Eternium team, I feel you need a better way in dealing with product bugs. I am not a programmer, but working in product development, I accept products are bound to have issues. Certainly, some of your bugs are harder to fix than others, but at the end of the day, customers want a product that does what it's advertised to do. For example, the cleaver axe does not do 1200% damage. That is fine, just change the text to match what it really does, then your customers will have no reason to complain, other than for product feature improvement suggestions.
Seems alot simpler to change text descriptions than, how items are to behave?

The recent bugged ephemral jewelery I am sure we all agree was not ideal. But, I think no matter where you live in the world, most would agree that changing the rules mid competition is just unacceptable and crosses a line with the customer. Historically, you have rightfully let this play out the same for everyone. The product again had a bug, which is fine with me because it affected everyone equally. We can quickly and clearly figure out, there is a discrepancy when we see two stats and make adjustments to the competition accordingly. However, that does not absolve your team from action. The action here is to immediately notify people via an in game mail message to tell them what the problem is, and x action will be taken. Note that taking no action, is still taking action.

The fix for this latest bug, is just unacceptable. You have now introduced an imperfect fix that in no way can affect everyone the same. People that did not fuse their rings to legendary while waiting for a fix, now have a discreet advantage over people like me that followed your team's stance, Travis telling people to fuse on discord. Giving 2 hours more to the event will not outweigh the original bug/fix or unnerf my ring that others can now make plus having more time. Nor will it restore my actions with regards to experience gear, sorry. If you want to release anb on fridays, I would suggest someone be on call to provide Travis with how to deal with bugs, or start them on Thursdays, or just make a statement before every anb that they will play out as is. The ad bugs is another issue I will not get into here.

There is obviously concerns from the community, about what would happen after the event. Clearly you have in the past found ways to both eliminate these bugged items and reset trial levels (as in back to 1) of offenders. Especially, with a cheaters discord channel, you can crowdsource to find them faster instead of writing scripts. Why not just do that?

There are clearly many other bugs not listed here, but poor communication about product issues with customers drives them to alternative products. I am not requesting the team personally respond or acknowledge every complaint directly, as most of you should be spending your time developing the product. Nor am i am going to make threats to quit a great "free" product or demand you fix your product immediately. However, I will not be as will to provide monitary support for Titan packs or gem subscriptions in the future.