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ANB Bronze League #22

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    Big surprise for me this Bronze ANB. Finished 99th. First time in top 100. I kind of felt it was harder this time as I was having trouble to get to high 130's being blocked by Kara. Gave up and did gold farming until I upgraded all my abilities. Then with just over 30 minutes left (and about 1 hour before the end) I ended up at TL 144. Higher than my main character at 143. Still can not get by Kara at 130 or above. She use to be my easiest and Garm my hardest (A while ago). Now Garm is the middle difficulty. I was just wondering how others that use a mobile device makes out.

    Michael Garrison
    Old like a model A
    Nothing fancy
    Hard to start and


    • Ozymandius
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      What class and gear set are you using?

    • StGeorge688
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      BH with Demolition critical. I have tried Havoc but it just doesn't seem to work for me.

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      Congratulations on your first (of many) forays into the Top 100