle rage kinda makes sense because deadly throw is starting to get a bit too fast casting wise. And it was starting to become less and less in my damage sheet.

      If all else fails I got one last plan to boost suvivability. The longer I can stand still attacking a large mob without dieing, the more time I get with the boss. Where again the boost in attack speed will have an extra advantage of delivering slayer stacks faster.
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      SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143


        Ok so as far as I can find on these forums, alacrity is a chance to reduce cool-downs by 0.5 s with every attack. At 2000 ar the chance is 15%, and at around my 4K ar it should be closer to 20% chance.

        This would mean that at an attack speed of 5 attacks per second, I would basically halve my cool-down times? That can’t be right, right?

        After a few tests in the training center, I was able to keep both battle rage and whirlwind going 24/7 with just changing over my gems to blue, and ofc the boosts from br and frenzy. So I seem to have been ignoring a substantial boost to cast times. Still got a lot to learn.
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        SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143


          No extra osmosis stacks for speed, sadly. No glory either, Garm is still proving too much. Tried different combo’s of vit and haste, but nothing so far. Continuous ww and the healing it comes with is making mob phase both easier and faster. Still not fast enough to get me past Garm though. I also need better control, I move so fast now with all the boosts. Due to me dieing Garm kept healing up.
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          SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143