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    after ANB just step by step practisin my beloved Stalker
    still lot to learn (especially how to dodge/dancing away from the mobs?) and etc etc
    You just can't "play/tank" like a Whirlwind Shield warrior can you?
    erm. My primary attack still has a slot unopened. Should i used "Lethal shot" for "mobs or bosses or both" at high trials?. any ideas/recommendation?

    not incline towards the LB i'm afraid. But it's not to far away. haha
    so much fun
    have a nice day
    thank you
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    Honest playin with Low end Pc

    New 2 "Goldly Hero" systematically runnin the 5 Star Story Mode (i need sufficient "Gems" for next War Supply Event & ANB's)


    • Turgeon
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      Im like you with dh i tend to not dodge any5hing haha

    Hello, I am new in this game and I need help. I want to play this char with Stalker set, BUT I have only 2 pieces and playing only trials around 55 (higher trials = IKed very often) ... any tips what to do ?
    I dont have repices, I cant play higher trials and trials around 55 give me only 3x blue reward


      Hi. Earlier this week BoM with Snipe bonus damaged dropped for me. I was excited for a while - until I did some testing. I was expecting +63% dmg to a main skill to be ahuge boost, but it looks like it does not even make up for a shitty stat allocation and is worse than my 71ilvl non-unique bracer with CR/CD/Nature/EXP.
      i am aware, that +Physical Damage is not calculated into Snipe DoT. But how about BoM bonuses? Are these also omitted? I've noticed that the top guy in the last Gold ANB did not use BoMs.

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      BUWU PEGO FEFE 4758


      • Calin Chc
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        A lvl 77 medium bracer(not BOM) is more than enough, even for #1 player. The bonus of BOM is not relevant for a stalker build. "Snipe damage increased by xxx" does not affect the DOT of snipe which is 90% or more of the total damage dealt by a powerful stalker. That bonus only increases the initial snipe bullet damage.

      • Kalanch
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        Thank you for clarification, that's what I was afraid of. So it goes brr for salvaging