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Thank you Developers! - 1.5.42 live version - lets give our thumbs up!

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    Thank you Developers! - 1.5.42 live version - lets give our thumbs up!

    This is my feedback to you Developers for the last patch.

    I thank you very much for those much needed additions and buying that extra stash space was a nobrainer. That was basically the first thing i did as i opened the game after the update.

    Also I have been very critical about the previous patches along with the glory, AR change, long existing bugs etc. and now I do not have any negative thingto say, all what has been delivered is positive and it really must feel good to get such good feedback from players. I hereby rally all players, who are content with the update, to give their grattitude or thumbs up to this thread. Let the devs know that this is the way to go.

    So what did you do? You implemented something into the game what the community has asked for, why stop there? There are a lot of things to do with the current version to get even more positive feedback and player engagement.

    I myself suggested a big balance between mage sets after the War gear update and would still like very much to see it happen.

    To only play the meta builds gets old and imo the other sets don't have to be dead even, but they should be viable. Since I play Mage i can only give you that perspective, but there are loads of good players from other classes who could give you small tips how to balance things better. For example the AR change did help for early progression, but it broke Arcanist even more and SCR took a hit as well.

    The mob behaviour change was not good with the arena update, It is your game and you are in charge what is intended or not, but what happened is that mobphase got actually harder and more unperdictable than the boss. I doubt that you intended to bring that kind of thing in the game and increase the luck factor for getting good clears even more. So I think the cc immunity change and the mob speed boost were bad additions and should be reverted. If you wanted to increase difficulty, then the way you approached it previous time was really good. I very much liked it the last time.

    Focus for bringing the platforms to a more even level. For mage, if you revert the thing above and fix vortex, that would basically solve it.

    I could go on and on, but you get my point. Please listen what the most engaged players are talking and try to implement it. It would bring you more players and revenue.

    But again, thank you very much for this last update!

    and kudos kinnu for the post
    Guide :


      ​​​​​​also I don't want to make a separate post just to ask if ANB Silver 9 will start this Friday now 1.5.42 is now live?


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        Still no update in app store

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        Got the update on the Play store but nothing on the Microsoft store yet.

      +1...but they need to balance nearly every sets for all classes. Not normal that each class have 1 set/build that outperform all the others.
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        bought the extra stash for 5€ to say thanks


          Originally posted by Heikki Gross View Post
          To only play the meta builds gets old and imo the other sets don't have to be dead even, but they should be viable.
          +1 Great update of stash problem, but still too much imbalance between gear sets within each class. It would be more fun if a hero could be "competitive" without having to equip the same gear set as 90% of other players.


            Very nice and detailed evaluation of the new patch and so fast after release.

            I agree with the mage builds. Most of mine are ELR, I still have a gold farmer using the first sets released and using arc bolts because it looks so nice but really just for the's really not a very viable build for trials and might change him..although for gold farming don't really play trials.

            My point, there are visually stunning attacks, so many different outfits, and I understand there will always be a favorite and best build that outperforms. Still there is so much choice, and although for a leisure player like me it's fun to try different sets or even combine them, once you step into the competitive gameplay it seems only one built outshines all by a lot.

            It would be nice, although I don't know if possible to give the other outfits a boost to make them more competitive and not just a nice addition.

            Having said that, still my compliments and utmost respect for the team behind the game. Their vision, imagination, creativity and phylosophy are exemplary to the gaming world. Thank you for sharing your creation with us.