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Daily Quests Acting Weird

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  • Tin Man
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    Grandson, sorry for the delayed response. The Deadwood Splinters are leftovers from the Break Their Bows daily quest. The remnants happen when you kill some skeleton archers with one hero but claim the daily quest with another. Clear the remnants by completing and claiming the Break Their Bows quest with your shield warrior.

  • Ozymandius
    I agree with the concerns here. The loss of side quests disrupts the flow of the game. Eliminating the side quests means that instead of getting things that might be valuable to a new hero trying to complete the maps for the first time, we end up with side quests that are essentially meaningless. By the time a hero completes all of the normal story maps, the rewards from side quests are no longer as valuable as they would be to a new hero. I kept my last two ANB heroes, and I am in the process of running them through all of the story maps that I have not played for years. It feels weird to bypass collecting the items that used to be useful; plus just running the quest to the end seems far more tedious.

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  • Teebs
    To show just how incoherent the Side Quests are now - you only have to look at the very last 'Side Quest' - talk to the infiltrator on Map 55 'The Underworld' - who tells you how to defeat Kara ... after you have already had to defeat Kara.

    I get that Steam users may, in fact, be toddlers who require their hands to be held throughout - and didn't want to overburden Travis with an onslaught of Side Quest "How do I ...?" tickets.

    I did have some odd behavior with the side quests themselves in terms of the Act IV ones - which required that I somehow needed to magically divine that I needed to talk with Kanthara to perform the 'Through Fire and Steel' quest - which I had to complete in order to unlock the rest of the Side Quests.

    The Side Quests (and rewards) made sense - especially for a first time newcomer to the game. Now, they are a complete mess (at least in my opinion):

    ... KTB

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  • TheExorcist
    Tin Man the Wise etc I also wonder is it a bug?
    well there's this thing. Stuck at my main SW for months or years?. I cant throw it or sell or have it completed.
    a good luck charm maybe or cosmetic ehh. I dunno:

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  • Tin Man
    started a topic Daily Quests Acting Weird

    Daily Quests Acting Weird

    I am putting this under bug reports because the behaviour is inconsistent. I have been able to run a new hero through all the story levels through Act IV Normal for the first time and collect the currently active daily quests without a problem multiple times already.

    Well, today, I ran finished running a newer hero through Act IV for the first time while starting in the middle of Act II. All five daily quests were unlocked and accepted by my ANB hero. The Act I and Act II quests cleared fine as I finished Act II. The currently active Act III quest, Blessings of the Desert, was not showing as active as I was advancing through Act III and also would not let me clear the question when I ran through Story Level 3.34, twice. Well, I cleared Act III and moved on to Act IV.

    Running through Act IV, the currently active ACT IV-1 daily quest, The Flames of Rebellion, was not showing as highlighted on 4-45 nor would the quest clear when I ran through Story Level 4-45 for the first time.

    By saying "nor would the quest clear", I am meaning that I was unable to select the items necessary to complete the quest.

    This is not a matter of a hero that was created before the side quests were changed, a whole different issue. This behaviour was observed on a profile created only 26 days ago, after the Steam Version was introduced. The testing was done with the Eternium Windows v1.5.80.

    A bit more information about what what observed.

    1) The two daily quests in question became highlighted and able to be cleared after I cleared Story Level 4-47 for the first time.

    2) I have not had these issues with being unable to clear an active daily quest when running through the story levels for the first time with other new heroes since the side quest changes, I have done this several times already.

    The issues seems to be either a momentarily issues this one time or related to these two specific quests.

    Sure, I can spend the next several weeks creating new heroes and running them through Act IV for each and every daily quest option to see which do and do not create this issue.

    Would much rather be doing things like, maybe, living a reasonable life or working to actually make money of, god forbid, just playing the game for fun.

    These side quest changes were to make the game more understandable and less task loaded for new players? The changes have now been active for around four weeks or so and veteran players are still trying to figure out how things now work.

    Toss is some weird behaviours like I just encountered and it just causes frustration.

    Completely ignoring how the story line, which I actually enjoyed as a new player, is completely screwed up.

    Completely ignoring how the rewards now earned by the side quests are mostly now completely meaningless once you have a level level 70 while the rewards where extremely beneficial when they used to appear.

    The current state of affairs for how to trigger a daily quest or side quest just feels buggy and really very sloppy.

    Just like with the introduction of the new Act II levels, no matter how well intended, the end results is the game being buggier and requiring more time of coders to fix issues that are otherwise assumed to be cosmetic only.

    Maybe consider focusing on fixing known bugs first before doing things for cosmetic reasons or clarity reasons that cause more bugs?

    We can not even get text fields, that have been known to be wrong for years, fixed and fixing incorrect text should be one of the simpler things, I am aware of the number of languages that could be impacted.

    So, need me to spend more time with multiple platforms and each possible daily quests to help you figure out that the side quests changes just continue to impact the games in ways that were unexpected and continue to be identified?

    Do not think that we have not noticed that even more daily quests now leave undesired remnants even though it has not really been mentioned yet.

    The end result? The side quest changes truly seem more to discourage collecting daily quests with ANB heroes rather than making things cleaner for new players. The game is clearly less cohesive and consistent now. All the time spent to build out the current daily quest scheme by creating the side quests and having the quests fit into the story arc is just lost entirely.

    I have observed and commented in the past about how so much about the game is well thought out, consistent and gives things at an appropriate point in the game. Yeah, that all goes out the door with the new side quest setup.

    This truly is a bug report. I figured I should give some feedback at the same time.

    Travis, before you move this into your "Not a bug" thread like pretty much most of the posts about the side quests, this truly is buggy behaviour with the daily quests rather than the side quests for characters running through the story levels the first two times. Want to move this to Feedback & Suggestions, fine. Moving this post to the questions about not being able to complete side quests is not appropriate as it is not related.

    UPDATE: I just realized something. This is the first time that I have only run the first hero on a new profile far enough to unlock seasons and ANBS without running much past midway through Act II while unlocking all the daily quests with ANB heroes. The issue could be related to the daily quests being unlocked with ANB heroes while the main heroes have not even completed story level 4-47 at least once. All the times that I have not encountered these types of heroes have been with new ANB heroes when the daily quests were unlocked and accepted by a regular hero, if memory serves.

    Could be that this issue only presents with a new profile with regular heroes that have not yet complete Normal.
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