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NB time limited event - not so much

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  • NB time limited event - not so much

    so i am kinda new player, been kinda exited about playing .. only 12 hours of game time .. not so much, but like the challenge ..
    on friday i played 5 hours, saturday i played since 7am until 5pm .. reached trial 65, was 8th .. but i still have 8 hours of actual gameplay .. i spend about 15 hours of playing but the actual game time was only 4 .. that kinda ruins it .. and now i am 98th
    did not expected that the time will be so weird .. took the joy and thrill of the event, a challenge become .. i dont even know, not a challenge anymore.

    also shame that the lb doesnt work properly .. lots of characters are naked, without items .. i presume its the custom items, would really wanna know how a player with 120 CL managed to do T98 ..

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    Based on your times, it seems about right - at least I've recalled reading others able to reach similar trials within the 4 hours, I could be wrong...

    The timer only runs while you are active in a map/trial. It pauses while you're in Hometown, or looking at your gear/abilities, watching ads, etc.

    Haven't seen other reports of, nor experienced any timer issues, but obviously I could be wrong...
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      others might like it .. this is for the first time me playing the event .. was kinda excited, but it would be more nicer, that the timer would be realtime, town, standing by .. to use it most as fast as possible .. sure when you are not online, not counting .. so you can still use the time to upgrade everything .. but i kinda hate it that when you stay for 10 seconds, time stops, in town it stops etc. .. not so challenging, at all .. totally lost interest in the event after that ..


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        My problem in this issue is that I'm frequently interrupted because of home life or because of work time. If the counter was more persistent I would never be able to play these ANB events.