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Make Custom Rare Jewelry boxes stackable

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    Make Custom Rare Jewelry boxes stackable

    I know that this has been posted before, but it seems time for an updated request to make Custom Rare Jewelry boxes stackable in inventory. While these boxes are very useful for an ANB hero or for a new player, my main account heroes have long since upgraded their jewelry. Unless the mechanics of the game change, there is no need to make new jewelry for non-ANB heroes. After several seasons, I have over two inventory pages tied up storing these, and I have resorted to using one of my semi-retired heroes as a repository for the overflow. At only 350 in gold for a perfect Epic ring or necklace, they are not even worth the effort to use them for salvage. Allowing them to stack would free up much needed inventory space.

    While you are at it, making CT's stackable would be helpful as well.

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    +1 Good gawd, yes, Ozy! Both custom jewelry box and CT's.

    And while we're at it, can we do something with the Glory that will accumulate after you employed all of it on gear an trinkets? Sell it for gold? Convert to gems? Transmute it to something else?
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    • WarriorSeven
      WarriorSeven commented
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      No ... No hole considerations. Any ideas?

    ... ... ... ...


      This I would welcome without hesitation …

      and I would have thought relatively simple to do …


        I agree with this and I'd also like to see the 100 item per slot limit on stackable items raised. But I doubt it will ever happen because the devs want players to spend a lot of gems on unlocking stash pages and real money on the second stash.


        • ricklhall
          ricklhall commented
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          I too agree with this suggestion. I do not mind game developers making a living . If it is truly about the cash, let me pay to unlock the option.

        • Ozymandius
          Ozymandius commented
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          I have already unlocked all of the stash options in the game, including the second stash.