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    Warrior Arena

    I haven't noticed a forum/thread for arena strategy, but I am having difficulty fighting toons above rank 150. I seem to do okay against BH, but mages and other warriors trounce me, even if I have more damage.

    I'm currently using a crit build with axes. Most of the higher ranked warriors are using shields and fire lily, I tried shield, but it seemed like it didn't improve survivability much. I spent a lot of time stunned against mages, and Storm of swords seems to just chew me up against other warriors.

    Any suggestions?

    +1 on adding an Arena spot on the forum. You do not mention what gear set you are using. Charge and Leap seem to be the top abilities among Warriors, especially with a Fury build. The bonus to using a Warrior in the Arena is that you can pack a lot more Toughness than other builds due its to higher Armor ratings. Survivability is definitely key in the Arena, since the AI opponent always gets the first attack.


    Have you tried using Charge to dodge the initial attack? I have full Fury set, so I have double Charge and double Leap, so I can afford to use one or two defensively.


      Cool, they made a new forum for this.

      I'm currently wearing 4 warlord/2 fury. I'm currently trying out Stam/crit/power and using swords. It's just because this is my better gear set. Also, shockwave seems to heal a lot.

      It looks like Shield + fire lily + 6 Fury may be the way to go, but my gear isn't good for that path yet.

      Some of the tactics seem silly. Yes, getting pounded with storm of swords is difficult. It seems to be a timing thing, with leap. I think you can leap out of the way if your timing is good. This seems like my opponent does this all the time, forcing my SOS to miss.


        Currently the only thing you can do as warrior to avoid one stun every so often is using the lust belt. best to open with leap on the mages. appart from that mages counter warrior if they play the right abilities which will see you stunned for a good 3/4 of the fight. Try to track which one is the mage and avoid attacking the images.charge to stun.stop beam if they use it.

        Vs Warriors, move away from start loaction and then stun/charge/ww w/e your skill is. save your leaps for when they leap so it avoids the sos hit from the ai warr.

        hope it helps ^

        part from that it is just gear advantage tbh
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          So I've got my gear to a decent place for playing against the AI (standard sword/encrypted shield with Fire Lilly). However, I noticed that I drop a lot of rating whenever I am offline. Any suggestions for what to do when offline?

          I'm currently using Qol trinket - should I switch this out for a shard? I also dropped ITZ for Power Infusion for more damage, it didn't seem like parry did much against mages.


          • Ozymandius
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            No parry does not work against magical attacks. I typically never play offline anymore now that I can set up a hot spot on my iPhone, so I have not observed the drop in rating that you described. May be better to just run Daily Quests when you a playing offline.

          • Edd
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            Sorry, what I meant is I guess that other players can choose to play against you and the AI plays for you. I didn't realize this happened and my rating keeps dropping while I'm offline.

            Also, dumb that parry and shield slam don't work against range/magic attacks. Seems unnecessary buff to mages.