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Starting a new season is not okay...

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    Starting a new season is not okay...

    Season 5 has only just ended, and now Season 6 is already beginning. This is a bad idea.

    The previous Season ended with players giving the absolute best of their efforts, optimizing gear, and cursing a lot on the dozens of game-breaking bugs that make the lives of (mobile) players miserable.

    Apart from that the previous Season leaderboard also ended with exploiters in the top 10 of every class, using many exploits that are publicly known (so we know they should normally be removed during the cleanup) as well as a couple of known hackers in the top 100 (again, we assume they'll also be removed).

    But now a new Season started immediately! This means that either there is no plan to close the existing exploits at all and just let the same cheating players again rank top10 from the start of the season, or that there is no point to play the first few weeks because the developers will have no choice but to reset the leaderboards once the different exploits are fixed...

    We don't know which is worse...

    Please reconsider and put Season 6 on hold, and give yourself the time to fix the bugs impacting mobile players, and close all the exploits before you reopen the leaderboards.

    Kind regards,
    The very concerned players



      We all need to survive, this is their way to do so... But ​​​​​​I never expected that they started it too early, so I will not buy the pass until the said features in the announcement are not fulfilled.
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        I think that Wispy (in a "News" video) is most likely right when he suspects that someone screwed up in a major way - especially considering that basically just hours before the start of this "Spring" season it was officially stated that ANB Silver would not begin for a few weeks and would do so at the same time as the next season.


        • papa jim
          papa jim commented
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          Never saw anything about season and silver starting at the same time. Statement was beta would be to test the new features, most likely no bug fixes in beta and silver could possibly start March 26 or April 2. We will see how the known exploiters are handled when the season 5 lbs are released.

        • Season 6 was intentionally started when it was started.
        • Cheaters will be removed from the LB based on the results found when the S5 LB is cleaned up.
        • Exploits and bugs will be fixed and those who used the exploits will be dealt with. Starting a Season doesn't prevent exploits and bugs from being fixed.


        • Ozymandius
          Ozymandius commented
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          I suppose the silver lining is that no one is complaining about the leaderboards being down this time.

        • Travis | Support Mgr.
          Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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          That was a big motivator to get S6 rolling.