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Random starts and the lack of merlocks and sisters

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    Originally posted by RockDoc View Post

    Did not get enough: both days short by 30 toads. Maybe need to run it on normal instead of heroic or legendary?

    Nice IM for a drop, BTW .
    My main character does 150 waves of The Gauntlet in Legendary in 7 minutes, I don't know about heroic and 700 waves in Normal in 20 minutes. Running Legendary gives more experience per minute and more resources per minute but less gold per minute. Also, running Legendary I might need to run through twice to hit the Merlok count because I fell short at 70 or 80 waves. Running Normal? Always hits all the Dailies because I hit several hundred waves.

    BTW, gold gear has no effect in The Gauntlet. You want to run max damage and left attack with max raw damage to maximizes waves without having to touch the device.

    I have been seeing unique items periodically running The Gauntlet for my dailies. Normal is only rares and have only seen lv 72. Legendary pops up legendaries now and then but, again, only lv 72.

    I was quite surprised by that IM.