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Making Crafting Useful for Acquiring Endgame Gear

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    1) Don't use ANB events as a standard. They are special events and so give a greater return. So simply saying that you can get a Lbox in 15 hours in an event isn't a point of comparison you should be using.

    2) How much effort should one have to put in to hit 'end game'? The standard refrain from people on this board is that they should just farm TL 90, but that is completely unreasonable for the vast majority of players. And that is a good thing. To reach that level should take a lot of work. The devs have already slashed the amount of exp to gain CLs, introduced LBoxes, Celestials, a plethora of random set items, and jewelry boxes. How much more help do new players need?

    3) I wouldn't mind seeing the cost to craft going down a little just to make it more useful. I'd rather people improve by crafting more items rather than easily buffing existing ones.


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      Originally posted by Coda View Post
      You could accomplish this same thing, more or less, by making the C.Orb bump a stat by a variable but diminishing amount, but not less than a certain fixed minimum value (minimum = what the current C.orbs do), and the stat cannot exceed its respective max (also like it is currently).
      While true, this changes the stated purpose of the c. orb from an endgame OCD-perfectionist tool to a general purpose tool. Having a 2nd orb that's a fraction of the cost and designed specifically for fixing stat rolls would be a cleaner solution that also maintains the original c. orb purpose.

      To my way of thinking, the only other solution would be to adjust crafting so that rolls don't need to be fixed.
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        Originally posted by narf View Post
        This doesn't really help the one of the fundamental problems in the endgame. You can only get better gear. Besides lboxes and epecially cboxes come with close to perfect stats anyway. High trial levels drop gears with narrowed stat range and a high ML means you can easily craft gear with 1-2 perfect stats and the other two pretty high as bases. And ultimately you want everything celestial, which makes anything you do to maximize stats on legendary gear pointless anyway. And refinement orbs wouldn't work on celestials (88-90 range means they'd always roll 88, possibly even reducing stats).
        And on top of that a few stat points aren't really worth it. I'd probably gain less than 1% damage, if all stats on my gear were perfect.

        Although that gave me an idea: Introducing something akin to Vaal Orbs from Path of Exile. Those modify an item unpredictably and corrupt it(item can't be changed any more): Stats can be added or changed(to get stats, that'd otherwise be impossible to obtain in that slot), a bunch of other effects, no change or poof.
        Possible effects for Eternium would be:
        Adding a random enchantment, add a socket(2 enchants, enchant on for example helmet or 2(or 3) sockets would be possible that way), maximize all stats on that item, no change and - of course - poof.

        Would make grinding legendaries worthwile again to get the right effect or replace a lost item.
        When I got my first vaal orb I saw how expensive they were and thought it was basically always a benefit.
        used it on some good item I had and got amazing results. Like stupid perfect.
        Later had unique item already good and thought well this will make it EVEN BETTER
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          When I first heard of craftable "Celestial Orb", I hoped that it would let me revert my c-box, so I can re-roll it.

          Wouldn't it be cool to have a craftable item that let you reset your c-boxes? I think this will definitely help in celestial elitest dillema. It's a fair perk for both beginner and veteran groups. Of couse, to collect all the resouces required to craft such a magnificent item , you would have to endure some ridiculously grindy hours in farming and crafting.
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