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full defender set more powerful

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    full defender set more powerful

    Just log in forum and play eternium after long rest.
    finally after all these years
    still using 6/6 Defender & full set blackguard thing

    Still Old method:

    BR Shield Block WW
    No new what on earth shield yet

    Without LB?. It's ok


    2min time left. Can't be worse
    Hv a nice day
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    Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid

    I'm very happy
    LB 1,2 and no. 3 are shield warriors (at the moment)
    aint that sweet
    To the Dev etc
    Thank you
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    Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid


    • Wulfric
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      Am pleased you have returned to your shield wielding ways as you were one of the very few who stuck with shield warrior before it got buffed. Its nice seeing your dedication rewarded and Matrempit up in the top of the rankings

    Wulfric Thanks

    Now wat i observed this new shield kind of legendary thing
    good news? very powerful

    any bad NEWS?

    not the shield but me
    maybe i'm not use to it yet

    Old technique remain:

    BR Shield block WW

    but I HV TO CHANGE gear a bit:

    some of the attribute replace with deflect

    erm replace Shield slam with Dt brace (a 72 Ct it for Vit)
    that new Liberator shield? (a 72 Ct it for Vit)

    hard to kill all the monsters (at the moment) without dying
    i'm dead so many time
    but finally when facing the boss when just 2 min somethin time left: THE RESULT?
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    Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid



      i just used (Challenger bykova) build as guidance etc. he's Our King of Shield warriors.
      he has deflect as an attribute for several of his gears.
      What's the benefit of deflect? i dunno. I just follow.
      result? Much better. less dying
      thank you all
      hv a nice day
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      Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid


      • Mxtof
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        Congrats! You forgot to mention the Manastim... (noticed you got a few more) it has probably increased your life expectancy (let alone your DPS) more than deflect could do, I believe.

      • TheExorcist
        TheExorcist commented
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        Mxtof., Thanks. and you're absolutely right. Manastim assist a lot

      My very FIRST foray using the Defender (full) build, finishing at TL 140.

      Click image for larger version

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      I must say, the build and gameplay is ... an "acquired taste".

      Began with a Fury set to gather gold and XP, then transitioned to Defender for final push.

      I still have a lot to learn, looking at the top players and their builds and Leaderboard times. A little pissed that I still had 56 freakin' minutes on my Play Timer before the Event ended. Poor time management and could have accumulated more XP and better gear ahead of this, but R/L issues always seem to get in the way of my playtime (I bet none of you ever had that happen, LOL!).

      The new Manastim gems clearly helped with cooldown, aiding in the quick cycling of the attack abilities. I initially tried a combo with Velocinite, but it became clear the jewelry was best helped with Manastim.

      Not sure I will invest to build a Defender set, and instead will likely play again in a future ANB. All in all ... something quite different for me, and thoroughly enjoyable.

      That said ... I could only imagine how much more fun this must have been for those dedicated Defender/Shield players who have been waiting ages for improvement into their build. This ANB was a great example of how a few tweaks here and there plus the addition of the new gems can completely turn around a build, creating a new meta for the future!

      “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


        New defender build was interesting. First time I've been able to farm TL120 upwards in an ANB. Overal, impact of buffs plus manastim meant I somehow managed to get to TL 159 where normal service (dying a lot) resumed courtesy of a certain dragon.

        All we need now is buffs to 6 warlord and 6 fury and we could have 4 different metas all competing at high levels.


          TheExorcist You're nearly 10 levels higher than me! (How do you do it!) I think this is as high as I'm going to get. Can't get past Garm at this level
          Click image for larger version

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          DUCI HEXA YIWA 0721


            Arawn old friend, Congrats on reaching trial 168 etc etc
            i remember when i ask our Shield warrior Master of Old: Arionthe
            How can i go further up etc with a shield warrior eh?

            the date?: 2019

            The key is? MASSIVE MOB PULLING
            The rest? high Vit etc etc
            One of his suggestion seems Not relevant anymore? LOH ( for years i make sure my LOH is >1750. recently not anymore..

            er: How come This windows 11 screenshot through PrtSc looks terrible?. I try to screenshot (Alt + PrtSc) Arionthe suggestion here. it looks blur
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            Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid


            • Travis | Support Mgr.
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              Try taking a screen snip using Win+Shift+S.

            • Arawn
              Arawn commented
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              Ah yes, Arionthe ! I miss his insight!

              I think, over the years, shield warrior has been my favorite to play