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Post for Devs. About the future of Eternium.

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    Post for Devs. About the future of Eternium.

    Please don't throw rocks at me. I really love Eternium and I don't play any other games except Eternium. I consider it the best game on the Market, but there is no limit to perfection. And I would like it to be even better.
    But I have a philosophical question. And what is the meaning of the game today?
    Trials? There we measure the sausages, which are in our pants. Trials are endless and don't carry any purpose and meaning. They are only a means to extract experience and items.
    Story line? It is now only needed for gemstones farming.
    The gameplay itself contains only the combat component - you run and kill. Minimum tactics and no strategy during the passage of locations. There is only a tactic for applying skills during a fight.
    Why constantly change those or other innate abilities of characters? Why kill one ability and create a new one?

    In our Russian-speaking community (which is administered by Dyoma and me), I began a discussion with participants about the development of our favorite game and its future.
    Below I will describe some suggestions for the game. Some of them are mine and some from other members of our community.
    1) A little bit about trials. Many people supported my idea. On the trial line, it isnecessary to organize rare branches with mini-planets, on which there will be certain tasks with some good rewards. Thus, we will make our infinite journey through the Eternium Universe more interesting.

    Now about the most interesting for many players. Story line. While we are waiting for the fourth planet, a few ideas.
    2) It would be nice to add in the locations of any mini-tasks with some reward (an epic item or a gemstone of level 3).
    3) You can add to the locations many different items with which you can to interact. For example, secret levers and buttons that will open caches or hidden territories with enemies. Also new objects can become fixed enemies, like small attack towers. Also you can think of some traps in the locations.
    4) A new difficult location for which the Magic Key is needed. The key consists of three parts and craft as jewelry item. One part can be found by chance only on one planet. To collect it, you will have to go through all the planets. With this key you can get into a closed location, where there will be a very difficult path with a lot of traps, enemies, attacking towers and a strong boss at the end (some kind of insurgent strong spirit). The reward should be very good (for example, an orange box), since the Key is very long and difficult to collect.
    5) A new interesting location for ordinary keys. Should be more difficult than the Gorgon. Access to it is opened upon reaching 700-1000 CL. Many players ask for a new Dungeon. This location could become it.
    6) The opportunity to change the strength of enemies in the legendary complexity. The amount of experience should also vary proportionately. Then there will be more options, where to farm the CL.
    7) Weekly reward for the passage of a certain number of locations in the Story (there was something similar before the Event).
    8) Many players ask for a change of the Gauntlet location.

    Now I will describe the general proposals for the game.
    9) Emergence in the game of Runes, which will be a good addition to the gemstones. They can only be inserted into objects and can not be used for crafting (including items with them). Variants of Runes - the increase of the Crit / Damage and another parameters, the strengthening of any skill, the inclusion of any Aura. Same runes should not stack. Also they should fall only in the Story and very rarely.
    10) Separate request of Denis (mage Nika, bh Mari, warrior Katy). Many people supported him. It is necessary to remove from the game the celestial items and boxes with jewelry, and also to reset the LB. I agree that crafting of jewelry should be complicated, like the old days.
    11) Request from Dyoma . It is necessary to diversify daily quests. 20 gems for 10 dead elite enemies - too simple reward.
    11) I remind my request. Buttons Apple and Potions do more and place on the bottom corners of the screen (left and right).

    And now I will describe the proposals of many players for the long term.
    12) The emergence of a new class.
    13) Changing the old and the appearance of new set items. Players want more variety in building characters.
    14) Well, everyone expects a balance between the PC version and the mobile version, and also the emergence of joint modes.

    I ask the devs not to pass by my post, as the wishes of hundreds of players of our community are voiced in it. Most ideas are not difficult to implement. These ideas will make the game even better, and it will become more interesting for everyone - for experienced veterans, for beginners, and for those who storm LB tops.

    With great respect for devs and all players, Bart the warrior.
    Admin of the largest russian-speaking Eternium community (6000+ m.)
    Live dinosaur of M&M/Eternium. Only Android play almost 4 years.
    Community activity stopped !!!

    Make Eternium great again!
    King of Android play


      great ideas!.. i like the idea of increased power for legendary runs & Magic keys & new locations. I'd like to see trial maps include a lot more maps based from the story, 3 doesn't give enough variance for what could be done. I like your idea about gems also


        You just want some variety, despite of what it truly is. And so are most of the players including me. Let's just wait until the update kicks in. Until then do yourself a favor and play a game that you can all play/be together in the same place :P
        Originally posted by CountBelzebul;n96592
        when i start playing eternium last warrior had 3 maggie as companion...when i heard maggie being nerfed...i got frustrated...then i just delete my warrior...


          I bet a lot of this stuff is coming in the future. The way i see it, if they continue to develop the game like Blizzard developed Diablo II, it can only get better.


            Originally posted by RiseOfAbyss View Post
            You just want some variety, despite of what it truly is. And so are most of the players including me. Let's just wait until the update kicks in. Until then do yourself a favor and play a game that you can all play/be together in the same place :P
            What update you say? All updates only change the numbers, nothing more.
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              I agree almost on everything besides on point 11, the personal request of Denis. Farming for jewellery again would make me quit.

              Originally posted by Dyoma View Post

              What update you say? All updates only change the numbers, nothing more.



                Originally posted by hades0505 View Post
                I agree almost on everything besides on point 11, the personal request of Denis. Farming for jewellery again would make me quit.


                That's what I'm saying. They promise Act 4, the city, multiplayer. Instead, they change mechanics again.
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                  I actually agree with the path the devs have been taking with the game. That is to continue tinker with the base mechanics of the game until such it's close to a perfect foundation for the future. Unless we fix what is "wrong" or irrational with the core, adding new contents will simply make future fixes that much more troublesome. Now I know this is just one person's opinion on how an ARPG should be, a mobile one at that.

                  Here is the issue that I see with the current base mechanics. There are several powerful meta in the game that any build must focus on in order to be effective. I'm talking about Skill Cooldown (thus AR but more importantly alacrity), Recovery (LoH dominates regen and yet haste plays a huge role in it), DPS on mob vs single target. Basically all three meta are too dependent on a single game attribute -> haste, which leads to very little variety in how you can build your characters.

                  So what is the fix? In my mind, reduce overpowering meta that affects one of those three meta. Thus the proposed nerf to alacrity, re-balancing between LoH and regen, and moving proc to a more PPM (procs per minute system). What is the common theme in all these? basically introduce trade offs into the system. You can no longer be the best at every aspect by focusing on the one game attribute that affects them all (haste/attack speed). By reducing the impact of alacrity, you can actually allow other game mechanics to trigger it. Thus no longer the only way to profit from alacrity is attacking fast, giving inherent advantage to dual wielders. Look what is happening, shield attacks (basically passive on block attacks) will trigger it as well as damage reflection. What this is doing is introducing more ways to trigger alacrity. Only possible by first reducing alacrity's power. Otherwise alacrity will overpower the game mechanics. The upside is now you have multiple ways to benefit from alacrity; thus more build variety and more game stats becoming relevant. Reduce LoH value (don't know if this is coming) relative to life regen means have other viable path to stack recovery. Having procs not wholly dependent on attack speed will lead to more possible path to build characters. This is absolutely the right direction to take with this game, Right now the entire LB is filled with carbon copies of each other. Wouldn't it be more fun when ppl play differently and are still within 10% of each other if gears and skills and platforms are equal.

                  Once the core mechanics are "fixed", and allow for build variety and more importantly gear variety (this becomes easier to accomplish when multiple stats can have significant impact. I'm not talking about crit, cd, power, attack speed. those are just four inputs into the dps calculation. Rather I'm talking about getting 20% toughness has almost the same impact as 20% more DPS in the ways you can progress with this game. Then you have true variety, not just 5 different ways to generate 100 Mil DPS. This probably require additional game modes and co-op modes. But that's for future development and contingent on first having a solid core. Think D2's core engine as the model.

                  I really like one of the suggestions about having additional game modes that is tied to the existing game content/story mode. Here is my very rough idea on that.

                  Co-op dungeon/raid: keys or other rare drops that can open hidden dungeon... like writ's leg and cow level., there are tiers of dungeon. Let's say 4 players enter,
                  Difficulty: normal = mob lvl roughly equal the avg highest trial completed by the player - 5, 10% chance dungeon generates with +2 to trial lvl difficulty
                  Difficulty: heoric = mob lvl rough equal to avg highest trial completed by the player. 20% chance dungeon generates with +2 to trial difficulty
                  Difficulty: legendary = mob lvl roughly equal to highest trial completed by any player in the group. 30% chance dungeon generates with +2 to trial difficulty.
                  Difficulty: you are nuts = highest trial completion +5, 40% chance +2 to trial difficulty

                  For you are nuts: if that 40% chance triggers and the group succeeds in completing the raid, 4 Celestial box is rewarded and 4 custom legendary boxes (assume group of 4).
                  if it's just regular you are nuts, 1 celestial box is rewarded and players roll for it, 1 custom legendary box for everyone else

                  And reduced reward from the above on down.

                  to guard against ppl purposefully never enter trials or keep trials low in order to reduce the challenge of the mode, game can use CLs to estimate the trial levels the player should have completed. ie CL 2k should be trial 110 etc

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                    Originally posted by Arionthe View Post
                    avg highest trial completed
                    no, good idea, but AVG would mean someone could be at trial 1 and have a friend at trial 115 or whatever. Or you could just not complete trials and it wouldnt be too hard.
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                      Originally posted by Arionthe View Post
                      I actually agree with the path the devs have been taking with the game....

                      Have these problems become known only now? I'm two years in the game, for one and a half years mechanics and numbers are changing. Are you sure that they will not continue to be changed?
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                        I agree with almost all! I hope devs will consider the sugestions


                          These are great ideas but I doubt that any of these would happen. Just look how many things have changed through past few months. Not really that much, as far as I love this game I am sure I won’t play it in 5 months, just look at the content being added - for me it’s not enough to keep me playing.
                          The really good thing is that this game is free, and I don’t think it’s the type of game that you can play forever.


                            Originally posted by Dyoma View Post

                            Have these problems become known only now? I'm two years in the game, for one and a half years mechanics and numbers are changing. Are you sure that they will not continue to be changed?
                            You are absolutely right. All you need to look at is how long I have been banging my head against alacrity. However since Red (Developer) has joined the team, things have definitely moved in a direction that I appreciate. Yes the progress can be halting, but this game has really good bones (touch control scheme, rpg feel and not at all an exercise in monetization). I'm happy to give it time. By no means this game is perfect. I'm going to describe my views on what makes for a good core of an ARPG, please note I'm not game designer, just a semi avid gamer for many years.

                            Below are all just my personal opinions.
                            You can mathematically and methodically create perfect balance in a game. Here are the steps to achieve that.

                            Define the major meta of the game. In general there are two, dealing damage and taking damage. Using Eternium as the example, you have below:

                            Dealing damage is made up three parts, normal attack damage, utility skill damage and finally proc damage (which is a function on utility skill damage). Let's name them A, B, and C respectively.

                            Taking damage is made up two parts, effective HP pool (toughness) and Recovery of the said effective HP pool (recovery). Let's name them Y and Z respectively.

                            In an idea game, dealing damage and taking damage is each 50% of the game. Meaning they are equally important to the progression of the game. However for practicality, dealing damage tends to have a much heavier weight due to it's more fun to dish out damage than just surviving (but hey tower defense game is still pretty popular last I heard).

                            Currently, again using Eternium as the example, I will weight those meta thusly:
                            Dealing damage is 80% while taking damage is 20%. Breaking it down further, here is how I would respectively weight those 5 meta.
                            A:20%, B:40%, C:20%, Y:5%, Z:15%.
                            So as far as I'm concerned, the current game meta is very imbalanced. A more ideal but still practical weighting of those 5 meta should be: A:15%, B:30%, C:15%, Y:15%, Z:25%.

                            Next consider the game stats that affect each of those meta.
                            I won't bother working it out every game stat is related to what and what its relative impact is. But I will give enough detail to describe what I'm trying to illustrate:
                            For A meta:
                            2:Critical Damage
                            3:Critical Rating
                            5:Weapon Base damage
                            6:Normal attack skill modifiers

                            For B meta, from 1-5 also impacts B, plus you add:
                            7:Utility Skill modifiers
                            8:Ability Rate + alacrity

                            For C meta, from 1 to 7 above plus you add:
                            9: Proc conditions
                            10: Proc modifiers

                            For Y meta:
                            11: Armor
                            12: Dodge
                            13: Parry
                            14: Block
                            15: Toughness Procs (Shield bubble etc)

                            For Z meta:
                            4: Haste
                            16: Life regeneration
                            17: Life on Hit
                            15: Toughness Procs (shield bubble)
                            18: (I hope in the future) other game mechanics that trigger recovery such as shield slam triggering LoH etc

                            Now you treat a single unit of investment into a particular stat being the measuring unit. Multiply its effects in the various meta will give you how important any single game stat is as related to your ultimate progress in the game. Ideally you want every stat to be relatively close to each other in terms of its overall impact on the game. This way a single measuring unit of stat investment will have a relatively similar benefit. For example if the overall impact of the game stat haste is 3 times that of Power (see the fact that haste matters for meta A, B, C, and Z where power only has influence on A, B, C and in varying degrees as well). This is what allows for build variety. Above is the methodical way for you to construct the game and balance it. The benefit of doing the game balance this way is that it allows simple expansion of game content in terms of new gear and new game mechanics because it's unlikely that you will carelessly create overpowering combos/glitches that gives rise to cookie cutters.

                            That's it. This post summarizes my views on game balance and build variety. Once the game has a good core/foundation, it becomes relatively easy to add content and more complex stat interactions.

                            This is also why I'm very excited for the new balancing patch as what has been said about it seems to move the game towards what I consider ideal. Mind you it's not anywhere close to perfection, but the direction is what's important here.

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                              Nightmare story mode: Each level in the story becomes proportionally harder relative to the characters capacity. Along with proportional rewards.