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  • Iron Bound Cape

    Got it as a Valentine's day gift from Travis

    (Just kidding) LOL

    Used it for 30 min, but most of the time the meteors fall on skeletons. Mainly when playing larger maps like The Broken Dragon and The Temple.
    I've just entered heroic level and I can't one shot most of the enemies. So I thought to take the help of IB cape's meteors support.
    But all it does was showering unnecessarily and stay calm when I need it most.
    I suggest to make the meteors shower only on elite enemies and bosses. Like, 5% chance on elite enemies and 10% on bosses and reduce the attack to 10 times.

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    Honestly, Just forget about the special effect of the cape, and use the 50% boosted stats from it, until it become obsolete (p.e. Integralas or Carnival).
    I'm pretty confident they will not change a free gifted item so soon.

    Remember the stats increase with your hero level, and dont forget to add a socket with your lower hero, to minimize its cost.


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      How do I get the other bonus items from iron bound??? I got the cape, but not the other freebies.


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        Originally posted by Jaze View Post
        How do I get the other bonus items from iron bound??? I got the cape, but not the other freebies.
        If you're referring to the event, that should be fixed today.


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          Thats IB Capewill no be worth much to you in a short time esp if youre playing and progressing quickly Look for an Integalas Mantle it stays with you longer its spec effect is Ability boost which all characters use in spades especially Mage GL
          Enjoy gaming


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            The cape is nice when you are first get a character to 70, but useless very quickly.

            If it had been a fixed level 70 Legendary, that would have been nice.


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              Make it Rank 10.. Or better yet, whatever Rank Magroth uses... That would be a beastly cape.
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