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Warrior build etc?

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    Warrior build etc?

    So and so friends message me and ask about

    a. Warrior build b. .What to used with boxes & Jewellery to craft?
    Well. Sorry to inform that I dunno how to post answer privately as I try to I find the appropriate button to press etc but in vain. Thus I give my suggestion here:

    1. I'm only familiar with Shield warrior
    2. Boxes and Jewellery type? For me: all 3 or at least two used VACC (If two Jewellery with VACC the 3rd replace Vit with HASTE (only need 4.0 at hero's attribute). How to craft? Used our Nhat Jewellery crafting.

    3. Recently I realized using the box produce a bit higher on CD than without it: Based on below:

    "The 121% CD is crafting of old, the 126% is when using the box"

    4. For years playing as a shield warrior, i used all 3 Jewellery with at least 120% in CD each. For years the CR is > 50%. I beat Garm for the first time years ago with 54:1 % CR. How bout Power?. I dunno or cannot answer. Why? Not stated by our seniors (exception Fire lilly SW) use Power either as gemstones or one of the attribute. Most important for a CR/CD shield warrior is:

    " Shield slam & that block thing"

    Salute to our Shield warriors captains: Arionthe/Outlaw/Altheo/Turgeon/Orion etc
    i'm just a private/common soldier

    Any regret? Just one

    "Outlaw" give us technique how to beat Kara with "BR, SB and WW": alternate Frenzy and Rending Slash (in the old days) proper. His Technique works!!!!

    I forgot to copy/write somewhere the technique when try to search again can't find the message in our forum. If i can remember:



    all above crafting/status/attribute etc is only a suggestion.
    any good news? just one:

    althoughh SW can't possibly beat full fury/Juggernaut:

    It still manage to be at top 100 (haven't been kick out yet)

    Hv fun
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    Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid
    trial 181 in 9:08 min (Spring Season). can't be worse can't it. O dear.

    brooch of vampirism thing. suddenly not bad. My charm of qol fail at 181 but vampirism success.

    Hv a nice day

    I wanna be SW someday. :-)