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    No gem challenge

    So I have been doing the no gem challenge in gold for a year now, frustrating, very frustrating! But finally got a medal. Finished around 228 . So to all the newbs who think that you need lots of gems to finish high enough to get a medal or two, you don't. Of cause to get a high position on the leaderboard then yes gem spending is the only way, but you can have good results without.
    now it's back to bronze and 10k gem spend!

    This may be a bit extreme, but I managed to complete a Challenge level 131 -- currently ranked #20 on the Bounty Hunter Leader Board (although I know that ranking will change by tomorrow and much more before the end of the ANB) -- spending absolutely zero gems in the current ANB Silver. I still have some play time remaining, but not much, and just cooking up a few skill levels until I use up my play time... I must say, having spent zero gems whatsoever, whether for unlocking skill slots, buying materials, expanding inventory, or even unlocking ability upgrades, it's been a challenge... but fun! Garm on level 129 was tough, but I finally managed to find a way to get through it, with I think 4 deaths, which was crazy without using a survivability skill. Anyway, 131 with no gems at all. Not easy, bot can be done! Click image for larger version

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      Quick update: I managed to push just a little bit more into this ANB Silver with a Bounty Hunter. Still used no gems whatsoever, so I used only one attack, one ability, one passive, one follower, and one slot for upgrading abilities. Those are on the screen shots I provided before, so I'm not going to repost them. i didn't really spend much of the available time on skill upgrades except for explosive shot to level 9 and tracer ammo to 7, so those could have been even higher. I also spent no Books of Learning, so I could probably have done higher, if I'd managed my time better but this was learning for me. Even so, my final run before I was out of play time, I managed to kill Garm on a 134 in 9:56. I'd say that was a barely done, but at least I made it :-) That fought my way back into the top 100 on the leaderboard, at least for the time being. I know there's still time in the event, but I hopefully will still end up in the top 250. Definitely a challenge not using any gems at all!

      Click image for larger version

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        Also almost forgot to mention that I did not use any gems to socket any of the gear, so all I had was the jewelry sockets and like 4 armor pieces with sockets.