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    new persons first impressions

    let me start off by firstly saying I absolutely love the game. I do have a few suggestions.

    1) easier ways to sort and craft jewelry. it takes up a lot of room and time trying to sort through all of it. - suggestion- way to autosell or select the stats you don't want and a method or grouping like attributes.

    2) the movement is a bit glitchy still even when disabling auto attack, not sure I have the expertise to give a suggestion but I know a couple maps if you die you spawn inside a building making it impossible to complete the level

    3) make an auto fuse button for gemstones and essences. even after a couple of days playing these two items along with gemstones eat up a lot of time.

    4) I think its already been brought up but auto complete for a level you have run over 100 times doesn't seem unreasonable.

    5) arena server errors and memory leak which you already seem to be aware of continue to be an issue. while that in itself has been addressed I have lost several arena tokens to this glitch I have not been reimbursed for.

    6) better in game tutorial of crafting and ANB. if I had not came to the forums I would of never knew the benefits of forging gear in ANB events nor forging jewelry with gemstones.

    overall your game is low cost and actually really well done. I have really enjoyed playing it and will continue to do so. my final last suggestion and point of feedback is to give more stuff to do. running the same single dungeon over and over will burn out the most ardent players. Even with the ANB event I have 2.5 hrs of play time left for trials and waiting another 10-15 hrs for skills to upgrade. my main accounts are also all waiting on skills to upgrade. with only 5 daily quests and a maxxed bh, mage, and warrior level wise ( not gear wise, im not even close on that front)

    again this is just feedback. I think the game is really well done and I love the fact there is no energy requirements etc. I just think these improvements will take the game to the next level and improve player retention as they have been the main source of frustration for me as a new player.

    Welcome to Eternium! You make some good points about jewelry crafting. There is far too much knowledge required to simply "pick it up" based on trial and error learning. It does seem like gemstones should automatically fuse, but at least there is now a "fuse all" button which saves time over the old days. As for running the same map over and over again, just imagine what that is like for a player who has been playing for several years.

    Arena is a known bug. You have to decide if you are willing to live with it or just not play arena. Glad to see that you are playing ANB, as that is one of the best ways to explore the game. You can decrease learning time on ability upgrades by getting Books of Learning from completing trials. In my experience, you are more likely to earn a book of learning by making a dramatic kill (e.g., blowing up a large mob or group of elites) than by simply fighting your way through a map one small group at a time.


      I completely understand the " this is the way we had to do it, earn your stripes" mentality. however, for a new player, these were by far the most annoying things to make people stop playing. the reason for these suggestions is to improve retention so the game continues to improve.


      • Ozymandius
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        For me it was the Crafting Mastery grind. Good suggestions, though. I hope you keep playing!

      • papa jim
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        if you think that is annoying wait till you start crafting bom

      yeah I kinda touched on that with number 6. but I also understand that's the only real way to acquire end game gear and needs to have some sort of barrier. and I plan on continuing to play. the game did a lot of things right. low cost, easy to log in and plug away, long events so you arent stuck on waking up at server reset, and etc. the arena bug is pretty annoying. me personally, I havent been able to complete or start battle since I updated for almost 48 hrs.I do look forward to exploring different builds and strats.


      • Turgeon
        Turgeon commented
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        Yeah and arena is kinda appart. Lot of eternium player just dont play arena.

      Keep playing! This game is really fun. The more you play the more you learn and the more fun…