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Make a players history available as a paid option

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    Make a players history available as a paid option

    All the statistics for all the characters ever created or maybe just the three best ones. All their progress times, crafts, story map times, anything and everything. Put it into the nice graphs and tables. Maybe, anb statistics as well. I am a sucker for the colored graphs and neat tables with numbers, personally.

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      While I kind of love this snarky reply - there is an inherent aspect of Eternium which correlates the data analysis with efficacious game play. You can just quickly peruse the 'Guides and Walkthroughs' forum to have this affirmed.

      As to the practicality of it - "All the statistics for all the characters ever created ..."

      If they already have this data - then taking someone off the team for a day or so to cobble together some open source data analytic and presentation solution isn't a really big deal (You could even see if you could farm this out to someone taking a computer science degree and doing this for some course credit .

      BUT - if it means going back through their data backups in order to selectively extract this information (... characters EVER CREATED), then I can't imagine that is in any way a viable project - the number of people willing to pay to perform what would ultimately be an insanely tedious and 'unfun' work project seems like their is no rationale which would justify the resource expenditure towards that versus other aspects of Eternium development.

      ... KTB

    Why not? Satisfy the data geeks?


      The only thing that I'll agree is the crafting history. That way some who are writing or recording their crafting activities can be accessed easier — group by 64s so that its more visible if you are close to that 77 or still how many you need to craft for the next 64.