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    Home town & NPC suggestions

    I have some ideas to improve the feel of the game, and some practical suggestions as the home town is not very functional, more so as the game progresses.

    First of all the spawn location could be improved so no movement is required at full zoom to sell/salvage/store loot as well as starting the next stage when grinding at endgame.


    I imagine there are a few people that don't even know you can select the inn to change your current companions.

    It would be cool if the top few arranged in your inventory were hanging out the front, or wandering around town with dialogue and amusing comments.


    Could also be used to send mail to friends, or some other daily function linked with friends for nominal rewards).


    The hit box for the table is too small, often misclicking and after walking next to the table it's not easy to hit it while now moving.

    The timer for salvaging legendary items is unneccissary. If anyone accidentally scraps legendary items after a confirmation dialogue, tough luck.

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    He becomes decoration after the beginner quests.

    More quests, such as end game quests (final boss) could be added, and it would be nice if he kept any lore found in missions rather than the waste of inventory space they are since you've made the effort of writing them.

    Daily quests could be done through him as well rather than the notification menu.


    At end game becomes decoration also, given the level and quality restrictions on his gear. He should be reworked to be another source of worthy endgame gear, even if much less common and more expensive.


    One of the few functional NPCs at end-game, the only suggestion I have for her would help with craft mastery.

    Having an additional button next to "craft" that fills available inventory space with multiple items being crafted, as well as labels in the recipe showing the total material costs.

    Perhaps even having salvaging done through her as well would be practical, or a sell all option too.


    Seems a bit redundant as many NPCs will buy items. As far as selling to NPCs in general goes, sell prices are too low and should be based on the same mechanics as Gornathans purchase price (less his markup of course), not item levels and quality alone. They don't need to be high of course.

    New players are also likely to start selling items they should be salvaging, which they unkowingly need the materials for mastery.

    Currently selling only has a function of temporary inventory space as long as your game doesn't crash to buy back.


    Another decorative NPC after you purchase every recipe. Perhaps she could be given another function of spell crafting, where for a nominal gem fee you can create custom patterns used for spellcasting to replace existing defaults.


    Perhaps some sales would be good, but she could also be used for promotional items/sales. More gem and microtransaction purchases for $ could also improve game revenue.

    Maybe a daily ad for a basic resource crate too.


    As with gear crafting, a button to fill available inventory and "sell all" would be useful.


    Some more variety of companions (even with customisable ability options and skins) would be nice.
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    A bit off topic, but a pouch unlocked by gems for Apple's and potions would be better than using inventory space. Perhaps an autocasting option when reaching a certain percentage of HP?
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