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    Max attribute % explained

    I am looking for answers from players in the know. Your input will assist many players who love math and attribute point distributions / effectiveness.

    Haste increases hits per second. Is there a maximum allowed number of hits per second thus rendering high attribute points in haste ineffective? Very old posts indicated a max hit per second cap of 4.4 HPS.

    I know shield warriors are old news but I love the concept of a meaty tank so I will not give up my shield. My research revealed a block rating of over 95% gives a chance of critical blocks. I assume that means a block rating of close to 200% still serves a purpose?

    Does armor have a max % for damage reduction or should armor be over 100%.

    ​​​​​​These are just a few of the questions I am wanting solid answers for. Feel free to.comment on any ah ha moments you have had in recent patches.

    ​​​​​​Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge

    SHield Warrior?
    Haste? For yrs I'm used to 4.O hit per second
    Block? Thank you for a very good question:
    IVe heard the 95% thing. I dunno why I don't follow it. Always more than 100%
    erm. Maybe 95% is true. Why?

    I try 121% then 112% no difference. In fact the 112%0 block give better result

    Hv a nice day

    Shield warrior Lover


      You might want to take a look at the "Attributes.xls" spreadsheet create by Nhat - links to his files can be found here

      You'll see, for example, that damage reduction from Armour is calculated as Damage Reduction = Armour / (Armour +1500). As this leads to diminishing returns, a value of 100% damage reduction is not possible, so you need to find a sweet spot where you have enough damage reduction to match your playstyle or needs, without using so much Armour stats as to be wasting points that could give a much bigger benefit elsewhere.


        So, what happens with block rating over 100%? For instance, if you had BR on all gear, max value on shield, main stat on all jewelry, plus the 4000 increase from SB then you'd have roughly 244% BR (I think). What does this do?
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        • WarriorSeven
          WarriorSeven commented
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          I don't think any of the following has changed since the 1.4.7 balancing announced by Adrian 17-APR-2019. If I'm wrong, please point it out.

          Any BR over 100% is dumped into Critical Block chance (CB) up to a maximum of 95%.
          -- "Regular shield blocks" -- let's call them "B" for sake of this example -- prevent 40% less attack damage of the blocked attack;
          -- CB chances prevent 80% less damage of a critical block attack;

          The sheet total of BR is really B + CB!

          In Arawn's example, then, with a 244% sheet BR, 95% will allocate to the CB chance (the maximum) and the remainder (244% - 95%) = 149% stays as B.

          Since the 1.4.7 balancing, the only other change came with release 1.5.70-1.5.73 (14-SEP-2021) where Adrian announced that "Block Rating now uses up 25% less item budget. This results on items with the Block Rating stat having a higher quantity of stat." This is a cost change (discount) to acquire BR, not affecting the functional calculations above.

          P.S. -- I like the guitar, as well!
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        • Arawn
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          Thanks WarriorSeven . So am I correct in thinking that it is pointless to have more than 195% BR? If so then that would require a 7800 BR value--4000 comes from SB, 2400 comes from the shield, which means you would only need BR on 8 pieces of gear to get the remaining 1400. Is that right? Where is Arionthe

        • WarriorSeven
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          Pointless? I guess wouldn't go that far. Your 195% example would represent an "ideal" ratio of CB:B. Anything over 195% STILL earns you more B blocks, so this is yet another example of an effect with diminishing returns, similar to AR Wispy 2.0 mentioned above.

          How much BR is best? It probably again comes back to the player's style of play that helps drive an answer, since BR is just ONE attribute (albeit an important one here) that influences overall SW effectiveness. Ask yourself, instead, is there a better place to put resources to improve the Toon's performance? This is similar to analyzing which option is better in an "opportunity cost" problem.

          I don't play shield warrior, so it would be the experience of you SW experts as you tweak these stats to get the best gameplay effects from your toon.

        Have a look here.
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          Any Block Rating over 195% is just wasting a Block Rating on a stat that can be something that will actually help you.

          Look back at the old configurations from events where Defender was the META for warriors. The build was for 195% Block Rating with the boost from Shield Block factored in. This configuration got trashed with the changes to Ability Rate that make it so that Shield Block can not always be active but the 195% Block Rating cap still holds. You just need to figure out what does and does not work without a constant Shield Block.

          I have not looked back at the old builds but this is what I remember from my Defender days.


            My understanding is that critical blocks are more likely to apply a shield slam while using the block passive. also as you mentions you cant have shield block up at all times, especially when pulling the mobs into a group, so higher BR likely does have some value. Not to mention that the additional 4000 BR may be less than you expect looking at your stats if there is diminishing returns on the stat.