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    Medamanaman, the +1 and +10 buttons are still there... But definitely agree there is a lot of outdated info.
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      Sorry, I put that badly; what I meant was that that particular item dates back to the time before the introduction of the +100 button

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      Ah, ok! That makes a lot more sense, now!

      (Your original wording made me question whether I'd completely missed an update or something... I don't know what I was thinking -- I probably wasn't, it was late)
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    Q: I got a chest from the Secret Code/Rewards Calendar/Store, how do they work?
    A: Chests that you can keep in your Inventory will always contain equipment matching the level of the Hero who opens the chest, as the time that Hero is used to open the chest. The contents of each type of chest are as stated in their descriptions. due to the rarity of Set Items, chests containing these are best kept closed until your Hero of choice reaches Level 70.
    Are you saying the Hero at Level 70, or your level 70 hero at Champions Level 70 ??


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      it's level 70 hero not CL
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    What is glory, how to earn glory and what are they useful for?


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      Glory is the latest "currency" added to the game, and is used to unlock Unique Trinkets, Belts, Bracers of Mastery, some set Gear and Enchantments for crafting - the older items have recipes that you can buy from Liana.

      You can earn Glory from completing event milestones.

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	210036OP says that there is no verification for named items in gem-locked chests. While I have never gotten named armor or weapons, I have bought named capes, trinkets, and bracers from them. Very useful in an early account before I am able to craft them.
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      Here's a unique shield in a locked chest


        How does this look for an update? I'll redo formatting and links once I'm home, but what do you think of the text?


        Q: Where can I find the code for the Set Item?

        A: It's actually properly listed in the forums. Look around just a bit or follow this link for a shortcut.

        Q: How do I find my friend code/public ID?

        A: In the Hometown, go to the lower right, and click on the bulletin board labelled “Friends”. Your own ID is listed in the bottom right part of the screen there. If you add friends, you'll get gems for the first one and gold for the next five. If people add you as their first friend, you will get Gems, but only for the first nine times this occurs. You can also get Gems for recruiting if new players cite your ID when they join.


        Q: Should I play x Event?

        A: Yes, absolutely! There is no direct cost to play in any Event, and the rewards are often worthwhile.

        Q: When is the next Event?

        A: There isn’t a set schedule. Nevertheless, there is a pattern to some Events.

        Q: What’s this ANB thing?

        A: A New Beginning is an Event, which is a great (some would say, the only worthwhile) way to spin up a new Hero. Many things are cheaper or faster than with a standard new Hero; but you also have a very limited amount of time to play. You can even win rewards! Here is a link to a brief guide to ANB Events. Other guides abound, as many players’ game experience revolves around ANB.

        Q: What are these Celestial Transforms (CT) for? What does it mean to make an item Celestial?

        A: CTs are powerful Enchantments for your gear; we recommend using them only on very high level gear (many players only use them on level 76 and 77 items). The only place to get a CT is from ANB. See Enchantments for more.

        Q: But it says I can Craft a Celestial Transform right here! How do I get Celestial Essence?

        A: The only way to get Celestial Essence is to salvage an item that has been CT’d; even then, there’s only a chance that you will get the Essence. Needless to say, this isn’t something you will often want to do. Get your CT’s from ANB like everyone else

        Q: What does it mean by a Season?

        A: Currently, a Season is an Event that does not require you to create a new Hero to join. Just log in during the Event, and you are taking part! This event also has rewards, just like ANB; but the action takes place over weeks instead of days. Sometimes, a Season will run concurrently with some other Event. When this happens, all your actions count for both Events.

        Q: What’s War Supplies?

        A: A different kind of Event. Like a Season, you don’t need to create a special Hero or anything else to join. It’s non-competitive, but there are still rewards for achieving milestones, including the all-important Glory; but not Medals.

        Q: Glory? What’s that?

        A: A sort of tertiary currency used in-game to unlock certain Crafting Recipes. Events are currently the only way to collect Glory. See Crafting for details about the recipes.

        Q: OK. But what are Medals?

        A: Medals are a reward that are also only found during Events. They give stat bonuses to all your Heroes. More Medals is always better. There is a great deal of debate about just how effective Medals are, but it’s enough to say that good play skills and planning will beat a poorly played Hero with a few Medals.

        Q: Holy cow, I can barely finish Trial Level 10. How do I move up the leaderboard and win some of those sweet, sweet Medals?

        A: For ANB, search the forum for some of those ANB build guides. It shouldn’t be hard to find something that gets you at least one Medal. Seasons are a little harder, as you are often competing against other players’ all-time best Heroes, but the basic principles are the same. Concentrate on getting enough XP to get all 20 Season Rewards, and you’ll find that your next time around will be significantly easier. Also, keep in mind that many veteran players get bored of the same-old-same-old, and will not bust out their five-time Champion for every Season. There’s always next Season!

        Q: The Event is over! Where are my Medals?

        A: Final tabulation of results is not automatic in Eternium, one of the downsides of the cross-platform, client-centric play so many of us enjoy. ANB can take days to tabulate, and Seasons might take a couple of weeks. Be patient! Your Medals are coming!


        Q: What's the difference between Staves, Maces, Swords and Axes?

        A: The difference between these weapons is damage range; if one of these weapons each did 750 average damage, an Axe might do roughly [530-970] damage; a Staff might do [600-900] damage; a Sword might do [660-840]; and a Mace might do [720-780]. The exact numbers will vary according to level and RNG. So, Axes at one end of the scale leave the most room to be lucky (or unlucky!), whereas Maces at the other end will reliably deal very close to the average damage every time.

        Q: Why would I give a Mage a sword, they’re probably terrible at melee?

        A: A Mage with a melee weapon will still use their usual Abilities, not fight in melee. The stats from the melee weapon will still be used.

        Q: Where can I find Set Items and Unique Items?

        A: In theory, any enemy can drop Unique and Set Items randomly. However, both drop odds and item Quality (Uncommon, Rare, etc.) odds seem to improve with difficulty [Normal < Heroic < Legendary, or higher Trial Level], and enemy type [Normal < Elites < Bosses]. Note that in Story Mode, only Gorgona, the boss of 6. Misty Island, can drop the Arcanist set (when fought by a Mage) or the Juggernaut set (when fought by a Warrior). Trial bosses may drop anything.

        Locked Chests (the type that requires Gems to open it) can also contain non-Gorgona Set Items, which can be identified from their unique design.

        There is also a Set Item Chest that always contains an Epic or Legendary Set Item. It can be obtained as a gift.

        Q: What about Living Items?

        A: "Living" Items (such as the Stormblade) are only obtainable through promotional offers or events and cannot be obtained elsewhere. A Living Weapon is supposed to be offered (not given!) in the store after the first time your account finishes Story 3. You will only get this offer twice per account (not per Hero!), once the first time you finish Story 3 with a Warrior or Mage, and once the first time you finish Story 3 with a Bounty Hunter..

        Q: How do the Living Items work?

        A: They level up along with you, obviating the need to keep buying that item type during your grind to Level 70. They cannot get higher than level 70.

        Q: It was great when I was levelling up, but now I want this Living Item gone. How?

        A: Give it to a Hero you don’t want. Delete that Hero. You had better be sure. This is better than the million and one complaints about the Living Item that was accidentally deleted…

        Q: Why did my gear item(s) just turn grey?! Is it broken?

        A: Gear that is 10 or more levels below your character's level will turn grey (tinged with the item’s original colour from its Quality). At this point, using even an Uncommon Green item at your character level is typically an upgrade from a piece of gear that is so far beneath you. Greyed-out gear still works like normal.

        Q: I got a chest from the Secret Code/Rewards Calendar/Store, how do they work?

        A: Chests that you can keep in your Inventory will always contain equipment matching the level of the Hero who opens the chest, at the time that Hero is used to open the chest. The contents of each type of chest are as stated in their descriptions. Due to the rarity of Set Items, chests containing these are best kept closed until your Hero of choice reaches Level 70.

        Q: Can I find items on the battlefield higher than Level 70?

        A: Yes! Just not very often.


        Q: How does the Crafting system work?

        A: The system is based on recipes of Crafting materials. You do not have to remember the recipes; go visit Ingrid, and all your current recipes will be offered to you on a menu screen. Crafting also has its own experience points, called Crafting Mastery.

        Q: How does Crafting Mastery work? What’s this bag thing?

        A: As you Craft items, you gain experience in Crafting Mastery, which results in Perks (which are accessible from the [Show Perks] button on the upper right Crafting screen). This is separate from your regular experience points. When you reach maximum Crafting Mastery, things work… a little differently.

        Q: I don’t see a recipe for an item I want to make. Does it exist?

        A: So far, only Living Items do not have a crafting recipe. If you don’t see a given recipe when you go see Ingrid, you likely need to buy it from Liana.

        Q: I knew it! So I have to buy recipes for Gems?

        A: Not at all, although you can if you’re in a hurry. See Miscellaneous for more.

        Q: My recipe says it’s locked, and I can only unlock it with Glory, whatever that is. Where do I get it?

        A: See Events for more on how to get plenty of Glory.

        Q: How do I make good rings and necklaces?

        A: Let me refer you to this definitive jewelry guide. Some hints: don’t settle for low stats on your Crafted Uncommon jewelry; use jewelry of the same level to Fuse; read the guide; don’t Fuse jewelry with more stats than the resulting item can handle (Rare 2, Epic 3, Legendary 4); read the guide; socket Gemstones that match the jewelry’s stat; just read the guide.


        Q: What are Enchantments?

        A: Enchantments are items you can use to enhance a particular item of gear with a stat boost or special effect. Once you use the Enchantment on an item of gear, the Enchantment item is gone forever, with one exception. Standard Enchantments include Major, Minor and Exotic Enchantments. Celestial Enchantments include Celestial Orbs and Celestial Transforms.

        Q: Once an item is Enchanted, can I add another?

        A: Only one Standard Enchantment can be on an item at a time. If another Standard Enchantment is used, the new effect will replace the old one. This is irreversible. An item that has been Celestially Transformed can also have a Standard Enchantment on it as well. This can be applied before or after the item has been CT’d.

        Q: What, exactly, does a Celestial Transform do?

        A: Used on an item, a CT has three effects: binds the item to the Hero that used the CT, pushes all of the item’s stats to near-max, and adds a fifth stat to the item (which is always Vitality). If applied outside of an ANB event, there is no way to reverse this process. Perhaps most importantly, it’s the only way to bring a Crafted item from an ANB Hero to your regular Heroes. An item can only be CT’d once. See Events for how to get these powerful Enchantments.

        Q: You mentioned an exception. Can I get my Enchantment back?

        A: Only the Celestial Transform can be recovered, and only if it was applied by an ANB Event Hero. When you click [End Event] for that Hero, the CT will be taken off of the item and returned to your inventory. The item you previously CT’d will retain its boosted stats; however, it will lose the extra Vitality, and no longer be bound to the Hero.

        Q: What does the Celestial Orb do?

        A: Increases one stat on an item by a few points. Typically, players use these to push a Celestially Transformed item from near-max stats, right to the absolute maximum. These Enchantments can be Crafted, but are quite expensive.


        Q: What does the [...] stat do?

        A: On your Inventory screen, you can click [Details] to view your stats and their effects. From here, click on each stat for a brief explanation of that stat. Beware: some of the effects calculated here can be misleading. Search the Forums if something doesn’t seem right.

        Q: How does Block/Parry/Dodge work?

        A: If you Block an attack, 75% of the damage is mitigated. You can only Block attacks while a shield is equipped.

        If you Parry a melee attack, all damage is prevented. If a ranged or magical attack is parried, its damage is halved instead.

        If you Dodge an attack, all damage is prevented, no questions asked.

        Q: Regeneration or Life on Hit?

        A: Life on Hit. Equipment provides higher bonuses to it when compared to Regeneration, and it's applied every time you attack (meaning attack speed now improves your healing speed). Of course, that means you need to be attacking to gain HP…

        Q: Does Deflect reduce incoming damage?

        A: No. The effect only deals damage to the creatures that hit you; it doesn’t prevent any damage.

        All sorts of Levels

        Q: Why do my damage and toughness go down when I level up!?

        A: Certain effects depend on the level of whatever monster's being fought; the generic Damage and Toughness calculations assume you are facing monsters of your level. So, if you gain a level, your gear doesn’t automatically upgrade and you lose points relative to the monsters you will face. For example, 10 points of armor would give you ~50% damage reduction against a level 1 monster but way less against a level 70 monster. Fear not: as you level up, you will find and Craft higher level gear which will give you higher stat points.

        Q: What's the deal with my Synergy Level?

        A: Your Synergy Level starts out at 0 and goes up each time you finish upgrading an ability (so +9 for a skill that's level 10). Synergy levels grant bonus Ability Rate, Vitality and Attack Speed at certain thresholds. You can check your Synergy Level and tap it to view its effects. It's found on the upper right side of the Abilities screen.

        Q: What's a "Champion Level"?

        A: After any of your Heroes reaches the maximum level (currently 70), the experience that Hero obtains will go towards raising your Champion Level (CL) instead. Your CL is displayed on a button above your Hero picture that says [Level xxx Champion]; this button will glow if you have points to spend. Click the button to see your Hero’s Champion Points (CP) screen and boost his or her stats. Each tab (offense, defense and utility) will receive a CP once in each 3 CLs you obtain. CP can never be lost once obtained, and can be re-arranged at no cost by clicking the [Reset] button. After you finish filling out the Defense and Utility tabs, further CP are allocated to the Offense tab. Your CL is shared amongst all your Heroes, even ones that have yet to reach the maximum level; but each Hero may spend CP in their own way.

        Companions (a.k.a. Minions)

        Q: About the shop's Endar (Marksman), Norgrim (Warrior) and Maggie (Healer)...

        A: Endar, Maggie, and Norgrim are identical to their free equivalents.

        Q: What does Chain Shock (Xagan's skill) do?

        A: The mage (Xagan) allows you to control his Chain Shock ability, which is a single bolt of lightning that jumps between mobs, does damage and briefly stuns them. Frost Missile is his normal attack, which has a chance to freeze the mob it hits. He also has an AOE knockback spell that he casts when mobs get close to him (similar to Robyn/Endar's Disengage, but it throws the mobs very far away). His Aura increases your Ability Rate by 2%, which affects the cooldown of your skills (but usually not by 2%!).

        Q: Do Companion Auras stack?

        A: Yes.

        Q: Can I put gear on my Companions? Can I upgrade their Abilities?

        A: No, you cannot equip your Companions or upgrade their Abilities. Instead, Companions receive some fraction of the experience from your Hero, and gain levels (to a max of 70). Even so, they stay woefully underpowered for the entire game. They are mostly only useful for their special abilities that you control and the small boost their Auras give to your character. Some are even detrimental to particular Hero builds.


        Q: Can I transfer my account from one platform to another? (iOS, Google Play, Amazon, Windows 10)

        A: Yes you can! At the time this was written, you can register an account for yourself. So long as you remember your login credentials, you will then be able to log in from any platform to access the same account! Oh, but you can't be playing on multiple devices at the same time, of course. Remember to close the app when you're done with it.

        Q: Should I spend Gems on [...]?

        A: * Since they directly influence your combat potential, you should eventually unlock all your skill slots and companion slots.

        * Ability upgrade slots allow you to speed up improvement of your character and synergy level, so only get them if you're in a hurry to improve or raise your Synergy.

        * The store's Companion Warrior (Norgrim), Healer (Maggie) and Marksman (Endar) only differ from the free version in appearance, but buying them can allow double/triple employment. The Mage (Xagan) has unique skills, possibly making them more valuable.

        * Purchasing equipment or opening Locked Chests is up to your own discretion. Locked Chests sometimes contain Set Items. Pay attention to the cost, sometimes buying crafting materials and crafting is cheaper for the same item.

        * Character slots are an investment; with some work, additional Heros can mine their Story Mode for extra Gems.

        * Inventory/Stash space can be bought as needed. Buying the secondary Stash can be very useful during ANB events, as it will contain the full number of rows without requiring expansion at all, even with a brand-new ANB Hero.

        * Gemstone Selection is useful if you're in a hurry for high-end/perfect jewelry

        * Crafting materials crates are similarly useful if you’re in a hurry to get Crafting, especially if you want to accelerate your Crafting Mastery.

        * Buying Crafting recipes is also useful if you are in a hurry, but not necessary. Every refresh on Liana will allow a new recipe to be bought with Gold, until you have them all.

        Q: What is that grey bar that sometimes appears above an enemy's HP bar?

        A: This bar is related to Crowd Control(CC) resistance. When an enemy is struck with CC (Stunned, frozen or hit by Singularity or Vortex) this bar will fill. The bar's fill will lower over time, and has no effect on its own. When the bar is full, it will turn blue, and the enemy will be temporarily rendered immune to Stun and Freeze effects. Slows, displacement by Vortex and Singularity, knockback effects and Silence Field can still affect CC immune creatures.

        Q: What is the use of this readable book (not the Mage off-hand weapon!) I found?

        A: There's several 'books' in the game that can be read to gain an insight on the lore of the game. Each of these books has a 100% chance of being dropped exactly once if you slay all monsters on the map the book is linked with. However, it will not be dropped if you already hold a copy of the same book in your inventory when the map was started. The books have no other use, so feel free to sell them for 3 gold each, or hold onto them to avoid getting more dropped when repeating the maps.