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Trails higher then 60

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    Trails higher then 60

    Trails #63 am I missing something here why is it the higher I go in trails the harder it is to complete trails higher then 60. All other levels in story mode cake. Level 403 in the game. I feel I have good set pieces on and all gems leveled up I’m hitting for over 3 million.
    the question is is there a way to get the character to hit even harder then this, if so I do not see a way to do with game play?

    Wrong forum? Eternium trials get harder as you go up, above 60 you need a decent set of jewelries to boost your attacks... another key is how to use your abilities properly and utilising the set bonuses...

    Please post screenshots of your gear and stats for other to comments on...
    Eternium Files - links and details - 04 February 2021 - v1.5.3x changes: Ability Rate formula changed to: AR / ( 2xAR + 1500 )

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