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Things that you should not do during ANBs!

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    Things that you should not do during ANBs!

    Hmm, so, we are going to walk a fine line here but it seems to be very necessary.

    We are not allowed to publicly discuss exploits in the Forum or Discord or we will be banned. We, however, will be banned from the game for using publicly discussed strategies that are considered exploits. On top of players being required to self-regulate against using any exploits that will get us banned because it is an "exploit when you see it"? We are now required to figure out which regularly discussed and used strategies that are possible to use during ANBs but not allowed to be used during ANBs.

    Talk about confusing!

    So, since the developers will not warn us before banning us for using publicly discussed tactics, we players need to help each other out and post warnings against using activities that, if used during ANBs, will get you banned even though they are perfectly acceptable at other times.

    The first warning?


    Seems that even dual-classing or triple-classing can put you at risk for being banned. Creating crafting heroes is a definite no-no.

    Consider yourselves warned.

    Oh, also, remember that all those topics that we are not allowed to publicly discuss will also get you banned. Wait! No, you can get away with using all of those.

    Please, add any publicly discussed activities that, if used, will get you banned. Be very careful to not mentioned any exploits that we are not allowed to publicly discuss.


    UPDATE TO CLARIFY: You can get tagged for being banned when multi-classing heroes during ANBs but the ban can be reversed upon review. Creating true "crafting heroes" of the same class as the class of your final heroes is very dangerous and if you get flagged you will be banned and that ban is likely permanent even after review.

    Can you get away with using a crafting hero if you do it right? Probably. Crossing that line will not be pleasant though. The safest thing to do is just do what the developers intended and not make crafting heroes.
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    I vote for sticky on this.


      I vote they RESOLVE this BS. We don't need any ambiguity in gameplay.
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        I don't think it's right to ban people for doing something that the game allows them to do. If they don't want people to use more than one hero in ANBs them make it so they can't do that.


          During the last ANB, I almost did something that I now understand is considered an exploit. At the time, I did not know this was considered an exploit, and it certainly did not feel like an exploit to me. I didn't do it simply because I was too busy with other things. When something can be done with ordinary game mechanics, it may be far from obvious to an ordinary player that such could be considered an exploit. I try to follow the rules, but I now feel uncertain of my ability to do so in this game.

          If I hadn't happened to read certain forum posts (which now seem to be gone), I might have done in the next ANB the thing I considered doing in the last ANB.

          Due to a combination of vision and hand problems, I don't expect to be a skilled player ever. I play to explore and experiment. I'm currently interested in trying various gear combinations -- knowing that they are not meta for reaching high trial levels -- to see what interesting effects these might have, how well they work for story levels, and how far I can get with them in trials. For example, I've been working on a "fire mage" with apprentice gear who will probably be hopeless for trials but is a lot of fun (for me) in story levels. So I had been thinking that ANBs would be a great for crafting various kinds of gear for my experiments and exploring strategies for reaching character level 70. Now I no longer have faith that my intuitive sense of what's lawful and fair will keep me from breaking rules I don't know about. Not fun. I will probably sit out the next ANB and watch how things go for a while.


            About celestial transform... i put it in an event item, so when anb ends. Can i receive the celestial transform + the item or only the celesital item on mail box?


            • Apoc
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              When you apply a Celestial Transform (CT) to an item in an ANB event, it increases the stats for that item to max for its level. So, it's best to apply CTs to max level items for the best outcome, as the stats between level 71 and 77 items are considerably different. At the end of the ANB, you keep any item to which you applied a CT, and the item keeps the modified (i.e. near max) stats, but it's no longer got the CT applied to it. You also receive the CT in your mailbox at the end of the ANB, so you can then apply it to that same item, or to a different one.

            This should be an official communication from the devs, not forum speculation.
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            • Tin Man
              Tin Man commented
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              Except that using crating heroes during ANB is the reason given for banning Naos in a thread that has since been deleted. The topic was extensively discussed in that thread. There were ever reports given of players that dual-classed that were banned but the ban was reversed upon review.

              The issue is even more absurd when you consider the blatant alternate rules players that remain untouched.

              Official notifications from the developers are meaningless it seems. Just look at the clear violators of the Terms of Service that get away scot-free taking away benefits from other players.

            • Teebs
              Teebs commented
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              I totally agree that it SHOULD be an official communication.

              Though - as has been pointed out - it isn't 'speculation'.

              ... ktb

            It is the responsibility of the developers and/or publisher to clearly convey the rules of their game. It should not fall on the players to try to determine what their rules are by trial and error and risk a ban in the process.
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