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Bird sounds in town

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    Bird sounds in town

    Dear developers, I believe there are a lot of people like me who love vibing with music while headset on, but these birds ruin it And lowering the Sound Affects Volume doesn't fix it because most sound effects are good to have, except the birds.
    So please, if you can make a separate option for setting the birds volume, I could finally vibe, thanks in advance.

    Yes. At least some variety or lower probability of hearing them would be better. they just never stops
    AR fan


      These birds are awful.
      Please, please, please take them away.
      Or better, make it possible to shoot them down...?


        I can't even remember when I had any sound turned on. I may have to flip the switch just to see what's changed.
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        • Travis | Support Mgr.
          Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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          It's nothing new. The bird sounds have been there since Oldinn was added.

        • WarriorSeven
          WarriorSeven commented
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          Okay, thanks. I'll still keep the sound off for now. Maybe I'll turn it on again in Eternium 2.

        Anyone else reaaly like the birds singing ? Please keep them....we already have such a lack of birds in the real world.

        Actually I always end up turning music off, even though some great compositions for a videogame , it just ends up stressing me out in hometown where one often spends a lot of time....
        If hometown sound score were only birds and relaxing /slow/not too loudmusic - it would be perfect, because much of the story map music is really nice .

        Well, only my humble grain of thought...
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        • Bali_Lenni
          Bali_Lenni commented
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          Switching music track from map 41 and hometown (music part 1of2) e.g. would be perfect....
          but I am sure this topic may rank pretty low on the things to consider list..

        • Weroxx
          Weroxx commented
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          Have you ever tried with headphones?
          Especially with Ingrid, when you build something, the singing of the birds is super annoying.
          And it's not about removing them, it's about installing a switcher or slider. Or something like a cheat, when you shoot with Archer In the direction of the forest, the birds should be frightened and, for example, forget their song for 5 minutes... Or something like that.