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ANB 6Fury Push Guide Part II

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    ANB 6Fury Push Guide Part II

    6Fury ANB Guide
    (Without Buying Legendary Crates)


    1. Farming xp at TL105
    ​2. Strategies
    3. Planning to craft push Gears
    4. Gears/Weapons/Trinkets
    5. Done xp farming
    6. Crafting Push Jewelries
    7 Enchants & Celestializing
    8. Planning to start pushing
    9. Start Pushing
    10. Slayer over Osmosis & BoWS over Templar
    11. Avoiding elites

    1. Farming TL105

    After completing the xp farming items, see to it that those essential enchants were applied as discussed previously. Slayer on both weapons, slayer on Helm, Movement speed to boots & pants & Crit Damage to Shoulders. These are essentials to achieve good results. Also, those stats to aim. Haste between 5-6, Vitality 90-100k (the more the better) & Cooldown reduction of 38-39% (the more the better).

    Before applying those enchants, make sure to have crafted weapons having good weapon damage (not necessarily high level). Aim for 2.4k - 2.5k( the more the better) in xp farming. However, if a level77 weapon/s comes up, it would be optimal. Damage from weapons contribute a lot to overall damage, most of warriors skills & gear buffs depends on it. During crafting, don't aim for the best xp gears & weapons. Just stick to the objectives. Crafting best gears for xp farming might end up either having lower level push gears or spending lots of gems for reforging. My objective in xp Farming is to farm fast just enough to unlock TL124 for better map & easy boss fight when starting pushing. Aiming fast runs at TL105 don't give rewards in ANBs. Improving the average runs is important at this phase of the game..

    Aim the following hero attributes:

    1900 Critical Damage ( the more the better)

    2000+ Critical damage (need to socket some Topaz if Charge isn't Lvl10 yet). So if Charge is Lvl9(1800 CR buff) it needs at least 4Brilliant topaz on sockets. Taking note to cast charge to trigger the buff.

    Ability rate: at least 2250 or 38% reduction, but 39% reduction (excluding IM buff) is best for farming xp in ANB.

    ​​​​​​Aim at least 3500% xp (with 200% boosts) when still crafting.

    2. ​​​​​​Farming Strategy


    1. Farm fast to save event & booster time
    2. Aim an average run of 50sec (the faster the better)
    3. Hunt elites (Boss spawn fast when killing more elites. Watch this video as an example, it only kills 22 elites to spawn Kara.

    The important factor that determine fast runs is how to traverse the map efficiently. Using the mini as often as possible helps to stay in the right direction.

    3. Planning to craft push gears

    The usual way of doing ANB crafting is to craft first those expensive enchants like rings & necklace, shoulders (CD), Osmosis & Weapon Slayers. This way, crafting best best gears go without concern of running of crafting materials for enchants.

    Aim at least craft to Lvl74 items on all gears, as first phase, then craft the next phase of upgrade say all Lvl75 and so on. Proceed to upgrade to higher levels until all items are 76/75 & some 74 with at least 1Lvl77. Don't include BoM in this crafting spree. Its best to separate BoM crafting, when a push BoM comes(with any bonus %, stop crafting BoM then continue to craft those low levels. After crafting the best Weapons & gears resume crafting higher level stat BoM hoping to get lucky. The limiting factors are CL objective, allocated time for pushing & boosters/gems availability.

    4. Gears/Weapons/Trinkets
    Fury set
    Bladestorm set
    Integralas Mantle
    Belt of Whirling Storm & Belt of Templar
    Talisman of Storms
    Charm of Qol
    Bracer of Mastery (Cleave)

    The following are my CL objectives & push time allocations

    Bronze: at Least CL2100 4-5 hours
    Silver: at least CL2050 3-4 hours
    Gold: at least CL2000 2-3 hours

    All depends on gems budget

    5. When to stop farming?

    The best to time to stop farming is when I have completed all my objectives. CL, gears, enchants, etc., just stick to my objectives.

    6. Crafting push Jewelries

    If I use some or all ephemeral jewelries, I do this tasks lasts while cooking skills to max or while still aiming the synergy bonus. There are excellent guides in this community for crafting Jewelries.

    Stats I used for Full Fury Push Jewelries
    1. Critical Damage
    2. Vitality
    3. Ability Rate
    4. Haste

    7. Enchants & Celestializing:

    Weapons: Slayer on both
    Rings: Vigor
    Necklace: Vigor
    Shoulder pads: Critical Damage
    Chests: Life on Hit
    Gauntlets: Brawler
    Pants/Boots: Movement speed
    Cape: Haste/Power

    Helm: Slayer (Before TL135)
    or Osmosis (Above TL135)

    Using Celestial Transforms

    After Clearing TLs 90 & 110, Celestial Transforms (CTs) are rewarded. It will Transform ephemeral items to regular making it transferrable to main account. Its important to be attentive & focused when doing the transformations if not, its quiet expensive. This is the general guide

    Separate the item away from other items. Add Socket to the item then drag the Celestial Transform over the item, just accept when prompted by a salvage warning & it's done. Cost of socketing after Celestializing (CTing) is the same outside ANB, its expensive.

    Hero Attributes to aim for Pushing

    CD: at least 1900%
    CR: none to all
    Power: Maximize Power on Champion Points
    Haste: 2050 (7.1 hps)
    Armor: 94+% reduction
    AR: 2250+ (38% reduction)
    LoH: at least 2000 ( the more the better)
    Parry: at least 30%

    8. When will be the right time to start pushing?

    Having satisfied all my desired objectives, its the right time to check everything.


    1. See to it that all essential abilities are Lvl10

    Auto attack: Cleave/Frenzy

    Active Skills:

    Passive Skills

    Power Infusion
    Tough as Nails
    Lightning Reflexes/Celerity/Endurance

    2. Have maximized or nearly mamimized the
    Lvl of Synergy bonus, I usually don't wait for Synergy Level 180 in Bronze, Lvl160 or 170 are already good.

    3 All enchants were done
    (Except Osmosis, see later notes)

    4. Having Celestialized the items
    (Depends on your goal)

    5. i usually push earlier in ANBs because there are times in our place where internet connection becomes a problem (unexpected power interruptions due to weather conditions, etc). Sometimes, Internet service provider issues or scheduled maintenance on weekends. Also, real life activities.

    9. Start Pushing

    Usually, I bypass playing TL110 going directly to TL120 above depending on my fastest time at TL105. I usually go directly to TL124. Garm is the easiest Boss to kill with this build. I usually clear this Level in less than 2minutes, unlocking TL133.

    10. Slayer over Osmosis.

    Helm enchant slayer is still good below TL 135, doesn't need to avoid elites below TL130. But its better to avoid elites with defender aura above TL130. Elite healers can't cast healing if your fast enough when still using Belt of Whirling Storm. They have low health. Clearing time at this level is a little over 3minutes.

    Start Osmosis enchants at TL 135 above. Also replace Belt with Templar, emptying CR Champion Point helps. Charge with Templar is over 7k when property played.

    11.When to avoid elites?

    Above TL135, start avoiding both healer & defender elites, all others are playable. Just time your ToS & Weapon Slayers when they Proc.

    Starting TL 140, start to avoid mixing elites with those green ghost. ANB heros don't have much toughness due to limited celestials. When those ghost starts to drain life, use an apple. Leap is a valuable skill along with cleave to survive. Use skills efficiently. Just don't spam skills, time it according to & when they're needed.

    When ToS Procs, try to allow Templar to Proc before charging, use companion stuns to avoid interference when cleaving & also to prevent healers heal. Leap only for heros survival, cleave damage when ToS Proc, is the only chance this build go higher in Trials.

    Trials above 150 is more complicated than levels below it, its a must to adapt to survive, timing is the very essence of the game in higher trials. Planning your game route properly dictates how fast to clear trials. Whenever possible, avoid all elites. Plan where to fight against Bosses. A good place to fight depends on what type of boss you're up against.

    I have uploaded a video series here in Forums, thats TLs149-155 on this build for reference.

    Good luck everyone, try this exciting build!!! Have Fun!

    Here's a link to my video when I started to push.

    Leap shortcuts in Act II

    Last edited by adolf_2003; 05-12-2022, 01:03 PM.

    For me, the hardest part of following this great strategy is the hours of grinding for XP and crafting materials. I get so bored that it becomes a real chore to do just one more TL farming run.

    To be a top player requires a lot of discipline and dedication.


      You're right. What I used to do to avoid boredom is to keep Farming trials on interval, by making short term objectives. Keeping notes by tabulating data on my runs also helps to divert some of my attention & monitor how well I'm doing on my overall objectives. Without those objectives I'll sometimes get lost where I am on all fronts because of tiredness. Some of my mistakes are really horrible.

      Some of these are
      1. Accidental socketing while removing a gemstone from a tunic

      2. Unintentional buying gold with gems,

      3. Didn't max out the item level selection during crafting

      4. Transmuting essences not using the material selection option that keeps the transmutation process going in a loop

      Those are just some of my mistakes, there were lots of those. Keeping fresh eyes everytime I feel tired makes me more alive doing the same thing over.

      For the last several months, I'm doing ANBs using two heros, so its really challenging for me. I started playing this game last August 2020, so I need to catch up to everything to become competitive both experience wise & my CL points. I am now CL2339 within 21months, thats a lot of dedication to this game both during & outside ANB.
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      • Kristoff
        Kristoff commented
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        Yeah, I just can't devote that much time and effort to the game. For a while I did, and just missed the top 50 by one rank in an ANB Gold. But the effort and stress wasn't sustainable or enjoyable for me, partly due to my lack of skill.

        Now I do it the easy and lazy way. Low gem spend, XP XG gear pretty much all the way, and I stop farming once I lose interest or run out of time due to real world responsibilities. That's usually good enough for a top 250 finish. Sometimes I get lucky and even manage to squeeze into the top 100.

        Thanks again for this guide, and I wish you the best of luck this upcoming ANB Silver!

      Many people lack interest of the game due to issues related to updates, cheaters & the LB split. Hoping your lack of interest aren't related to those. I sometimes feel those but I love this game, I have to wait for devs to catch up with our demands. They can't please everyone for everything. I know they're also trying their best to make this game better.

      Thanks & good luck to you too, hoping for the best.


      • Kristoff
        Kristoff commented
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        For me, it's more of a time thing.

        I have a lot of family responsibilities, and my partner isn't supportive of my gaming hobby and thinks that my efforts would be put to better use in more "serious" pursuits. When I put in the time and effort to reach the very top of the LBs, my responsibilities tend to suffer, and my partner starts to notice that I'm playing.

        I know players who make it into the top 25 or top 50 while using less than the allotted time, but I lack either their skill or deep strategic knowledge of the game, and I'm not really motivated enough to try and acquire them.

      Yeah, thats more important than gaming. A good father is much better than the best gamer. Good decision, glad that my wife supports my gaming activities.

      Hug your son/daughter & feel the best achievement medal in life.


      • Kristoff
        Kristoff commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks for your kind words.

        You're lucky to have a supportive partner. Mine is actually supportive too, just not for video games. Maybe if I was making money or doing something useful with it, then they wouldn't consider it such a waste of time.