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Eternium Walkthrough [under construction]

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    Eternium Walkthrough [under construction]

    I will be working on this guide for a while in free time rather than posting it in one go, and will be posting links for anything already covered by other guides, or until the relevant content has been added/updated here.

    I will try and focus on things not currently covered in guides, and where older topics require updating.

    Whilst I am compiling the information, please feel free to reply with suggestions and links to relevant content, which I will add over time.
    1. Lexicon
    2. Introduction
    3. Progression guide
      1. Early-game
      2. Mid-game
      3. End-game
    4. Resource guide
      1. Time
      2. Gems
      3. Gold
      4. Gemstones
      5. Crafting materials
      6. Weapons & gear
      7. XP
    5. Crafting
      1. Recipes
      2. Mastery
      3. Weapons & gear
      4. Jewelry
      5. Enchantments
    6. Story mode
    7. Companions
    8. Equipment
    9. Events
    10. Character builds
      1. Bounty Hunter
      2. Warrior
      3. Mage
    11. Advanced mechanics
    1. Lexicon

    A list of relevant terms and acronyms will be added here in the future.

    2. Introduction

    The goal of this walkthrough is to provide a general guide to optimal progression through Eternium, with advice depending on game-phase focusing on the new players.

    It will not be overly in-depth, as much is learnt by playing, and depends on playstyle. Detailed guides will be linked instead.
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    Eternium Walkthrough

    3. Progression Guide

    Needless to say, the best progression requires enjoyment.

    Optimal progress depends on current level and method of play.

    Play level is classified for the purpose of this walkthrough as early, mid, or end-game. These will be frequently referred to.

    3.1 Early-game

    Prior to a hero reaching level cap (currently 70) is early-game.

    Goals in progression should be to conserve resources and unique/special items before learning how best to use them.

    The general newb guide has good information, however important details absent/outdated are covered here.

    The most important resources to preserve are gems, gemstones, and special crafting items including set, or jewelry boxes from events or rewards.

    3.2 Mid-game

    Any hero reaching level cap earning XP will advance champion levels that award champion points, bringing early-game to a close. CPs can be reallocated (at anytime) to stat boosts for each character independently.

    The mid-game goal is to prepare for end-game by unlocking all game and character content, understand how best to obtain resources needed, achieve maximum crafting mastery (50), and obtain gear and jewellery needed to acquire ultimate end-game equipment.

    You may obtain some items end-game worthy during this phase.

    3.3 End-game

    Once everything is completed/unlocked, and around champion level 800+ the end-game begins.

    One of each hero class is likely to be fully developed at this point, but uneccissary.

    End-game goals are to progress as high as possible in trials, any leaderboards, and obtain celestial items from ANB events.

    Of course, the hunt for better equipment continues, and evolves as game content updates.
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    Eternium Walkthrough


      4. Resource guide

      Below are resources used in the game. How best to obtain and use them.

      4.1. Time

      Time is the most important resource used in Eternium.

      4.1.1. Active time

      The best advice is to enjoy all time spent playing, and using these forums.

      Movement speed reduces play time to achieve goals.

      Season passes are currently the best value recommended for anyone spending.

      4.1.2. Idle time

      Optimise server hosted idle timers.

      Phones with voice recognition are handy for easily setting reminders. Ability upgrades

      Abilities upgrade quicker by unlocking research slots, however requireing gems better spent elsewhere early-game given pacing. Recipe refresh

      Every recipe may be purchased for 50K gold. Reserve enough to avoid delays completing collection. Dungeon keys

      If holding 2 or 3 keys, and it's been over 16 hours since you last received a key, using all keys while offline will award more than 1 key in your next mail.

      If playing with all stars achieved the highest difficulty will improve gear drop rates.

      Set items dropped in this mission are unlikely to be end-game worthy, but can be farming suitable. Rewards

      Blue daily quests only need to be started while online.

      Reward calendar is dated so you miss rewards for days not played.

      4.2. Gems

      Gems are the most important game currency before end-game.

      Whilst end-game can't be reached with gems alone, not having a reliable income will cause the most delay.

      Celestial essences become the most important resource at end-game.

      4.2.1. Obtaining gems

      Ordered by frequency, gems are obtained by: Spending money

      Go nuts. Gaining stars

      There is no limit to gems awarded by completing stars when using 1 or more character slots for this purpose, deleting and restarting as neccissary.

      By using 2 slots abilities can be upgraded longer, leaving 1 main slot for each hero class. More slots can be used prior to developing a hero of each class.

      This strategy of farming gems, called speed running, is quicker than ad box farming and also a good source of all other resources needed to progress to end-game.

      From personal experience, speed runing almost exclusively from mid-game using the Bounty Express build, it's highly recommendation to start as early as possible.

      This strategy alone can take you all the way to end-game, and remains useful thereafter. Ad boxes

      If not spending or farming story mode for gems, 50 ad boxes per day can be your biggest source of gems. Rewards

      140 gems are awarded for completing gold story mode progression quests.

      4 blue per-profile daily online quests award 20 gems each.

      20 gems are awarded from each hero higher than level 30 completing blue per-character daily quests from Morgan. An additional blue per-character daily quest can be completed from Quack at Marcus Village awarding 1 gem.

      Blue quests can award up to 185 gems per day.

      Gems awarded from the login calendar average a maximum of 11.5 per day.

      At the completion of a season your bank will award it's gems.

      If 9 recruited players use your public ID when requested by mail notification in game an additional 450 gems are awarded.

      Gems are also awarded when entering someone's public ID from the same mail sent to you when you start playing. If you have not already done this feel free to use mine: VIQA TESO VUBA 6781

      4.2.2. Spending gems

      Enjoyment is most important factor on when and where to spend gems. Made unwisely, these decisions can significantly delay end-game.

      Items that increase gem income are priority. Account costs

      These costs affect gameplay shared by all characters where applicable, in order of priority: Character slots

      Most important to unlock are the first 3 or 4 character slots.

      Earn gems from daily quests, and speed run story mode for resources while saving to develop end-game heroes for each class during ANB events.

      Unlock the final character slot when you need the space for a developed ANB character or another gem farmer.

      It will take 50 days before daily quests pay for that slot. 1,000 gems spent wisely can result in greater progress prior to end-game spent elsewhere.

      It is more important to have 1 fully developed hero in the class being used to farm, than 20 extra gems per day from an otherwise unused character slot. Deleting characters

      Useful for farming story mode when all stars and quests are completed.

      Although it costs 50 gems to delete a character, story mode quests alone more than cover this cost.

      A deleted characters inventory and equipped items are lost. Stash

      Unlock as needed. Becomes more important at end-game when collecting gear and crafting high quality jewellery. Item unlocking

      The only practical use for unlocking items to reduce the level requirements is for the purpose of speed runs.

      The longest and most arduous phase of a new speed runner is reaching level 70 to equip gear stored for completing story mode stages quickly.

      Each speed runner played can lower the level required to equip the gear you are using by a maximum of 10 levels (all the way down to level 1).

      As this decreases time taken completing story stages this has a ROI (more efficiently the less levels unlocked at a time), but only worthwhile if speed running is enjoyed and items reused frequently. Unlocking chests

      Some valuable equipment can be found in gemlocked chests after reaching level 70 as gear is 2 levels higher than the stage monster level. Stage monster levels do not exceed 70.

      Set items do not appear, however unique items class locked to your hero can be found, including Integralas Mantles, and Carnival Capes.

      High Gold/XP/Movement Speed boosted normal gear for farming can also be useful.

      It is worth checking these during speed runs or repeat abandoning levels that have a chest near the starting location to find something specific most efficiently. Reforging

      Reforging costs are determined by gear quality. Once one stat has been reforged the others become locked.

      One legendary gear stat can be reforged with 20 gems for a chance to improve, or change it. This cost increments by 10 gems for that item, 50 max.

      Changed stats can be lower than the replaced one, so be aware of what the ranges are.

      The min and max values for each possible stat are shown when selecting before gems are paid and the reforging is complete. Do this to see stat ranges for whatever level of equipment desired.

      Stat boost ranges are the same for all gear at equal levels. Useful before crafting uncommon jewellery intended for fusing. Always keep level 70 jewellery with max boosts for future.

      This can make crafted gear more versatile than dropped gear.

      Whilst a high level looted set piece with more than one undesired stat can be reforged once and still be useful, crafting all desirable stats onto gear means it can be repurposed as desired, with or without XP gain for eg. Socketting

      Socketting costs are determined by the gear level and quality. Consumables

      These are very useful, particularly the 200% currency & XP boosters, which multiply other boosts.

      Ideally always use boosters when farming Gold or XP exclusively.

      Tavern items cost gold and with enough income can essentially be permanent. All should be used at least when farming and progressing in trials.

      Consumable timers countdown during trails and stages, pausing in menus, home town, and during ads.

      Whilst saving boosters for when you are able to use the highest yield farming locations has merits, using them earlier can advance you to that point quicker, potentially scaling exponentially with enough gem income to afford them.

      Crates and gemstones are useful during ANB events, and at end-game for crafting high quality jewellery and set items. Recipes

      To speed up completing the recipe collection it is cheaper to refresh for 50 gems purchasing with gold, rather than purchasing specific recipes for 200 gems.

      Unadvised unless gem rich or near end-game lacking desired recipes. Gold

      Useful during ANB events when trying to rank for medals lacking the time afforded to farm. Otherwise currency boosted farming is cheaper. Gornathan's gear

      No. Character costs

      Content unlocked by gems for individual characters is much cheaper during ANB events.

      Calculate remaining gem costs for existing heroes to compare. If significantly less, consider using existing characters & slots gem farming, saving for future ANB events. Upgrade ability slot

      Especially useful during ANB as you can progress all upgrade timers with rewards. Ability slots

      Prior to end-game leaderboard ranking these are not a big priority, but do improve farming efficiency and enjoyment. Ability research

      Useful for ranking and developing ANB characters. Companion slots

      These can be left until end-game as long as other costs are priority. Companions

      The 3 default companions are sufficient prior to end-game. Character inventory

      Relatively inexpensive for the first few expansions, the convenience when farming and crafting (jewellery and raising mastery in particular) can't be ignored.

      Ultimately increases total storage at end-game.

      4.3. Gold

      To be continued...
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      Eternium Walkthrough


        5. Crafting
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        Eternium Walkthrough


          6. Story mode
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          Eternium Walkthrough


            7. Companions

            There are 4 classes of companions, dealing negligable attack damage, chosen based on their utility abilities and passive aura effects.

            Companions do not draw aggro or become injured during trials.

            7.1. Warrior

            Casting his Charge may stun enemies and draw aggro.

            Deafening Shout draws aggro.

            Armor Aura increases party armour and HP by 7%.

            7.2. Healer

            Casting Vortex stacks enemies in range together for maxing AoE damage.

            Heal restores life to party [can someone confirm the values for this?].

            Regeneration Aura boosts regeneration by 20 per level, and damage by 2% for party.

            7.3. Marksman

            Casting Multishot tickles enemies.

            Disengage freezes enemies similar to Frost Nova.

            Haste Aura boosts haste by 2% for party, as well as a 5% attack speed increase to the synergy bonus.

            7.4. Mage

            Casting Chain Shock tickles enemies.

            Arcane Blast tickles enemies too.

            Spell Haste Aura boosts party ability by 6%.

            8. Equipment


            9. Events

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            VIQA TESO VUBA 6781
            Eternium Walkthrough


              10. Character builds

              There are many competitive and functional builds for each class.

              This post will be updated based on suggestions replied here or by pm.

              10.1. Bounty Hunter

              The Bounty Hunter has the highest base speed, and an inate dodge rating of 1,050.

              BH abilities make it the most suitable class for farming resources.

              Doing all general farming from 1 class also frees up inventory space, only requiring gear sets focused on climbing the ranks for other classes without need for XP or gold gain.

              10.1.1 Bounty Express

              The primary goal is to speed run story mode stages as quick as possible for all gem rewards when achieving stars.

              Gear; 4 piece Assault plus Havoc gloves & cap; bombardment enchanted Tesla Armaments; Carnival Cape; +gold jewellery.

              Stats boosts are focused in order of priority on; movement speed; XP and Gold; and DPS.

              Abilities; Scatter Shot; Smoke Screen; Pathfinder.

              The character is deleted to begin again once stage stars are completed. Incrementing numbers for names keeps track of how many runs completed.
              No additional character content is unlocked for gems. Depending how far abilities are upgraded before starting a speed run, unlocking a utility slot for 50 gems can improve speed and enjoyment.

              The secondary goal is maximising other resources gained. Although this adds time to each run the benefits are worth it.

              Smoke Screen is used at the start of stages when chests can be conveniently looted advancing to the boss.

              When no chests to loot, or stealth cannot be maintained, SS is activated after speeding to the boss (ignoring mobs) to loot the boss chest, lose aggro from mobs chasing you, blind the boss, and gain attack + dodge boosts helping finish as fast as possible to teleport home after collecting loot.

              Carnival Cape is used over Integralas Mantle as only 1 cast of SS is required, so ability boost is not needed.

              Unlocking legendary before completing 5 stars on each map in all difficulties sequentially helps each stage become more familiar, and quicker to do.

              Stages used for daily quests are left until last, or the quest appears.

              Gold rich stages are completed together during a 200% income boost on normal difficulty in the order of; 47; 54; 43; 41; 42; 46. If any lesser boosts have been acquired, they are used after, continueing through heroic.

              Gladiator stages take the longest and aren't worth the extra time to do. Earlier (smaller) ones may be done when ad boxes are dropping.

              It's worth having XP stat boosts to maximise all kills, even though most combat is avoided and stages award significantly less than trials.

              Post CL 700ish XP needs to be farmed from trials (If not already), but if speed running from early-game adequate gear needed for that will not be difficult to find/craft.

              I reached CL 800 speed running almost exclusively before farming in trials, and initially it was primarily for set gear and MoTs using XP gear for extra benefit.

              If unlocking the final set gear level restrictions movement speed increases dramatically when used at much lower character levels.

              10.2 Warrior

              10.2.1. Frogger

              Designed for farming only gems from story mode by leaping over obstables, avoiding/crushing mobs, defeating the boss(es), and using town portal ASAP forsaking loot.

              Sets; 4 Warlord; 2 Juggernaut; 2 Bladestorm; IM; DPS jewellery.

              Gear stat priorities; movement speed; ability; parry; DPS

              Abilities; Frenzy, Leap, Fleet Footed

              The 2 gear set bonus could be any, Juggernaut is used over warlord as most opponents don't fall below 35% health.

              This build can take some practise to learn when to; proc frenzy movement bonus; fight or flight; leap and where.

              Being familiar with stages from speed running with BH helps here.

              When running through mobs Whirlwind can proc on parry for additional movement speed.

              10.3. Mage

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              Eternium Walkthrough


                11. Advanced mechanics
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                Eternium Walkthrough


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                  Eternium Walkthrough


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                    Eternium Walkthrough


                      VIQA TESO VUBA 6781
                      Eternium Walkthrough


                        Feel free to reply if you wish, particularly if you are new and would like anything not covered by the headings listed included.

                        Hopefully I've reserved enough posts to cover anything I want to add in the future lol.

                        I'll continue to add more tomorrow.
                        VIQA TESO VUBA 6781
                        Eternium Walkthrough


                          I have my own summary of Nhat s jewellery crafting guide. Posting here for you, feel free to make any changes, if required:

                          You have to choose 4 stats.
                          P1 (1st primary stat)
                          P2 (2nd primary stat)
                          S5 (secondary stat that requires 5 uncommon rings/necklace)
                          S4 (secondary stat that requires 4 uncommon rings/necklace)

                          Both primary require 9 uncommon rings/necklace.

                          Get the uncommon pieces with best possible stat values . [Needs explaining]

                          Get 9 P1 rings/necklace
                          Arrange them in 3 x 3 grid in increasing order of values from top to bottom
                          Fuse only those gemstones that match the stat used (Ruby in Power ring for example)
                          Now fuse the 3 rows to get 3 (single stat) rare rings
                          Add gemstones of matching stat again in 3 blues
                          Fuse again to get 1 (single stat) epic piece

                          Repeat above for P2

                          You have 5-S5 and 4-S4 uncommon rings/necklace
                          Take 2-S5 and 1-S4
                          Add gemstones of corresponding stat
                          Fuse to get 1 mixed stat rare piece
                          Take the rest (three) S5 ring and fuse (with gemstones, if available) to get 1 single stat rare
                          Take the rest (three) S4 and fuse (with gemstones, if available) to get 1 single stat rare
                          You have 3 rares, 2 single stat and 1 double stat
                          Fuse (with gemstones, if available) to get a mixed epic

                          Fuse all 3 epics to get a legendary. At this stage (fusing epics) you can choose gemstones of any stat that is present in any of epics.

                          At any stage, you should not use a gemstone for stat that is not present in resulting ring.
                          This is just a summary for those who have crafted some jewellery before. For a complete n00b this could be catastrophic. Nhats Guide should be treated as Bible on this subject.
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                            Might have been considered before, but this would lend itself to a Wiki.

                            My personal issue with using Reserved posts is that searching for posts can be difficult using keywords. A top level page of links (your table of contents) could be helpful.

                            Hope that it works.


                              Cheers ShotDead I'll be covering the basics, don'ts, and link the best guide for jewelry crafting.

                              Originally posted by lmcelhiney View Post
                              Might have been considered before, but this would lend itself to a Wiki.

                              My personal issue with using Reserved posts is that searching for posts can be difficult using keywords. A top level page of links (your table of contents) could be helpful.

                              Hope that it works.
                              I'm not familiar with Wikis or interested to figure it out. If anyone wants to use anything from this they are welcome to.
                              VIQA TESO VUBA 6781
                              Eternium Walkthrough