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ANB 6Fury Push Guide Part I

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    ANB 6Fury Push Guide Part I

    6Fury ANB Guide
    (Without buying Legendary Crate)

    1. Joining an ANB requires at least a hero
    level 30 on your main account.

    2. ANB is an event regularly held at most thrice a month. Here you will gain twice experience (for gaining Champion Level) when playing the event. Crafting materials is reduced to 80% & crafting cost to 90%. When you reach certain levels, you'll be rewarded generously with the following;

    a. Glory (an in-game currency used to unlock set items not available for trade with gems.

    b. Ephemeral boxes - a transformable box that will auto craft set/unique items of your chosen attributes. It doesn't depend on unlocking the items.

    c. Gemstones

    d. Chests that contains various items

    e. XP & Currency boosters

    f. Basic crates (crates containing basic crafting materials)

    g. Ephemeral Legendary Jewelries
    You can customize these powerful ephemeral jewelries according to the stats of your chosing

    h. Custom rare Jewelry boxes (3)
    Can be customized to craft rare jewelries of your chosen stats

    i. Celestial Transform (CT) used to transform crafted Ephemeral items into regular/normal items. Item with ephemeral notes will be deleted after the event. Only those celestialized are transferrable to your main account. Two CTs will be rewarded during the event when you reach Trials 90 & 110.

    j. Upon reaching TL130, you'll receive the final Glory reward.

    Warrior's 6Fury ANB strategy:

    6 Fury set is the latest META (Most Effective Tactics Available) in the early phase of levelling until the early push phase. This is based on my personal experience of using the build. See screenshots attached for my personal best using the build. In ANB, my highest so far is TL150(bronze14) its my alternate(Hero not using medals) that got it. In season10, TL155 is my personal best which is I think limited to my own playing understanding & device capability.

    Pros & Cons

    1. Having the set early on the game, can one shot elites & bosses (particularly in trials) from its 2set bonus (Storm of Swords). As you progress, the Whirlwind ability coupled with the 4 set Fury bonus is optimal because of Tornado damage (10,000 weapon damage) see description of the 4set Fury bonus. Whirlwind unlocks at Lvl25

    2. Whirlwind in this build is active it has a 4second duration,unlike the Proc from Warlord that is dependent on parry and having shorter duration.

    Having active Whirlwind allows your hero to gather more mobs at will according to your ability cooldown.

    3. Transition from Farming to Push
    This is the most significant advantage over other builds. You don't have to worry much about push gears since you only have one build from start to finish & this saves a lot of crafting materials. Its also safe from mistakes from crafting (particularly for starting players). Also, almost all skills used in xp farming are used in pushing, thereby upgrading of abilities isn't much of a problem.


    1. One major disadvantage of the build is it don't have enough damage source to do the highest trials at the moment. The 6Fury bonus (2500 power) isn't enough. It also needs accurate gameplay & stats distribution to achieve best results.

    2. The Whirlwind ability is at its best performance when upgraded to Level 10, making it a priority during ANBs, which cost gems or event time when going to stories (for GBoL farming). It also cost event duration time when waiting for its upgrade that sometimes affect real life activity scheduling.

    Other than these, 6Fury is still best, its exciting to play.

    Preparing for story levelling
    Upon joining the ANB, your hero has nothing, zero gold & crafting material. You have to buy with gems the gold & crafting crates to begin crafting gears.Those three basic crates sold at 50 gems are the ones essential at this point. If you don't have medals yet, you have to balance your stats prioritizing haste & experience to all gears. Movement speed to boots & pants. Fire lily & Vial of wind spirit helps a lot if you have unlocked those, if not, just craft whatever you've unlocked. Trinkets requires mithrill which is an expensive crafting material. Cost of normal & unique trinkets are almost the same, so, its better to craft those unique trinkets. You don't have enough materials to craft epic or legendary items at this point, rare items is recommended. Don't attempt to craft the highest rolls or levels at this point, you'll be changing gears often as you level up.

    These are the stats of items before reaching reaching Lvl10

    Pants & Boots: craft every 5 levels with Movement speed & experience.

    Trinkets: experience & extra gold (craft every 10 levels)

    Bracers & Belts: experience & extra gold or experience/haste. If you're unlucky in crafting, craft every 5levels)

    Weapons: craft every 5 levels, you need higher weapon damage, experience & extra gold

    The rest: Haste & experience

    Jewelries: buy with gems, select experience in the dialogue box at Morgan (NPC). It only cost one gem each jewelry at this point. As the game progresses & accumulated enough gold, craft random stats to save gems.

    Before proceeding your journey, buy 200xp & currency boosters then use it.

    You do this right if you reach Lvl10 before reaching Map story 5.

    Preparing for Trial Maps
    Upon reaching Lvl10, change all your gears. Its better if you have unlocked at least 2 Fury set items. Boss fights at this point cost enough event time if you don't have those. If you already unlocked Fury items read below otherwise, see later notes.

    Before reaching Lvl25 (Pre Whirlwind) guide
    (Fury set items unlocked)

    It's a Must to buy a Celestial Crate worth 200gems to do fast runs. Celestial Crates gives 3-6 Mark of Titans ( MoT ). MoT is a crafting material required to craft set/unique items (except trinkets)

    1. Craft 2 Fury set items with Ability rate & experience (rare items) don't change the fury items until you receive ephemeral epic boxes rewards to save Mark of Titans

    2. Craft Fire lily (epic or better) with experience & extra gold, you may or may not change after Lvl70. What you need from the item is the bonus damage multiplier of 400(epic) & 500 (legendary). Add Ability rate & Haste in order, according to rarity.

    3. Craft Vial of Wind spirit, epic or legendary with experience, extra gold, Ability rate & haste in order, according to rarity. Like a Fire lily, you need those haste buff & the burst percentage. You may or may not change the item until Lvl70. What you need from the item is the burst percentage
    (Epic 11250%, Leg 15000% weapon damage).

    4. Craft Boots & pants with Movement speed & experience. Change this item every 5Levels depending on the item level gained during crafting.

    5. Craft Normal Bracer & Belts
    Craft these items with experience & haste. Recraft after 5Lvls

    6. Craft rare normal weapons every 5Lvls depending on the upgrade levels of crafting with experience & haste/eg.

    7. Craft normal cap, tunic, pads & gauntlet every 5Lvls until hero Lvl20 with experience & haste.

    8. Craft jewelries with pure experience or pure gold epics/legendary, this depends on your available gold. Use random crafting to save gems. Having gold on gears/jewelries makes gold requirement self sustainable for crafting without doing separate gold runs in stories during these early stages. Replace jewelries when you reach Lvl70.

    Upon reaching Lvl20, start to accept Daily Quest(DQ) rewards until hero Lvl49. Stop all playing activities just cook skills making Whirlwind as priority. Accepting DQs starting Lvl20 don't need your hero to play to reach Lvl25 (to unlock Whirlwind ability). If you live in Asia, like me, DQs will be given at 8:00am. DQs have a 24hour window before it expires to renew the other batch, so you can only save 2DQ batches saved (Thursday & Friday , when ANB Starts Saturday). Usually, ANBs starts at 1:00am, have to be careful to do the quests using your main account & accept it using the event hero. Got to be sleepy during these times.

    After reaching Lvl49, DQs experience gained are already negligible. You need to start playing. Your Fury items are already low levels atm, so you need to compensate for the lost stat percentage the reason that replacing those normal items frequently is essential.

    Gameplay at this point changes. You need more ability rate & effects from gears. You need at least 4Fury set items, active skills dictates gameplay at this point. Damage from SoS (gear effect bonus from 2Fury) & Tornado (gear effect bonus from 4Fury set) are the main damage sources both in mob & boss phases.


    1. Craft normal weapons with Ability rate & experience every 5Lvls.

    2. Craft additional 2Fury sets or additional 4Fury sets if you can afford. But additional 2Fury sets are enough. Assign Ability rate & experience. Change these items when you get the epic ephemeral boxes ( you'll receive those epic boxes as rewards when you reach hero Lvl70,TLs 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60).

    Its best to craft ephe boxes to Fury Tunic & Pads rather than those with MS & Weapon damage, which you need to constantly upgrade for better movement speed & better damage buff to Tornado & Vial burst.

    3. Craft rare Belt of Whirling Storm with Ability rate & experience stats. Use this item until Lvl70 or as long as you have available mats. This item reduces your active cooldowns by 2 seconds.

    4. Craft normal Boots & pants with Movement speed & experience. Change every 5Levels.


    1. Auto attack
    Frenzy (Lvl3 or higher)


    Leap (unlocks at Lvl51) you can use Deadly throw if not unlocked yet. Or make the 2nd ability slot empty, you'll reach Lvl51 before the next trial ends. You can equip skills to slots even during fighting when empty.

    3. Passive

    Fleet footed
    Intense training
    Tough as nails/Endurance ( depends on your survivality)

    You'll reached Lvl70 in less than 10minutes if you do this right. Doing this right is clearing Trials below 40seconds per run.

    Note without Fury unlocks

    Without Fury sets, its hard to Lvl up using the above method. Vial of Wind spirit & Fire lily alone cannot guarantee to do fast runs in trials. Boss fight takes longer time.


    The burst from Vial is your only hope to make good runs in trials. You have to constantly monitor the effects counter with a glory description. It will burst when 10stacks are gained. It has a large Area of Effect which will do enough damage against most mobs when Lily is equipped in lower trials. Adding power gemstones also helps. Just make sure to lure enough mob groups before the Vial burst. You don't have to kill any mob, just make sure they're aggroed & hit and within range when it burst. Stats & gears must be replaced every 5 & 10 levels. Its almost the same strategy. The more often you change gears, the better.

    What to do after Lvl70?

    Before going out of Oldinn, you have to evaluate or assess the following fronts:

    1. Materials for crafting
    2. Gold inventory
    3. Gears needing replacement
    4. Jewelries
    5. Abilities

    Prioritize replacing your Boots & Pants to benefit from the 6-piece Fury bonus. If you're out Mark of Titans (MoT), you need to buy again to do fast runs. When you buy the Celestial crate and got lucky to get 6 Mark of Titans, you don't need to buy again, if not, doing trials will not be as fast compared to buying another Celestial crate.

    Note that 6piece Fury bonus is commulative, you have to constantly have 5stacks to maximize the power buff(2500). To do this, you need to have more AR to cast leap/charge as often. Its better not to use those ephemeral boxes to weapons, boots & pants Ephemeral boxes are only Lvl70, have to craft them whenever possible. However, it's best for crafting Integralas Mantle (IM) which gives high AR bonus percentage.

    Recommended Stats for Ephemeral boxes

    extra gold
    Ability rate

    Be very careful when crafting those epic boxes, there's no replay ?. Have to select what you need. It will revert to its default item & stats selection once you exit the auto crafting dialogue frame.

    Gold inventory

    Once you've finished assessing your gear requirements, craft your weapons. If you decide to farm gold in stories, just craft common normal weapons with extra gold. You can mass craft weapons to get the best extra gold (eg). In my experience, craft weapons after crafting low level items to have chances of gaining extra levels.

    If you still have enough crafting materials, craft normal bracer with experience & extra gold. Take note: transmuting essences have no discounts in ANB, be careful in tapping options in transmuting, read the description/instructions carefully.

    Your aim at this point is to craft all items at least epic items with the following stats;

    Extra gold
    Ability rate.

    Given the chance to craft a Legendary item, the 4th stat will be Critical damage, except of course if you intend to craft again a Fire Lily. From this point onwards, you'll begin the transition from Lily build to Crit replacing your Fire Lily last with Talisman of Storms.

    After crafting gears, your next step will be to craft an epic experience/eg jewelry/ies. This however depends on you if you decide to craft your own by using those custom Ephemeral rings & necklace as your exp/eg for Farming. Actually its an excellent option if you farm gold in stories. Those 150% CD,225AR, 112xp & 112eg stats are good for farming xp/eg at TL105. What's more good about it is you can use those jewelries early on the game. After completing TL70, you already have a complete set of jewelries for farming xp/eg.

    I mentioned if you farm gold separately because when pushing in Gold & Silver, you don't have enough Gemstones to craft the best push jewelries. Another drawback of this method is you'll usually run out of Silver Ore & Iron bars, lots of these in stories. You'll be forced to buy with gold those basic crates when you run out of Silver ores. You'll also have to suffer in tediously crafting jewelries, its a lot of tapping using a phone.

    Starting TL60, your Tornado damage will not be able to one hit regular mobs. This time you'll need, Whirlwind Lvl10 (WW10).

    WW10 sucks the mobs with its vortex effect. They will be carried along as long as Whirlwind is up. Also, this is also the point that those Storm of Swords (SoS) have to spend some extra seconds to kill the Boss.

    Transition from Vial of Wind Spirit VoWS to Talisman of Power (ToP)

    ToP is a powerful Talisman giving 5k Power for 6seconds when it Procs. Replacing your vial with ToP needs some important understanding of your skills & gear stats.

    Unlike, the VoWS, you don't have a timer when it PROC (Programmed Random Occurence). It will occur according to its designed preset by the Developers. Talismans share the same cooldowns, so neither of them will PRoc at the same time or neither of them PRoc at all. So it's not a good idea to use 2Talismans.

    Timing of PRocs

    To time Talismans, you need to know when was the last time it Procs. When it PRocs twice a minute, the next Occurence will be 25-30seconds after its last Occurence and it will continuously run in cycles. It will only stop when opening your inventory, salvaging, etc. Practice timing your Proc, it is where you inflict the most damage.

    Changing VoWs with ToP. Vial buffs haste while ToP bufs Power when they PRocs. Haste determines your recovery, Life on Hit (LoH) so you can't engage against your enemies for long using auto attack without using active skills to survive. The cleave Meta which is the current META isn't significant during xp farming. You can also use Charm of Qol (CoQ) during farming then use Rending Slash as primary & Frenzy for Secondary. But based on my recent ANBs, using Vial with ToS is more efficient for my playing style, with Frenzy only.

    You can also use 1 or 2 ephemeral jewelries, then craft your push jewelries which is not very difficult. In my experience, i use to craft only the necklace or the two rings. Then i use the the reward rare custom boxes for whatever stats to prioritize.

    If you decide to use those ephemeral jewelries, you can go to stories after completing the all epic items with xp/eg AR on all gears to farm GBoL at Morgenheim. This is only advisable if you already familiarize the story quests. Take note that you'll waste a lot of time if you're not familiar with the ins & outs of story quests. I will refer you to my posts on gems/gold farming videos. This is applicable for Bronze & Silver ANBs.

    Upgrading Abilities

    For best results, you can spend another 400gems to unlock another upgrade slot. You'll benefit from the Synergy bonus if you do the upgrade of your skills efficiently. Use those lesser Book of Learning wisely, it helps a lot before all your skills upgraded to Lvl5. The rule of the thumb is upgrade all your skills to Lvl5. Just synchronize those higher levels with those in lower. If you looted lots of lesser books & have upgraded an essential skill, stop upgrading it to make way for those lower non essentials. Resume upgrading those essential skills after. Using 2 upgrade slots in Bronze can reach Synergy 180 when you start to push.

    Essential Skills in Farming TL105

    Power infusion

    Gold is a bit difficult doing stories with limited hours of farming. You have to allocate 2-3 hours event time for pushing (depends on your LB goal), more hours in pushing will bring you to higher spots in LB(that is if you crafted the best gears & in the right direction).
    You can also map shoot (picking good maps) as well without concern running out of time.

    After completing WW10 upgrade, go back to Trials. This time, you can clear fast enough until TL80. Slowly craft your Legendary xp set. Craft Fury set with CD,AR, xp & Vitality/Haste ( MS for boots & Pants) You need to have Vitality in preparation for TL105 farming. Craft your Fury Set & Weapons in the following order.

    Fury Helmet: to enchant this with lesser slayer in preparation for TL90. You can start TL90 after crafting the helm & applied the slayer enchant without doing the crit transition. Lily with ToP can do fast runs on it without much CL. Full Fury bonus 2500 power is already equivalent to CL1250. Just make sure to play it right. TL90 gives more xp & mats than Trials below it.
    Stats: CD,AR,xp, AR/Vit/Haste

    Craft Weapons: Bladestorm set.
    First craft the Cleaver axe & then the Whirlwind axe. Cleaver axe provides the Butchery bonus to basic attacks. Save mats for your Weapon slayer enchant, this makes life more easier.
    Stats: CD, Power, xp, AR/Haste /Vit

    Its better to complete the Crit xp farming build before going to TL100+. Just buy the xp boosters if it runs out. Completing TL100 is rewarded by 3 Greater xp & 3 Greater currency boosters. Its always tempting to immediately drag yourself into that TL when your boosters almost runout. You may sacrifice some event time going there but have to go back to where you farm faster.

    Craft your Fury Pads, enchant with CD

    Boots/Pants: to enchant with MS

    Craft your Cape: may have or may not have enchants. Use haste if your lacking Whirlwind ticks. Rotation of Whirlwind is slow when haste is low. Smooth gameplay is achieve with good haste stats. 5-6 hps is good for xp farming in my experience.

    Craft Fury tunic & gauntlets. You may or may not apply enchants on this. Having Vits on gears is already enough to survive TL105.

    Craft Belt of Whirling Storm, VoWs, ToS & BoM
    CD, xp, Nat Damage & Physical Damage
    I already made a video on how to craft this double elemental. It's allowed by Devs for now according to Sir Travis, but if you prefer to stay out trouble, just use Physical, CD, xp & AR/Vit/Haste. It'll do fast runs as well.

    After completing your xp farming gears, you're now ready for farming TL105. You may or may not try TL100 after completing your gears.

    Your Gold resource from the xp/eg jewelries is enough to sustain all your gold requirement after the runs in stories at this point. You'll be gaining 30-40k gold in trials each run.

    If you decide to push with Full Fury, this method has the advantage. If you crafted Lvl77 at this point, you'll just reforge a stat without wasted slots. I'm doing this method because I'm not using a 3rd party program to aid in crafting. I once use it using crafting predictor & Pythia but as time goes by, I realized its still taking advantage as other exploits/cheats were doing. They said auto clicker for ML50 is not allowed, then all other 3rd party program shouldn't be allowed.

    Aim the following:

    AR: 38-39% reduction
    Haste: 5-6 hits per sec
    Vitality: 90-100k+


    Auto: Frenzy
    Active skills: WW, Leap & Charge
    Passive: Fleet footed, Celerity, Armor/Vit/PI/IT

    I'll soon post a video on this one after silver. My phone runs out of storage last Bronze ?

    Saving your Ephemeral Jewelries for Pushing?

    This is a bit more difficult in the early phase of ANB, you need to stop farming xp at TL60. The good news is, you've saved the Push Jewelries. Those Ephe Jewelries were perfectly crafted for Push, having balanced stat distribution & 150%CD. You'll go farther in trials saving those.

    Choose to play or wait

    At this point of the game, you have another option, cook WW10 (without playing) or proceed to story maps (Morgenheim). If you decide to proceed read the following, otherwise cook skills continue reading when WW10 is upgraded.

    After completing the epic set at TL60 with xp,eg & AR stats, go back immediately to the story maps.

    All mobs in stories at this point will be one hit by Tornadoes.

    Skill to use:

    Auto: Frenzy
    Active: Wwind, Leap & Charge
    Passive: Fleetfooted, Celerity & Intense training

    If you completed Lvl70 in under 10 mins, you still have those boosters active with more than 20mins remaining. If you are fast enough, you'll spend that booster time at the end of Act3. Use the reward Currency booster at this point onwards until you reach Morgenheim. While in route to your destination, you will gain gold enough to craft Pure Legendary extra jewelries. It will not take long to complete 3 legendary jewelries, just have patience in crafting, its a tedious process. Save those high roll ARs, CD, xp for your xp Farming to craft later. The bright side of farming in stories is you gain Mark of Titans from salvaging those reward items from Alarion. Sometimes I get more than 10 MoT doing stories.

    After WW10 upgrade, continue to farm gold at Darkhold Citadel until your booster runout to gain more gold & gemstones. Fuse all gemstones to radiant. Save 40 emeralds or 40 rubies for your ring enchants (depends on your build. For Full Fury, I use emeralds for Vigor enchants.) You can now start to craft your xp or xp/eg jewelries. In this method, you can't expect really good xp farming jewelries. I usually don't assign extra gold stats on jewelries, it will lower the percentage of all stats. I only craft 3-stat legendary jewelries with the following

    CD,AR & xp. My extra runs at DC will do the remaining gold for my crafting needs, etc. You may take some extra minutes doing DC again when needed. You may need to Transmute some of your gemstones like Topaz, Diamond, & Sapphire into Amethyst to have better AR percentage. By doing this you'll see stats like

    310 AR
    123 CD
    93 xp

    I have been using this when i decide to use my Ephemerals for Push

    WW10 from cooking (waiting mode)
    You may go directly to Trials at this point but have craft your pure xp epic jewelries (to be used for fusing with other epic xp farming jewelries after looting enough gemstones). You then have to decide to continue but have to assign xp/eg on some gears but its better to farm Severed mountain at this point. But if you are really fast in farming Trials xp/eg is doable. Just have enough toughness to survive TL105. Severed mountain gold farming isn't comparable when you decide to farm GBoL at Morgenheim, but its also good.

    Continue reading above discussions after WW10

    After crafting xp Jewelries, its time to go back to trials, replacing your Legendary extra gold Jewelries with your brand new xp farming ones.

    The process will then back to what's discussed after WW10 using those Ephemeral Jewelries for xp/eg farming previously stated.

    I will end this post but I will do another for pushing after completing the xp farming. It will cover Crafting Push gears, Reforging, using CTs, socketing, & other strategies.


    ANB Bronze 20 Videos

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    Congrats Adolf
    Full set fury manage to reach Trial 155
    I'm very happy to Try DW full set Fury for Trial advancement (using your guide etc). For years I play Fury but only for exp. Now can slowly step by step try it at trials (>Trial 105)
    I Regard myself as a beginner (DW Fury for Trials advancement)

    Shield warrior: New Season trial 154 in 9:07 min - can't be worse can it?)


      Terrific guide, thanks. It's helpful to see the details from someone at a higher level. I'm still figuring out time management and priorities in ANBs.
      Useful to see your strategies. I'm fairly new to crafting jewelry during ANB and using Slayer, and discovered that I prioritized synergy too early in my low-gem ANB gold. I'll refer to your guide when I run Warrior again.


        Wow mate, awesome! ♡
        You put a lot of thought and work in it

        This is an excellent guide or complete walk-through even!
        I'll be happy to pin (=sticky) it on the Discord server as well ☆


          Noice guide.
          Resetting signature. . . .

          LIBI YEHU WAQE 1155


            Getting Fury set recipe is not easy. After refresh offer, it list more gear for other classes which we did not play it. Need more time to find Fury recipe and buy it, even with gems cost.


            • Ariant
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              Tin Man :

              Oh, okay, I'ts my fault not to see what cost to get Fury set. I just look other gear like Jugernaut and Warlord which is complete to buy it. Thanks for the information. I'm sorry.

            • Bali_Lenni
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              Oops so sorry for giving you wrong information there, minta maaf iya ! Gkad everything worked out anyway !
              Thanks Tin Man !

            • Ariant
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              Bali_Lenni :
              Never mind. Its okay. Good luck for next event.

            Tin Man :
            I've checked and it's 1 day left to claim. Now I should play Eternium on Steam. I must to do it faster.

            edited :
            I've claim the reward and unlocked 6 Fury set. I'm feel lucky and get ready for the next Bronze ANB.
            Thank you so much.
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