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War Supplies - Looking to Spice Things Up

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    War Supplies - Looking to Spice Things Up

    We are looking to change up the bundles offered during WS events. What do people want to see? What changes would you make?

    In order to keep things on track, please only offer feedback on the bundles offered during War Supplies. We are not looking for general game feedback on this thread. Thank you.

    Thread cleaned up. As mentioned in my OP, please only offer feedback on the bundles offered during War Supplies. We are not looking for general game feedback on this thread. Thank you.


      Keep the Gemstone Bundle, get rid of the Legendary Treasure, and remove Treasure Chests from other bundles. Boosters and Gemstones are all that are needed for this event.


        As an off the wall idea - I'd like to see some unique skins added. As an example the Pirate package is just crying out for a pirate themed set of skins.


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          No new content will be added to the current version of the game, so the devs and designers can focus on the Unity version.

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          I forgot to add - "after the Unity rebuild is done"

        War Supplies is really all about farming. You’ve already got the gold/gemstone and XP boosters available. You know what would be nice? An essence/material booster. Generally speaking, if I’m going to spend money, it’s going to be during the ANB events. War Supplies would have to offer me a hell of a deal on the bundles to entice me. The only other suggestion I have would be unique gear or skins. Additionally, I think the living weapons could use an upgrade to make them worth buying. Add the cape. Make them legendary instead of epic.


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          +1 Generally agree, Anjaeka.

          I already spend money (and do so for the good VALUE while supporting the dp and MF teams) for the 100 gems/day for 30-day package as well the Seasonal Pass for the "top row" goodies inclusive of the 10X Gold and Gem bonues, two excellent repeating buys in this game--in addition to the 1-time purchase for the Extra Stash (the best? buy). The extra and accumulating materials with the Seasonal Pass allow me to craft during non-ANB times to fill in gaps or improve gear on my Main toons.

          I do admit, I don't ever recall spending money to buy priced bundles during ANB, WS, or otherwise (I'm not a gamer whale--but more of dolphin than a minnow). Could I spend more? Maybe. But that would also mean that any WS bundle would need to be a knock-your-socks-off-enticing offer for me to even bite, as Anjaeka states.

          I support the idea of improving a revenue stream and I will be interested in what is decided here. A great chance for the developers to show us something out of the box -- to throw us a bone with an offer/offers that rival the EXCELLENT VALUES of a Seasonal Pass, 100 gems/per day package, or the Extra Stash.

        I think you should probably eliminate the 'living weapon' bundles.

        I suspect that most players who purchase these end up feeling at least a little bit 'ripped off'. Almost all 'veteran' players quickly and and easily defend Eternium as one of the most F2P-friendly games with typically pretty good deals, and this is one series of 'bundles' that I haven't seen many/any player willing to defend. I just think it gives the wrong impression to new players about the game.

        [EDIT] - as an addition, you might try bundling something with the Secondary Stash (which, imo, is easily the best deal in ALL gaming - further encouraging people to pick up the Secondary Stash strikes me as a great idea).

        ... ktb
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          Finally come up with one, a purchasble lv77 BoM with the stat that you want with the % still random.


            As gems are the only thing that carry over into ANB, give players a way to farm gems during WS. You want to see participation go through the roof, give gem rewards for playing during WS

            Edit: Sorry, I missed the whole 'BUNDLES offered during War Supplies' text even though it was in enormous bold print. Ignore my response

            Bundles being the subject then, Anjaeka has good suggestions. Updated living items... as far as bundles, can't really think of anything else other than level 77 items for purchase which is really no different from the level 70 items for purchase back when 70 was actually the max
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              Another suggestion…. What about the “Soup with sliced rice cake” booster that used to be given for lunar new year? A limited number bundle with 60 minute 250%/500% boosters and 60 minute movement speed boosters. Add a materials booster and TAKE MY MONEY.
              For future consideration as a suggestion for both the game and how it could tie into a bundle for purchase…. Revamp Misty Island or add another map that offers unique bonuses. Then offer a limited number of keys for sale in a bundle to be used only during War Supplies. That map could provide special treasure and bonuses unavailable in other areas,


                OK, without adding new content, maybe you could do something interesting with cosmetic points and existing skins. I have found I get tired of a new skin after a month or so. So I might bite on a $.99 rental of a skin that would last only through the next event. As a player looking for fun, I have no interest in bundles that add to an overstuffed stash or go too far in the direction of pay-to-win.

                P.S. At some point, I would really like to see new skins with more aesthetic variation.