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Trial-style story mode difficulty levels

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  • Grand_Wazoo
    The difficulty of story mode has been an issue for a long time.
    Several have asked for the game to be harder and they have increased the difficulty level in the past.But it is still not enough
    Scaling difficulty level would be nice if the rewards given were increased in proportion.

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  • PhoenixFitz
    started a topic Trial-style story mode difficulty levels

    Trial-style story mode difficulty levels

    I'm an endgame player in that I have 1500+ CL, but trials just aren't that interesting. I much prefer the variety of story mode. But at this point, even legendary difficulty is a pushover.

    I'd like to see a scaling difficulty system, similar to what is used now for trials, put into place for story mode. For me, that will greatly increase replayability. I'd also like to see event awards for story mode play, such as there used to be for ANB.

    I would also suggest scaling daily quest rewards for quests completed at higher story mode difficulties.
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