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10,000,000 Gold not formatted properly for Season Bank

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  • Bali_Lenni
    commented on 's reply
    ....will miss those hilarious moments though when thinking of the expression of relief on those players' faces when they realize everything is fine ;-)

  • WarriorSeven
    commented on 's reply
    Good news! I think these low-hanging-fruit fixes will reduce a lot of frustration.

  • Travis | Support Mgr.
    Thanks for the reminder. This will probably be fixed in the next update.

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  • 10,000,000 Gold not formatted properly for Season Bank

    Players regularly report that their Season Bank gold has disappeared when they hit 10,000,000 gold. This believed disappearance is because the 10,000,000 will not fit on one line with the space allocated for it. The last zero appears on a line by itself making it appear that the gold Season Bank now has zero gold in it.

    The last report of this issue is here.

    The text under the "Seasonal Bank" description only has one word on its third line, "Pass." The space for the Seasonal Bank explanation could be narrowed which would mean that more text would appear on the third line and open up space for the Gold Bank total so that it would all fit on one line when the bank hits 10,000,000.

    No idea how massive of an undertaking this adjustment would be but having the adjustment made would remove a source of confusion.