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    My English is horrible but i try my best to explain what I want to suggest.
    I personally like 50 Ads limit, because we are forcing to enjoy the game but not Ads.
    I don't really know how someone runs a bot or how that bot works but to prevent this, maybe we can use capcha , pattern box or something like this one.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	BlueStacks_ScreenShot.jpg Views:	27 Size:	84.3 KB ID:	132678
    something horrible that human can easy see but bots can't and when you fail to draw this 3 times, you lose it. So PC player can earn Gems, too.
    And to access to this capcha box, we need to view some Ads (somewhere in Hometown).
    1 Ads = 1 times open this custom box or watch 30 Ads to get access to a 30minutes "capcha custom box" boost (This boost let you able to open custom box and get gems in 30 minutes), depends on how is better for Devices to design that.
    and how about watch Ads and draw capcha to reset stars in story's stage. So we can repeat this level and earn gems.
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    I understand what you're suggesting and applaud your effort to identify a solution, but please no Captcha type verification of human. The Ads are already quite time consuming and adding a Captcha type verification will make them simply too tedious to use not to mention much more intrusive to the game experience.


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      It could be the same like cast skill. I mean. 3 pattern in my picture could be draw in 3s. But these pattern could be designed, somehow, difficult to determined from bots. Image this way: you are playing TBD and get 3 ads box. So you have to wait 3x 30s per run to watch ads.
      but if we could watch ads in hometown then run. It should be much faster. I think so.


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        The entire purpose of Ad boxes is to present advertisements to those who play the game so that they might choose to download and use another game. The advertisers pay money to the Eternium folks for each Ad served. Though interesting, your method just takes your time and provides no income.


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          Like I just said. Number of Ads you watch isn't change. Because you must see Ads to be able to open "custom box" and take gems. What make it different, when I watch Ads in Hometown or in a Trial. When these ads are bad, I ignore them anyway.
          But when you could watch ads when you are on bus, on train and play with no interrupt at home, it's all the way better.
          and when PC player could benefit from watching ads. The nummer of Ads be watched would risen.


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            I watched 50 ads today, just to see if they cut off,,and they do, but to be honest, in normal game play you do pick up some gems and it ticks you along ..


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              FWIW, we make a lot of money on ad revenue. This decision was made for the betterment of the game, not to pad our pockets.