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6 Fury WW Build

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    6 Fury WW Build

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    145 is about as high as I can get with this build. This build doesn't need CR so if I rerolled that to vitality then I could go a little higher. There's a player at 152 but they have a lot more toughness from added Vitality stats on their gear. What's more impressive is that there's a player at 146 with zero celestial items.

    Looking forward to getting my new Jugg set complete so I can try a different build
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      im trying to be familiar with this fury set thing!!

      1. Atttack slot: Frenzy (first slot), cleave (second) or the other way around (the opposite)??. I used charm of Qol
      2. For not a good Fury player at pushing: Wat's for passive??:

      Mine: celerity, TAN and Power Infusion

      3. Fighting "kara minions": used cleave until dead then change to frenzy when facing Kara or
      we just all frenzy and rely on charm of Qol for cleave? (as a non-native speaker i do hope my english can be understood)

      Thanks in advance
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        Arawn old friend: many thanks

      • Tin Man
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        Arawn, I agree with you that Whirlwind itself does not do much damage but the lion's share of damage comes from Tornado and Storm of Swords with Tornado building off of Whirlwind.

        Of the two leading damage causers for 6 Fury, one is Nature Damage and the other is Physical Damage. Even the published guide for pushing 6 Fury into the 150s calls for dual-elemental damage of Physical Damage and Nature Damage on all the pieces that you can.

        Not having both may be a contributor to why you topped out at TL 145.

        Others have definitely taken 6 Fury into the 150s.

      • Arawn
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        Tin Man Forgot about the tornadoes. Yeah those are ND

        Although my trial cap is more likely due to the lack of the second Vitality stat on my celestial gear. I'm not going to spend the gems to reforge it