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    Medamanaman, the +1 and +10 buttons are still there... But definitely agree there is a lot of outdated info.
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      Sorry, I put that badly; what I meant was that that particular item dates back to the time before the introduction of the +100 button

    • Sistersalvation
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      Ah, ok! That makes a lot more sense, now!

      (Your original wording made me question whether I'd completely missed an update or something... I don't know what I was thinking -- I probably wasn't, it was late)
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    Q: I got a chest from the Secret Code/Rewards Calendar/Store, how do they work?
    A: Chests that you can keep in your Inventory will always contain equipment matching the level of the Hero who opens the chest, as the time that Hero is used to open the chest. The contents of each type of chest are as stated in their descriptions. due to the rarity of Set Items, chests containing these are best kept closed until your Hero of choice reaches Level 70.
    Are you saying the Hero at Level 70, or your level 70 hero at Champions Level 70 ??


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      it's level 70 hero not CL
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    What is glory, how to earn glory and what are they useful for?


    • Nhat
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      Glory is the latest "currency" added to the game, and is used to unlock Unique Trinkets, Belts, Bracers of Mastery, some set Gear and Enchantments for crafting - the older items have recipes that you can buy from Liana.

      You can earn Glory from completing event milestones.

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ID:	210036OP says that there is no verification for named items in gem-locked chests. While I have never gotten named armor or weapons, I have bought named capes, trinkets, and bracers from them. Very useful in an early account before I am able to craft them.
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      Here's a unique shield in a locked chest