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    Originally posted by lama75 View Post

    This I don't understand at all.

    There are some monster bugs they are working on. Those aside, they haven't changed gameplay with this update. Are you saying you didn't like the gameplay before? If so, why are you even playing? I get not liking the Hometown, but if you don't like game play, why are you wasting your time? Go find another game that's more to your liking.
    The general gameplay as in the UI thing that was changed for the worse and to some extent the portal thing, there is no need for that if they didnt force us to sell stuffs in town.

    There is no denying that the update brought more bugs and unnecessary inconveniences, new content is nice but it doesnt justify the downgrade of the user overall experience. Do note that I m not the only one complaining.
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      Like a few posters, I'm not a fan of the whole Hometown thing either. BUT I love the new mobs and new Bosses. It seems like the game is bit more challenging than before, since I'm getting my tush handed to me in the Trials that I breezed through before.

      I like the old UI more, but I like the new game play more. At the end of the day, game play trumps UI in my book.


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        Originally posted by xfool View Post
        Do note that I m not the only one complaining.
        Noted. You should also note that I'm not the only one that disagrees with your assessment. So tone down the outrage a bit.

        Also note, that I and many others have provided a ton of constructive feedback with the known new paradigm that Hometown isn't going anywhere. If you actually want to be helpful, then I suggest you do the same. If you want to whine, feel free but don't expect to be taken seriously.
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