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Proposed UI improvements (including mockup)

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    Proposed UI improvements (including mockup)

    Here is (another) proposal:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	iPad Pro, prop 2, 150%, halved.png Views:	39 Size:	217.1 KB ID:	185167

    Only active areas are the Potion, the Apple and the Minimap.
    Clicking on the Minimap brings the bigger map, and the buttons for portal, trial stats, inventory, settings, and a button for the current active effects sheet/
    All important infos (the effects icon, the abilities cooldown) that may affect your play are at the top and not too far on the left or right.
    Ideally, effects icons have a designated place.
    Maybe food timers could placed under the hero life bar, or under the abilities cooldown bar.
    The two Attacks icons could be removed, I don't think they are useful.

    For comparison, a similar view as it is now:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	iPad Pro in DC 150%, halved, 8 b:c.png Views:	34 Size:	264.2 KB ID:	185168
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    +1 on this
    too many unnecessary icon in current GUI
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