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ANB Gold #30 - Defender Warrior

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    ANB Gold #30 - Defender Warrior

    Been meaning to write a Defender post ever since I started again with it, but also thought of doing vid for the game... so I combined both and here's my Defender Warrior run so far, will add more to the folder as I go along.

    I've recorded with my phone's Game Booster recorder and then retrimed/combined the files with ffmpeg, no editing was done - trying to keep it small, so resolution is a bit low, 360p

    Just choose the "Open in browser" option to open them, no need to get Dropbox
    - ANB #30 - Defender Warrior videos

    Things to note:
    - Doing my usual "gem ability to lvl 5" - for Synergy boosts, and because I have gems...
    - Full recipes unlocked, crafting Fire Lily, Vial of the Wind Spirit, 2x Defender and Belt of the Whirling Storm.

    1. Initial game session, managed to unlocked Whirlwind, so started the waiting game...
    - Crafting Fire Lily & Vial of the Wind Spirit... Epic normal Exp gear & Rare Exp/Gold jewelries (with Gems, can't be bothered dealing with the randomness...)

    2. Combined video of my multiple "login, run MI, upgrade ability, exit" runs while leveling...
    - Recrafted Epic Exp weapons when they turn gray (10 levels lower than char)
    - Recrafted Epic normal Exp gear & Rare Exp/Gold jewelries roughly every 15 levels.
    - Running Misty Island only - it stops me from playing too much, have to wait for keys

    3. Got to level 70, and pushed to TL 70
    - Defender needs all 6, plus Shield, to be effecttive... so I initially crafted the Pants & Boots for the Movement Speed boosts and then waited until I had 5 purple boxes before I switched to Defender build.
    - Pushed to get all Ephemeral items first.
    - I don't normally do Gold farming in ANB, so made Exp/Gold jewelries
    - Got lucky with the Whirlwind Axe drop, only using for healing, so doesn't matter.

    4. Pushed to TL 90
    - Nothing special, just follow the standard "move up 5 if cleared in under 1 minute" approach
    - With Kara, save Shield Block for when you see her purple swords, those gives the best trigger for Deadly Throw...

    5. Trial exp farming, up to TL 105
    - Settling into "exp farming" mode, go up to 105 and stays there.
    - I'm not pushing for leaderboard ranking, so just taking my time and keeping the Epic gears - replacing those lower than lvl 70 as I get mats.
    - I'm also sticking with the +100% booster here, since my daughter wants a new Mage with her name, so saving the +200% to level that char later.
    ​- For better outcome, you should be crafting Exp gear to replace those Ephemeral, will get slightly higher total +Exp - don't need to get very high level, even a lvl 71 will give you more than the fixed lvl 70 Epic. Could also go for Legendary to get extra stats to lower your run time.
    - If you start clearing 105 very quickly, or got to the 1500+ CP, then can consider moving up to max of 120 - for better gear drops for salvage...

    6. Initial crafting of gear to take to main account
    - Will clear 110 before I switch, so crafting 2 items to upgrade my main's Defender crit set.

    7. Final push and Dual class to Mage
    - Used up the +100% booster, cleared 110 for the 2nd CT, final craft and then clean up...
    - Showing steps for Dual Classing here
    - - Put all items to keep in storage (I forgot about this for the low level Exp items near the start...)
    - - Unsocket all gemstones
    - - Sell off Ephemeral gear
    - - Delete current Event char
    - - Open ANB menu and create a new one
    - - Assign CP & get items from Storage once get to Oldinn

    WARNING: This should only be used if you're doing "Exp farming" with a different class than the one you intend to push leaderboard ranking (or to make/replace main account's char, like what I'm doing) - DO NOT do this with the same class, or you will likely trip the "crafting toon" exploit prevention

    If you have any questions feel free to ask below.
    Last edited by Nhat; 06-09-2024, 11:19 PM. Reason: Finished warrior run, still converting & uploading vids, will be done in an hour or so...
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