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Live 1.4.7: Major content & balancing update

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    Live 1.4.7: Major content & balancing update

    • A global cooldown varying between 1.5 seconds and 0.75 seconds (depending on ability rate - max reduction at 1500 AR) has been added to most abilities.
    • A new “Hide Helm” option is available in the settings menu, as a checkbox. When checked, the helm is not displayed.
    • Apples now have a 1 minute cooldown
    • Potions now have a 1 minute cooldown
    • Active positive and negative effects are now displayed beneath the hero and enemy portraits.
    • The “Attack Speed” entry displayed in the character stats page is replaced by a “Haste Rating” entry, that displays how much Haste Rating the character has in the numerical section, and how many attacks it deals in the details, in this form: XX.X hits per second - same way Armor does.
    • Abilities can be queued for use up to 0.75 seconds before their cooldown is completed. Only one ability may be queued at a time. A checkbox option has been added in the setting menu that enables this functionality.
    • Trial leaderboards have been reset due to the major balancing changes.

    Champion levels and attributes
    • Champion points providing Power and Critical Rating had their effects reduced. Players will now gain 2 Power and, respectively, 4 Critical Rating per champion point.
    • Champion points providing Haste had their effects increased. Heroes will now gain 4 Haste Rating per champion point allocated. However, there is now a 100 points limit that can be invested in Haste Rating.
    • The Extra Gold and Life Regeneration stats have a regular chance to occur on equipment.
    • The amount of Life Regeneration per budget point has been increased by 300%. The resulting effect is that the amounts of Life Regeneration that occur on gear are increased by 300%. This effect is not applied retroactively, and only new drops are subject to this change.
    • Block Rating calculation now provides 1% chance to block for every 50 points of Block Rating at level 70, and 1% chance to block for every 1 block rating at level 1. If the block chance exceeds 100%, the extra chance above 100% provides a chance to achieve a critical block. Blocking an attack causes the Hero to prevent 40% of the damage of a blocked attack, while critical blocks cause the Hero to prevent 80% of the damage of a critically blocked attack, and the damage of Shield Slam triggered by critical blocks is increased by 100%. The crit block chance cannot exceed 95%.
    • Damage Reflect has been renamed to Deflect Rating. Deflection chance causes ranged, magic and area attacks to be partially absorbed, and the absorbed portion to be reflected back at the attacker, multiplied by the Hero’s Power coefficient. The reflected damage has regular critical strike chance and regular critical damage applies. The Deflect Rating to Deflection conversion is a linear function, causing 1% Deflection chance to be provided by 250 Deflect Rating at level 70 and 5 Deflect Rating at level 1. Characters using a shield deal 25% more deflect damage.
    • Parry Rating level 70 K coefficient has been reduced to 1000 (was 2000). This results in roughly 100% more efficiency for the Parry Rating stat points.
    • Dodge Rating level 70 K coefficient has been reduced to 1250 (was 2200). This results in roughly 80% more efficiency for the Dodge rating stat points.

    • Dying in a trial no longer offers a ressurect for gold option. Instead, resurrection in trials is now free and can be used after 3 seconds, will resurrect the Hero and minions with 100% health, and will resurrect the Hero in proximity to the place of death.
    • During and at the end of each trial, the player can view a trial stats screen, similar to the leaderboard stats.
    • Number of deaths will be displayed in the trial statistics screen.
    • Trial bosses and monsters are no longer healed to 100% health upon Hero death. Instead, they heal 10% of their maximum health, and cannot exceed 100% of maximum health.
    • Bosses no longer return to their place upon hero death.
    • TRIALS ONLY: Companions can no longer receive damage and do not block projectiles, and all threat generated by companions is redirected to the Hero.


    All Classes
    • Power Infusion (all classes) now increases all damage dealt by 40% for 6 seconds, with an average 2 procs per minute. If Power Infusion occurs while it is already active, the duration of the effect is refreshed.

    Bounty Hunter
    • Male Bounty Hunters no longer incorrectly gain any Parry Rating from levels.
    • Smoke Screen (rank 10) now increases Dodge Rating by 400(+400 per rank) (was 2000 at all ranks), and the dodge rating and damage bonuses last for 5 seconds (was 2 seconds). Cooldown increased to 50 seconds (was 40 seconds). Smoke Screen does not obey the global cooldown mechanic.
    • Heatseekers cooldown has been decreased to 30 seconds (was 40 seconds).
    • New Support Ability: Mag Trap - pulls all enemy units within a large radius towards the center of the trap at a rate equal to 100% of the Bounty Hunter’s movement speed. After 4 seconds, it explodes dealing 1300%(+300% per rank) weapon damage.
    • New Passive Ability: Tracer Ammo - Your basic attacks have a 12%(+2% per rank) chance to paint the targets with a combustible catalyst, causing them to be vulnerable to missiles and explosives for 10 seconds, increasing damage taken from these attacks by 7%. Stacks up to 5 times.
    • Guerilla Specialist innate passive - movement speed bonus decreased to 10%, down from 20%.
    • Explosive Shot radius increased by 50%. In addition, Explosive Shot explosions have a 100% chance to trigger a stack of Tracer Ammo, if Tracer Ammo is used.
    • Dealing damage with Multishot reduces enemy movement speed by 70% for 3 seconds. Each Multishot bolt that strikes a target now triggers the Life on Hit stat.
    • Scatter Shot now targets the bullet spread in a more narrow angle, increasing the likelihood to hit the selected target.
    • Lethal Shot now deals 200%(+100%/rank) weapon damage.
    • Bounty Hunters no longer have the “Tough as Nails” passive ability. This is replaced by the “Nimble Fighter” passive, which grants 50(+50/rank) Dodge Rating and increases movement speed by 1%(+1%/rank).
    • Bounty Hunters no longer have the “Fleet Footed” passive ability. This is replaced by the “Pathfinder” passive, which grants 11% (+1%/rank) movement speed and increases the range and damage of Basic Attacks (Scatter Shot, Lethal Shot and Explosive Shot) by 20%.
    • Freezing Trap and Magnetic Trap cooldowns increased to 40 sec.
    • Multishot - damage increased from 430% (+30% per rank) to 1650% (+150% per rank)
    • Scatter Shot - damage increased from 35% (+5% per rank) per projectile to 77% (+7% per rank)
    • Explosive Shot - damage increased from 110% (+10% per rank) to 160% (+60% per rank). Explosion damage remains unchanged.
    • Snipe damage increased to 3400% (+400%) weapon damage. In addition, the Snipe DOT is now classified as a poison.
    • Charged Shots - now has a 40% chance to deal 130% weapon damage (at rank 10).

    • Assault 4: NEW: Increases Movement Speed by 20%, and Vitality and Armor by 10% (was movement speed bonus when attacking a target).
    • Assault 6: The damage of Rapid Fire is increased by 200% (was Rapid Fire cooldown decreased by 50%).
    • Havoc 4: NEW: Increases the damage of all traps, explosives and missiles by 45% (was 210 haste). This includes Heatseekers, Havoc 2-set missile proc, the explosive portion of explosive shot and Freezing and Mag Traps.
    • Havoc Gloves: All missile explosion radius is increased by 50% (Havoc 2 proc, Heatseekers, any future missiles).
    • Havoc Helm: Increase the Tracer Ammo stacks by 2.
    • Stalker 2: Your Poisoned Ammo has 15% extra chance to occur (was Your Piercing Ammo has a 15% extra chance to pierce).
    • Stalker 4: 20% chance to gain an extra attack.
    • Stalker 6: now uses Snipe rank 10 instead of Snipe rank 1.
    • Stalker Gloves: Poison damage is increased by 100%.

    • Adeptus Arcana (Mage innate passive ability) also grants the Mage 30 Deflection Rating per level.
    • If the Frostbolt ability is equipped, each time Blizzard deals damage there is a 7% chance and when casting Frost Nova there is a 100% chance to trigger Northern Wind, causing the Mage to treat all enemies as frozen for the next 4 seconds. If another proc of Northern Wind occurs while it is already active, the remaining duration is extended by 4 seconds with a maximum limit of 10 seconds.
    • Arcane Deflection has been renamed to “Paradox” and effect changed. Paradox causes the mage to become immune to control effects and not receive any damage for 2 seconds, and any hit that would be received during these 2 seconds is converted into an absorb shield. While the shield holds, the mage deals 20% more damage. Using Paradox again causes the shield to dissipate. The shield cannot stack higher than 200%(+200% per rank) of the Mage’s Power stat, and remains active for 12 seconds or until it is consumed or dissipated. 90 seconds cooldown, 3 charges. Paradox cannot be used within 2 seconds of previously using Paradox, but does not otherwise obey regular global cooldown mechanics.
    • Arc Lightning causes your target to remain vulnerable for 18 seconds (was 5), and increases the attack speed of the Hero for 18 seconds (was 5).
    • Targets affected by Frost Beam (rank 7+) slow effect deal 40% less damage to the Mage for 2 seconds, and Frost Beam slows by 70% and silences targets for 2 seconds each time it deals damage.
    • Mirror Images left by Blink can no longer be destroyed, they do not have corporeal presence (enemies and projectiles can move through them), and now deal damage equal to 45%(+15% per rank) of the Mage’s weapon damage.
    • Time Warp now has 60 seconds cooldown, lasts for 8 seconds and no longer slows time, but for the duration, all Mage damage is increased by 8% (+8% per rank) and attack speed is increased by 3%(+3% per rank). In addition, all enemy attack speed is slowed by 50%
    • Mages no longer have the “Tough as Nails” passive ability. This is replaced by the “Mage Armor” passive, which grants 300 (+300/rank) Deflect Rating and increases the damage dealt by deflected attacks by 25%.
    • Frostbolt damage increased to 420% (+20% per rank)
    • Fireball area effect radius increased from 0.15 to 0.25
    • Death from Above damage increased to 530% (+30% per spell rank) per missile.

    • Arcanist 2 set (was 4-set bonus): Increases the damage of Arcane Bolts by 100% (was increase number of bolts by 4).
    • Arcanist 4 set bonus NEW: You deal 50% more damage to your primary target (selected monster).
    • Arcanist 6: NEW: Casting an Arcane Support Ability (Blink, Time Warp, Paradox, Singularity) generates a Shard of Frozen Time. When 10 Shards are accumulated, their power is unleashed, immediately finishing all mage cooldowns, causing [her] to receive 90% less damage, become immune to controlling effects, and deal 200% more damage for 9 seconds.
    • Apprentice 2 set bonus is now the Apprentice 4 set bonus, and the Apprentice 4 set bonus is now the 2 set bonus.

    • Juggernaut (Warrior innate passive ability) also causes the warrior to deal 5% more damage for 4 seconds after parrying or blocking an attack. Does not stack multiple times.
    • Devastate causes targets hit to receive 50% less healing for 10 seconds.
    • Devastate damage increased to 1500% (+500% per rank) per hit. Devastate - reduces damage taken by 75%, up from 50%.
    • Sword and Board (rank 4+): critical blocks have a 100% chance to trigger Shield Slam. In addition, Sword and Board now provides 50 (+50 per rank) Block Rating. Shield Slam can strike a maximum of 6 enemies.
    • Shield Block now only lasts for 5 seconds (was 7 seconds). However, Shield Block has 3 charges and provides 400(+400 per rank) Block Rating. While Shield Block is active, the damage of Deadly Throw is increased by 25%. Shield block now has a cooldown of 60 seconds.
    • Cleave now deals 125% +25%/rank weapon damage (was 275% @ rank 10). In addition, the reduced damage effect of Cleave now lasts for 18 seconds (up from 5).
    • Rending Slash and Deadly Throw (dual wield) deal their bleed damage over 15 seconds (was 5 seconds). However, Rending Slash and Deadly Throw (dual wield) bleed now stacks up to 10 stacks.
    • Rending Slash bleed damage increased to 1000% of weapon damage.
    • Frenzy increases movement and attack speed for 18 seconds (was 5 seconds).
    • Parrying an attack while In the Zone is active reduces all your active cooldowns by 1s (was 0.5s). In the Zone does not obey global cooldown mechanics.
    • Blade Flurry caused by Duelist and Lightning Reflexes has been renamed to Flurry. Flurry is a passive buff, that increases the damage of your next Devastate or Deadly Throw cast by 10% and stacks up to 10 times. In addition, if Devastate or Deadly Throw are cast with 10 stacks active, they become empowered and the critical damage of the attack is increased by 400% (additive with the regular critical strike damage).
    • Charge now increases Critical Rating by 200(+200 per rank) for 3 seconds (was 300 for 4 seconds), stuns opponents for 3 seconds (was 5 seconds), and has 30 seconds cooldown (was 20).
    • Leap now deals 100% (+100% per rank) weapon damage, and all affected targets bleed for an additional 200% (+200% per rank) weapon damage over 15 seconds. The warrior receives 50% less damage for 2 seconds after landing. The bleed effect stacks up to 3 times and is refreshed by a new application.
    • Whirlwind now has 30 seconds cooldown. Whirlwind: Damage increased by 50%. Whirlwind (rank 3+)- reduces damage taken by 15% per equipped weapon, up from 8%.
    • Shockwave now deals 750% (+70% per rank) weapon damage, up from 350% (+50% per rank). Shockwave rank 10 now increases damage by taking into account 800% of bleed damage that would be dealt in the next second. Shockwave cooldown increased to 40 seconds (was 25 seconds). Shockwave heal over time duration increased to 6 seconds, and while the healing over time effect persists all damage taken is reduced by 25%.

    • Juggernaut 2: Frenzy increases your Critical Rating by 100 (was 50), stacking up to 5 times (was 3 times).
    • Juggernaut 4: The damage of Whirlwind and Shockwave (was Cleave) is increased by 30% (was 15%).
    • Juggernaut 6: NEW: Casting Devastate or Deadly Throw grants you 1400 Power for 6 seconds. Casting another Devastate or Deadly Throw while this buff is active extends the buff for the duration, up to a maximum of 10 seconds.
    • Defender 2 set bonus replaced by NEW: Casting Charge, Leap or Battle Cry grants 4 charges of Fortress of Steel. While Fortress of Steel charges are active, damage taken has a 30% chance to consume a charge, preventing 50% of that attack’s damage and healing the warrior for 6% of maximum health. Maximum 10 charges.
    • Defender 4: The damage of Shield Slam is increased by 200%, up from 100%.
    • Defender 6: Shield Block can now trigger a Deadly Throw once every 2 seconds, and while Shield Block is active, the warrior gains Power equal to 50% of [her] active Block Rating.

    New Items

    Bounty Hunter

    Shadow Assassin’s Pistols set.

    Malice and Ill Will

    Requires Bounty Hunter.

    2-set: If Snipe hits targets that are infected by your fully stacked Poisoned Ammo, they burst in a poisonous pool (or cloud - small radius) that deals 1200% weapon damage every 0.5 seconds for 2 seconds to all units in the pool.

    2-set: Snipe cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds.

    Igniters Pistols set.

    Torch and Firebug

    Requires Bounty Hunter.

    2-set: Your Tracer Ammo can now stack 3 extra times.

    2-set: Your Explosive Shot projectile damage (non-explosion) is now affected by Tracer Ammo stacks.

    Tesla Armaments Pistols set.

    Ion Gun and Pulse Gun

    Requires Bounty Hunter.

    2-set: The range of your Scatter Shot is increased by 40%.

    2-set: Multishot increases the damage of Charged Ammo by 100% for 4 seconds.


    Elemental Lord’s Regalia

    2-set: Increases the damage of Immolate, Immolate burn effect, Fireball Meteor proc and Frost Nova by 500%.

    4-set: Casting an elemental Support Ability grants 1-5 charges of Elemental Fury. The Mage loses one charge every 2 seconds. While Elemental Fury is active, the Mage deals 10% more damage and receives 10% less damage per charge. Maximum 12 charges.

    6-set: Reduces the base cooldowns for all frost and fire Support Abilities by 6 seconds, and increases their damage by 75%.

    Elemental Lord’s Gloves: The potency of frost slows is increased by 20%.

    Elemental Lord’s Robes: The duration of Northern Wind is increased by 2 seconds

    Elemental Lord’s Shoulderpads: The amount of Death from Above charges produced is increased by 100%.

    Forbidden Knowledge weapons set:

    Eridanus, Greatstaff of the Magi (staff) & Acamar, Secrets of the Void (tome)

    Requires Mage.

    2-set - Void Ward: When the Mage is dealt a killing blow, instead of dying the Mage is encased in a protective Void Ward for 6 seconds. The Void Ward restores 10% of the mage’s health instantly and another 15% per second. While the Void Ward lasts, the mage suffers no damage. This effect cannot occur more than once every 90 seconds. When the effect ends, all enemy units around the Mage are knocked back with force, stunned for 3 seconds, and suffer 1000% weapon damage.

    Eridanus, Greatstaff of the Magi: Cosmic Ripple: When the cooldown of any mage ability is restored, Eridanus emits a ripple dealing 2000% weapon damage to all targets in a radius. Acamar, Secrets of the Void - Cosmic Rays: The Mage deals 100% more damage with deflected attacks.

    Grand Magister’s Command weapons set:

    Igneus, Pillar of Flame (staff) & Glacies Tempestas, the Frozen Tome (tome)

    Requires Mage.

    2-set - Thermal Shock: Casting a frost Support Ability extinguishes the burning effects for all creatures around the caster and deals 1000% of their remaining burning damage instantly. Casting a fire Support Ability gives 3000% weapon damage to all creatures around the caster that are frozen and removes their frozen effect.

    Igneus, Pillar of Flame - Apocalypse: Fire damage over time effects deal 25% more damage.

    Glacies Tempestas, the Frozen Tome - Deep Freeze: 10% chance for enemies to be frozen for 3 seconds when they deal damage to the Mage.


    Warlord’s Battlegear

    2-set: Casting Charge or Leap causes the Warrior to also receive the beneficial effects of Battle Rage (rank 7).

    4-set: You have a chance to trigger a whirlwind attack.

    6-set: Dealing damage to a target below 30% of maximum health marks that target for execution, increasing all damage dealt to it by 100% for 10 seconds.

    Bladestorm Axes.

    Whirlwind Axe & The Cleaver

    Requires Warrior.

    2-set: Whirlwind deals 100% more damage to the targeted enemy.

    Whirlwind Axe: Whirlwind heals for 2% of maximum health each time it deals damage.

    The Cleaver: Dealing damage with Whirlwind grants Butchery, increasing the damage of your basic attacks by 400% for 10 seconds. Does not stack multiple times.

    Bloodthirsty Armaments.

    Viscera + Sanguinarius

    Requires Warrior.

    2-set: Grievous Wounds: Your critical hits cause the target to bleed for 15% extra damage over 6 seconds.

    Viscera: Exsanguination: Increases the damage of Rending Slash bleed effect by 50%.

    Sanguinarius: Vampiric Blood: Each time you deal damage, you have a chance to heal for 5% of your maximum health.

    Blackguard’s Assault Mace + Shield set

    Blackguard’s Mauler + Blackguard’s Wall

    Requires Warrior.

    2-set: Blackguard’s Assault: Your Basic Attacks have a 20% chance to trigger Shield Slam (ICD: 1 attack) if Sword and Board is used.

    2-set: Blackguard’s Resolve: The Warrior suffers 30% less damage when below 30% health, and receiving damage while below 30% health causes one charge of Shield Block to be immediately recovered (ICD: 30 seconds)

    • Maggie no longer has the ability Silence Field. Instead, Maggie now has the ability Vortex.
    • Maggie and Eileen aura has been renamed to Vampiric Aura, and now provides 20 Life Regeneration per companion level (525 at level 70) and 2% more damage.
    • Maggie and Eileen Heal ability now energises a the Hero to regenerate 15 life per companion level every second for 5 seconds, and has a 15 seconds cooldown.
    • Maggie and Eileen no longer have a Shield ability.
    • Marcus and Norgrim aura now increases the Hero armor and health by 7%.
    • Marcus and Norgrim no longer have the Endurance and Thunder Clap abilities.
    • Marcus and Norgrim Charge ability stun radius lowered by 70%, and the stun now lasts 3 seconds (down from 4).
    • Endar and Robin aura now increases the Hero’s attack speed by 5% and Haste Rating by 2%.
    • Endar and Robin no longer have the Exploding Shots and Lifesteal abilities.
    • Xagan aura now increases the Hero’s Ability Rate stat by 6%.
    • Xagan active ability stun duration is now 3 seconds.
    • All companion Auras range has been greatly extended.

    Bosses and monsters


    The damage of standard attack reduced by 22%.

    The cooldown of minions has been increased to 30 seconds.


    Cooldown of Assassinate increased by 3 seconds.

    Devastating Assault damage reduced by 65% (from 9500% weapon damage to 3500% weapon damage).


    Health reduced by 20%.


    Healer monsters: The efficiency of Healer type monsters has been greatly decreased, and the cooldown of the Dark Heal ability has been increased from 3 to 12 seconds.

    Lich monsters: The cooldown of Raise Dead has been increased to 10 seconds.