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    发现LB上有很多破解游戏,有些比较隐蔽。建议多次采集数据,从LB,在线游戏时间,装备属性等等多方面检 查,以保证最终结果的公平,提高游戏的欢迎程度。It was found that there were many cracking games on LB, some of which were hidden. It is suggested to collect data several times, check from LB, online game time, equipment attributes and so on, in order to ensure the fairness of the final results and improve the popularity of the game.

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    Game data is thoroughly investigated and rankings are updated before rewards are issued.


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      I think the OP meant that some cheaters might use hacked equipment during the ANB to gain advantage but not necessarily for final push. For example use normal eq to attain TL 90 and then start using hacked equip to CL Farm at TL89. This way the LB doesn't show anything suspicious and yet gain CL advantage through the use of hacked farming gear. Of course will farmed equipment for final push so that everything looks legit. Therefore to catch those, snapshots of gameplay is needed.. to catch them using those non conforming equipment.

      That's my interpretation of what the OP said.
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        Originally posted by Arionthe View Post
        For example use normal eq to attain TL 90 and then start using hacked equip to CL Farm at TL89.
        Why would it take a few days to dispense rewards if they only look at gear when they finished their top trial? It would make more sense to look at other things than just their top trial.

        ANB #1- Mage Rank 17... T107 in 9:47
        ANB #2- Mage Rank 1..... T116 in 9:54

        Live LB- Mage Rank 3..... T122 in 9:05.
        Live LB- XP Mage ........... T112 in 7:55/ T100 in 3:25.

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          It's not just about looking suspicious on the LB. Stats are run through the wringer using an algorithm. For example, if there is a suspicious damage spike, it's flagged for review.