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    I'm near CL 800 now and I've crafted 6 legendary rings & amulets so far.

    Here are my thoughts on how to improve this actual repetitive feature of the game:
    • Allow description to appear on Mouse-Over, not only when we click.
      When you spent hours generating green rings/amulets, it'd save our wrist health not to have to click on each individual elements to check their stats. But as the game was not meant to be on PC at start, I'm not sure the Mouse-Over is possible at the moment for you.
    • Reduce the amount of generated stats.
      At the end of the day, I would hardly see rings/amulets that would need "Ability rate", "Damage Reflected" or "Life Regeneration".
    • Reduce the amount of figures.
      Imagine if Power was like XX,X, that would be hell (actually it's like that but it's not shown! See next point). But it's the case for Crit Damage, XP, AS...
      The following would be enough:
      • AS / 15, 14, 13...
      • CD / 60, 59, 58...
      • XP / 45, 44, 43...
      • LoH / every 10 points for example
      • Etc...
    • Forget about the hidden stat
      Today when we get a 90 Power, this 90 is actually more 90,X. So we need to test the ring to check how a good 90 it is... A bit of a pain for nothing.
      A 90 should be a 90, end of the story.
    • Revamp the craft calculation process
      So fusing 90+89+88 = perfect craft.
    • While generating jewells, have a color code to highlight top generated stats.
      For example if you generate several rings and get several CD, if they have the stat 60/59/58 (with the new figures, otherwise it'd be 60/59.9/59.8...), the rings will be colored in Gold/Silver/Bronze or Orange/Purple/Blue or Red/Orange/Yellow or else...
      This would help to gain some time in the process as well as giving hints about how the system actually works. Today without looking into the forum, you can't understand the system.
    All those measures would help a lot about the RNG as well as the money and time spent on Crafting.
    You feel the money spent on that part won't be enough after all those changes? Create a dedicated inventory that we should buy at a high price (no gems here...).
    But at least we'll have a more fun and fair system to play with.

    Thanks for having taken the time to read all this
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    The parts about visibility are very good suggestions. It is a real pain to go through a stash page full of uncommons when you have to tap each one to see its stat.

    Your fourth and fifth suggestion are in conflict though. 90 + 89 + 88 only gives "perfect" values due to unculled hidden digits. With the jewels all being exact face value, that combination can not give perfect results, as 90 + 90 + 90 would always be higher. That could also lower the maximum attainable value by a few points.

    I wouldn't mind that though. What's desirable about perfect rings is that they are perfect, not that you get one or two points more. With rounded values, we could be sure that a ring is really perfect.

    About removing stats: I disagree. Some builds focus especially on some of the stats you want removed. Big no to that.
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    Useful links, for my use and for yours... for uploading screens easily
    Google site search for these forums
    (more to follow)


      I hope they'll read this at some point
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        They'll see it, but they have a lot on their plates atm.


          Sure, good luck with the plates
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